Rolling Stones / Berlin 2018 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Berlin 2018 / 2CD / Non label

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Live at Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany 22nd June 2018

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Looking back now, last year’s “NO FILTER” tour was higher than the feeling of the playing feeling, the level of audience recording quality was high. Every first day, now the legendary Hamburg show and so forth have resulted in documenting that spectacle show with exquisite sound quality. Furthermore, Audience recording of wonderful sound quality, such as Lucca and “DEFINITIVE MUNICH”, appeared, and also documented the state of the Stones gradually recovering.
On that point, it is true that the audience recording approaching the quality of such sound sources has not appeared on this “NO FILTER” tour. Of course, the level is high, but there is nothing like the sound source of last year that I mentioned earlier as “exceptional”. For example, the tapered “CL” sound source recorded on the Internet by recording a series of British journeys is typical, and for some performances we have promoted to quality that is sufficient for release of limited press CDs as our shop equalized It is what made it.
Among them, “MANCHESTER 2018” can be called the best for both recording quality and performance. In fact, contrary to the feeling of harajira that had been in the autumn of last year, contrary to the fact that it was dispelled from the performances, it is ironic that it does not reach some of the sound sources which surpassed last year’s sound quality in the sound quality.

Although this year’s tour, the stage has moved to Europe after the end of the British journey and is still in progress. Here a phenomenon reminiscent of last year occurred. The first day of the European journey was Berlin, but as soon as I reached the German · area, audiences boasting a distinctive quality from this tour appeared. It was the taper that previously recorded Paul · McCartney’s 2016 tour best sound quality item “ONE ON ONE IN BERLIN” that made a maniac upset.
As a result, this time Stones, Berlin performance also catches with the finest quality. Clearness is wonderful with any sound pressure on. I feel like to say “I was waiting” right. More noteworthy is that we can not feel the surrounding noise is surprising because of the convention live performance, which was also the dilemma of the 2018 tour sound source so far. This seems to be the result of using OKM brand high quality microphones, and this area may have realized a different level of quality from the “CL” recording in the UK.
However it is. There was a fatal error that sound skipping will occur at the first two places of “Start Me Up” for this sound source. To tell the truth, it seems that the taper which this taper raises to the net has become such that such error gets mixed from around last year, probably it continued the recording with the problem of the recording equipment occurred.
“Start Me Up” The first sound skip was in the middle of the repeated chorus (1: 47), so I could correct it without any discomfort, but the other sound skip (2:03) is the best I got up during the lyrics. So, ported from No. 3 which somehow resembled similarities. Even so, because the sound skipping could not be resolved, it seemed to be demoted to release CD-R at a time as soon as he could cut off the bowels. Still it boasts only this sound quality … There once again, when I reworked the transplant work, I could finally repair it to an unobtrusive level. I think you probably do not notice it for the part that you listen normally. With this you can release on press CD.

However, as soon as the performance visited Germany again, it was a day that the circumstances that reminded me of last year were obscured. The first half seems to be the tour this time, let me hear a very light performance. On the contrary, as usual it is “Just Your Fool” that told me a powerful performance, which is a doubtful scene of the clouds. But the first half was good throughout. “She’s A Rainbow” which became the second performance on this tour is also good here and it will be an attractive point for maniacs if you can listen with this superb sound quality.
The funny thing is “Middle of the Sympathy for the Devil”. Keith ‘s guitar solo featuring in the second half, Keith is struggling to play a solo different from usual. However, I can not play with the phrase I fancy and the fingertips not engaging. Still it is noteworthy that he tried to let us hear the different development so far.
The problem is that the performance ‘s voltage begins to fall off from “Miss You” that was playing a stable performance as it is a matter of course every day. The following “Midnight Rambler” was also playing the best performance in recent years, but here the beginnings when the momentum fell off. It was interesting that Mick was taking charge of the same song’s steering on this day, as I knew it. I can see Charlie stopping the roll playing style, or after calling “Yaw Yo”, Mick is trying to change the deployment again, but probably he should have rewrote the whip to the band as well.
However, bad things continue, this time “Mick ‘s voice starts to show tiredness at” Start Me Up “. Although it is not that the tackle and the tackle are not going down like the second day of London yet, I still can not deny the feeling that the strength has faded. And in the last “Satisfaction” there are plenty of scenes that Mick seems to be hot again. Fortunately, thanks to the current clearance schedule, it did not respond to the next gig, but it was a scene to be made hyakiya.
Unlike the last year’s tour in which there was a lack of ambition in the first half of the show, the first half is doing well, but the second half seems to have appeared in the performance “tired” below Mick. Although it is hard to do anything about this, it is definitely one piece that can definitely be enjoyed because the sound quality is still excellent. This tour, the best quality recording at the moment is this!

(Remaster memo)
★ High quality sound originally outstanding. I equalized to suppress the hall sounding, the outline of the performance increased, but it is fine adjustment.


