Rolling Stones / Marseille 2018 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Marseille 2018 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Stade Velodrome, Marseille, France 26th June 2018

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The 2018 version “NO FILTER” Europe tour finished safely in Poland last week. Whether elderly lockers were inspired to recover the stigma of the inexcusable performances that had been revealed in the first tour of “NO FILTER” last autumn, is not it this tour? . Berlin boasting the highest sound quality at the moment was released last week, but this time the next show, Marseille, will be released on a limited press CD. However, if Marseille made a mistake a step this time it could have been released on CD-R. The state of the audience recording that appeared on the net after the performance was problematic.
Of course the sound image itself is not bad. Although it is not quite like Berlin indeed, it still captures it in a rather on state. It is not bad even for a press CD immediately after taking it there. Why did it endanger CD-R? The biggest factor is Mokomoko’s sound quality. It sounds like she recorded it with a towel or something on top of the microphone. Or as if the taper had recorded from the coat. Although it was still considering releasing from the sound source that captured the latest Marseilles performances, the staff did not undauntedly repeated equalizing several times, resulting in a tremendous improvement in sound quality!

Unlike the equalization work of analog recording, digital recording is easy to change to a good direction with equalization. When listening to the sound source dropped from the net for the first time, it was supposed to throw Saji but it carefully corrected the sound quality with equalization and succeeded in eliminating that fatal momentarily at once . I’d like you to compare this if you are a mania who got the original sound source. Clearness of surprises surprised towards a perot rather than a single skin. It seems as though it had been covered with thick rain clouds changed to sunny at a stretch.
In addition, the impression that the performance deepened due to the state where it was trapped in the original sound is eliminated all at once. Not only that, it can be said that it is a famous European tour, it is pinpointed that noisy excitement. For example, at the moment when the introduction of “Honky Tonk Women” began, the audience who was nearby gladly hit the hands with “snatching” in a state like a stab ear, but kept this place down By solving the problem. It sounds like it did not happen like that.
On the other hand, the excitement itself is transmitted by the enthusiasm of the surrounding fans, and it is also a nice place of the sound source of this time to enjoy it rather. Not to mention major songs, but excitement to chase up to Keith’s “You Got The Silver”. Still it is not a balance that will dance the performance. It is rather fun to have scenes that you would like to listen to and sympathize with.

The surprising fact that revealed completely from the original recording revealed the fact that the performance of Stones in this day is very wonderful. Starting with the opening “Street Fighting Man”, powerful performances are released quickly. For now, playing with “Tumbling Dice” where Ronnie’s unstable playing was conspicuous in interlude. Charlie is doing great from the beginning earlier than anything else. In the meantime, the first performance of this day’s selection was “Get Off of My Cloud”. I do not want to hear the performance that I brought with this song to only one of the killer tune produced by Stones in the 1960s. If the atmosphere is like Berlin it’s out number. However Charlie was doing great, it was a success, and a surprisingly wonderful performance full of momentum was performed. It has already been shown at Cardiff on June 15th this tour, but the momentum is obviously higher for Marseille.
Another special select of this other day is also very happy again. It’s “Fool To Cry” that will be the first day in London. At that time also showed us a splendid performance that did not make me feel blank, but the performance in Marseille is also wonderful here. It is something like confirmed here that it is a repertoire that can revive the original atmosphere without difficulty even with the current Stones. The audience is also excited about losing to London and it seems as if they are reminded of the Hague performance of 76 years.
It can be asserted that it is worth listening to this release even with just these two songs, but the subsequent performance is also quite powerful. Anyhow Charlie seems to be doing great, so when we introduce Keith ‘s members, it’ s enough to hit the rhythm of the fast tempo all the time. It seems that it was also confirmed that “Midnight Rambler” would be a great version if so. After all Charlie flashed the band with a hyper tension, it is brilliant that all the members will unite the performance without lacking the precision like Berlin’s time. When Charlie is in good condition, I realize that the voltage of performance will go up so much.
It certainly may be a quality that does not exceed one step for audiences recording at a level that is recommended from a beginner like Berlin to maniacs with peace of mind. Still it became a sound quality that evolved into an astonishing upper version compared with the original sound. And above all, the performance is overwhelmingly wonderful from start to finish. There is no objection to being the best candidate for the best performance in this tour if you ask them. “Marseille of performance” against “sound quality Berlin”!

★ Playing is good anyway this day.

(Remaster memo)
★ Because the impression that the performance is retracted backwards, I equalized variously to put it on the front, it became a reasonably high sound quality. I applauded as much as possible.

2018年版「NO FILTER」ヨーロッパ・ツアーも先週のポーランドで無事に終了。昨年秋の「NO FILTER」最初のツアーで露呈してしまった覇気のない演奏の汚名を挽回すべく、高齢になったロッカーたちが奮起してくれたのか今回のツアーだったのではないでしょうか。先週は現時点での最高音質を誇るベルリンがリリースされましたが、今回は次のショーであるマルセイユ公演が限定のプレスCDにてリリースされます。ところが、今回のマルセイユは一歩間違えればCD-Rでのリリースになりかねませんでした。公演後にネット上に現れたオーディエンス録音の状態が問題大ありだったのです。

おまけに原音のこもりにこもった状態のせいで演奏が奥まった印象までも一気に解消。それだけではありません、ヨーロッパ・ツアー名物だと例えてもおかしくない、あの騒がしい盛り上がりをピンポイントでアジャスト。例えば「Honky Tonk Women」のイントロが始まった瞬間、近くにいた観客が喜んで手を「パチン」と叩いた音が耳を突くような状態で入ってしまったのですが、この箇所を抑え込んだことで問題を解消。まるでそんな手拍子など起こらなかったかのように聞こえることでしょう。
一方で盛り上がり自体は周囲のファンの熱心さが伝わり、むしろ楽しめてしまうのも今回の音源のいいところ。メジャーソングはもちろんですが、何とキースの「You Got The Silver」まで合唱するという盛り上がり。それでいて演奏をかき消してしまうようなバランスではない。むしろ聞いていて共感したくなるような場面が続出して楽しいです。

元の録音からまるっきり生まれ変わった状態が明らかにしてくれた驚きの事実、それはこの日のストーンズの演奏が非常に素晴らしいということ。オープニングの「Street Fighting Man」を皮切りとして力強い演奏が矢継ぎ早に放たれる。ここのところ間奏でロニーの不安定な弾きっぷりが目立った「Tumbling Dice」も余裕のプレイ。何よりも序盤からチャーリーが絶好調。そんな中でこの日のセレクトで最初に演奏されたのが「Get Off of My Cloud」。60年代ストーンズが生み出したキラーチューンの一つだけに、この曲でもたついた演奏は聞きたくない。もしベルリンのような雰囲気だったらアウトなナンバー。ところがチャーリーが絶好調だったことが功を奏し、勢いに溢れた驚くほど素晴らしい演奏が披露されたのです。既に今回のツアーでは6月15日のカーディフで披露済みですが、勢いは明らかにマルセイユの方が上。
もう一つのこの日スペシャル・セレクトがまた実に嬉しい。それはロンドン初日以来となる「Fool To Cry」。あの時もブランクを感じさせない見事な演奏を披露してくれましたが、ここマルセイユでの演奏がまた素晴らしい。やはり今のストーンズでも無理なくオリジナルの雰囲気を蘇らせられるレパートリーであることがここで確定したようなもの。観客もロンドンに負けじと盛り上がっており、まるで76年のハーグ公演を思い出してしまいそうなほど。
これら二曲の演奏だけでも今回のリリースを聞く価値があると断言できますが、以降の演奏がまた実に力強い。とにかくチャーリーが絶好調なようで、キースのメンバー紹介時にも速いテンポのリズムをずっと叩いて盛り上げるほど。そうなれば「Midnight Rambler」が素晴らしいバージョンとなるのも確約されたようなもの。やはりチャーリーがハイパーなテンションでバンドを煽り、ベルリンの時のような精彩を欠くことなく、メンバー全員が一丸となって演奏を盛り上げるのがお見事。チャーリーの調子がいいと、こんなにも演奏のボルテージが上がるのかと思い知らされます。




Disc 1 (59:47)
1. Intro 2. Street Fighting Man 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Just Your Fool
6. Get Off of My Cloud 7. Fool to Cry 8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
9. Paint It Black 10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introductions 12. You Got the Silver
13. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (61:43)
1. Sympathy for the Devil 2. Miss You 3. Midnight Rambler 4. Start Me Up 5. Jumping Jack Flash
6. Brown Sugar 7. Gimme Shelter 8. Satisfaction

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