今振り返ってみると、昨年秋の「NO FILTER」ツアーは演奏のハラハラ感とは裏腹に、オーディエンス録音のクオリティに関してはレベルが高めでした。何しろ初日で今や伝説のハンブルク公演などは極上の音質であのスペクタクル・ショーをドキュメントする結果となってしまったほど。さらにはルッカ、そして「DEFINITIVE MUNICH」など、素晴らしい音質のオーディエンス録音が登場し、徐々に調子を取り戻してゆくストーンズの様子をこれまたドキュメントしてくれたものです。
その点、今回の「NO FILTER」ツアーではこれらのような音源のクオリティに迫るオーディエンス録音が登場していないのは事実。もちろんレベルは高めなのですが、それでも先に挙げた昨年の音源のような「別格」と呼べるようなものがない。例えば一連のイギリス行程を録音してネット上に挙げたテーパー「CL」音源などはその典型で、いくつかの公演に関しては当店がイコライズを加えたことで限定プレスCDのリリースに足るクオリティへと昇格させたものです。
その中では「MANCHESTER 2018」が録音クオリティと演奏の両方でベストだと呼べるのではないでしょうか。実際、昨年の秋にあったようなハラハラ感が演奏から払拭されたのとは反対に、音質面で昨年の抜きん出た音源のいくつかに及ばないというのは何とも皮肉なものですね。

今年のツアーですが、イギリス行程が終了したのちはヨーロッパへと舞台が移って現在も進行中。ここで昨年を彷彿とさせる現象が起きました。ヨーロッパ行程の初日はベルリンだったのですが、ドイツ・エリアに到達した途端、遂に本ツアーから別格なクオリティを誇るオーディエンス録音が登場したのです。それを録音してくれたのは以前ポール・マッカートニーの2016年ツアー最高音質アイテム「ONE ON ONE IN BERLIN」でマニアをアッと言わせたあのテーパー。
ところがです。今回の音源には「Start Me Up」の前半二か所で音飛びが生じてしまうという致命的なエラーがあったのです。実のところ、このテーパーがネットに上げる音源は昨年あたりからそうしたエラーが混入するようになってしまい、恐らくは録音機材に問題が生じたまま録音を続けてしまったのだと推測されます。
「Start Me Up」最初の音飛びは繰り返されるコーラスの最中(1:47)でしたので、まったく違和感なく修正できたのですが、もう一つの音飛び(2:03)は一番だけの歌詞の最中に起きてしまった。そこで、何となく節回しが似ていた三番から移植。それでも音飛びが解消できなかったことにより、一時は断腸の思いでCD-Rリリースへと降格しそうになったほど。それでもこれだけの音質を誇るのに…そこでもう一度、移植作業をやり直したところ、遂に目立たないレベルにまで修繕できたのです。普通に聞いている分には、おそらく気付かないと思います。これにてプレスCDでのリリースが可能となりました。

ところが演奏の方がまたドイツを訪れた途端に昨年を彷彿とさせるような状況が見え隠れする一日となってしまったという…。前半は今回のツアーらしく、非常に軽快な演奏を聞かせてくれる。逆にいつもなら当たり前のように力強い演奏を聞かせてくれた「Just Your Fool」で雲行きの怪しい場面がちらほらと。でも前半は全体を通して好調でした。今回のツアーで二度目の演奏となった「She’s A Rainbow」はここでも良い出来で、しかもこの極上音質で聞けるとくればマニアには魅力的なポイントでしょう。
面白いのは中盤の「Sympathy for the Devil」。後半でフィーチャーされるキースのギター・ソロですが、キースがいつもと違うソロを弾こうと奮闘しているのです。ところが思い描いていたフレーズと指先が噛み合わない感じで弾けてない。それでも彼がここまで違う展開を聞かせようとした点は注目に値します。
問題は連日当たり前のように安定した演奏を聞かせていた「Miss You」から演奏のボルテージが落ち始めてしまうこと。続く「Midnight Rambler」もここ最近で絶好調の演奏を聞かせてくれていたのに、ここではがっくり勢いが落ちた始まり。それを察知したからか、この日はミックが同曲のかじ取りを受け持っているのが面白い。チャーリーのロール奏法を止めさせたり、あるいは「ヨーヨーヨー」と連呼した後でミックがまたしても展開を変えようとしている様子が伺えますが、やはりバンドに鞭を振るい直したのでしょう。
ところが悪いことは続くもので、今度は「Start Me Up」でミックの声が疲れを見せ始めてくる。まだロンドン二日目のようにガックリとテンションが下がる訳ではないのですが、それでも力強さが薄れた感は否めません。そしてラストの「Satisfaction」ではさらにミックの辛そうな場面がちらほらと。幸いにも現在のゆとりスケジュールのおかげで次のギグに響くほどではなかったのですが、ヒヤヒヤさせられる場面でした。



Disc 1 (61:36)
1. Intro. 2. Street Fighting Man 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice
5. Just Your Fool 6. Like A Rolling Stone 7. She’s A Rainbow 8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
9. Paint It Black 10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introductions 12. Slipping Away
13. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (66:01)
1. Sympathy for the Devil 2. Miss You 3. Midnight Rambler 4. Start Me Up
5. Jumping Jack Flash 6. Brown Sugar 7. Gimme Shelter 8. Satisfaction

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