Rolling Stones / Munich 2017 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Munich 2017 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Olympiastadion, Munich, Germany 12th September 2017

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Stones’ latest “NO FILTER” tour, this week ‘s release is from Munich’ s performance on September 12. Yes, it will be a show following the already released Hamburg performance. Although it is still underway (even so, it is a common era when sound sources and items appear during the tour progressing … it is amazing thing) “NO FILTER” tour, but as a result the stage at the beginning of the tour is live There is a feeling that documenting the process of recovering intuition and condition has become a mission of items released on limited press CD. In fact, the Hamburg show was a document captured by an audience recording boasting a distinctive quality, in addition to being the first day of the tour, the elderly members finally returned to the stage with only “Dokoisho”.
Besides, unlike before, the current Stones is the reality of that age, it is the biggest name in the rock world before that, so tours that are packed like the past will not be done and there will be a relaxed journey It will be a proof of a large thing that can profitable) It has become a live schedule of the present now. Two days off is also established between the previous Hamburg and Munich released this time. In case

Still, it is still true that the stone’s, from the performance of this day it is clear whether it is the first day hardness seen in Hamburg. There are still a lot of slow parts to play yet, but it is transmitted that the power of the shoulder is getting off compared to the first day. In its evidence the early show ‘It’s Only Rock’ n Roll ‘has no feeling of sticking as much as Hamburg. Furthermore, although it seems to be an overstatement to say that this is overlooked, on this day as well, two songs from “BLUE & LONESOME” are outstandingly wonderful. It seems inevitable to release a fairly blues album like “BLUE & ~” before the Stones, which is told that a new album is still in progress, before making a rock album like the past It will not. Besides, the vibrant performance of these two songs was clearly showing in Hamburg, but here it is finished to a better feeling.
Also wonderful is the second performance of the repertoire revival after all saying “Dancing With Mr. D”. In Hamburg, the impact of resurrection was great, but Mick and Keith each made a mistake. However, this time we will show off the performance without danger. You can see the situation of Stones where hardness has come from such a place. That’s why Bernard and Sasha’s back chorus are very nice atmosphere. Of course, the resurgence in Hamburg where ha ha ha ha was drifting for a long time was also very attractive.

In the first half of Munich there was live composition with no fast repertoire of tempo and the request song from the fans of this day was “Beast of Burden” can be said to be an exquisite selection as a result. Although the performance also showed outstanding performances, only the point where Keith played a misplaced phrase in the intros was the only stain. Starting with this performance, it may be said that the unevenness of the performance of Keith is another aspect of this day. From “Paint It Black”, Stones’ slow rollers at the beginning of this tour are invisible and obscure, and if it becomes a tempo fast song like the same song, it will be a sort of playing as with Hamburg . In addition, at “Happy”, he sang singing while singing wrongly making a wrong lyrics, Keith himself seems to spit out.
That point, Mick is as good as ever. Even if the live ends in the end, rather than shorting the breath, not only the appearance of running short in the stages but also “Satisfaction” of course “GOT LIVE IF YOU WANT IT” reminiscent of the old “GOT LIVE IF YOU WANT IT” It is interesting that he touched on the fact that he held concerts in Munich since the 1960s. Besides, although it tends to hide between Keith ‘s chilling play and Mick’ s vibrant performance, I want to reevaluate the point that Ronie ‘s played hard everywhere. Even more, considering that the principal is the first tour after surgery.

And although it is an audience recording that became the basis of this release, it is what appears on the net as proud of the quality not to beat Hamburg. It is also attractive that the texture is more mild compared to it, but also here the well-balanced sound image is amazing. Although it seems that there are many people who like Hamburg at the point of dynamic power, it seems that this rounded recording state is also preferred by many maniacs.
However, occasionally the microphone picks up the sound of wind passing between songs, and furthermore there is a moment when taper is spoken during “You Can not Always Get What You Want” (really for a moment Although it was fortunate that it was done with), some minus points are scattered, but they are totally insignificant overall. Regarding further detailed sound quality issues, we are adding an undoable adjustment in order to promote to a condition suitable for release on limited Press CD, so please refer to the separate notes in this area.
The balance of the guitar is totally grasped as a whole is the appeal of the sound source of this time and it will be overwhelmed with the power which is different from Hamburg again. Among them, the clearness of Ronnie ‘s play which I mentioned earlier is captured by superb clearness. And, we confirmed the performance of Stones unraveled from the tension of the early stage of the tour with the highest sound quality, which will predict the best condition in Zurich which will be released at the same time this time!

ストーンズの最新「NO FILTER」ツアー、今週のリリースはまず9月12日のミュンヘン公演から。そう、既にリリースされたハンブルク公演に次いで行われたショーとなります。現在も進行中(それにしても、ツアー進行中に音源やアイテムが登場するのが当たり前な時代となりましたね…凄いものです)の「NO FILTER」ツアーですが、結果としてツアー序盤のステージは彼らがライブの勘や調子を取り戻す過程をドキュメントするのが限定のプレスCDにてリリースされるアイテムの使命と化してきた感があります。実際にハンブルク公演はツアーの初日であったことに加え、いよいよ高齢のメンバーが「どっこいしょ」とばかりにステージに戻ってみせた姿を、別格のクオリティを誇るオーディエンス録音が捉えたドキュメントであったと。

それでもさすがはストーンズ、この日の演奏からはハンブルクでみられたツアー初日的な硬さかが取れているのは事実。まだまだ演奏はスローな部分が多いのですが、初日と比べると肩の力がとれつつあることが伝わってくる。その証拠にショー序盤の「It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll」はハンブルクほどのもたつき感はありません。さらに、これは見過ごされていると言っても過言ではないかと思われるのですが、この日も「BLUE & LONESOME」からの二曲が抜群に素晴らしい。現在もニューアルバムが進行中と伝えられるストーンズが往年のようなロック・アルバムを作り上げる前に「BLUE &~」のような円熟味のあるブルース・アルバムをリリースすることは必然であったように思えてなりません。それにこれらの二曲でのいきいきとした演奏はハンブルク公演でも冴えを見せていたものですが、ここではさらにいい感じの演奏へと仕上がっています。
同じく素晴らしいのが何と言ってもレパートリー復活二度目の演奏となる「Dancing With Mr. D」。ハンブルクでは復活のインパクトが大きかった一方でミックとキースそれぞれがミスを犯してしまった。ところが今回は遂に危なげのない演奏を披露。こんなところからも硬さが取れてきたストーンズの様子が伺えます。それに何と言ってもバーナードとサーシャのバックコーラスがとてもいい雰囲気。もちろん、久々の演奏でハチャメチャさが漂っていたハンブルクでの復活も非常に魅力的なものだったのですが。

ミュンヘンの前半はテンポの速いレパートリーがまったくないライブ構成が吉と出ており、この日のファンからのリクエスト・ソングも「Beast of Burden」だったのは結果として絶妙な選曲だったと言えるでしょう。演奏も中々の出来栄えを示していたのですが、唯一イントロでキースがまったく見当違いなフレーズを弾いてしまった点だけが汚点かと。この演奏を皮切りとして、キースの演奏のムラが目立つのもこの日の別の側面かと言えるかもしれません。「Paint It Black」からは今回のツアー序盤におけるストーンズのスロー・ローラーズぶりが見え隠れしていますし、同曲のようなテンポ速めな曲になるとハンブルクと同じようにもったりとした演奏となってしまう。おまけに「Happy」では歌い出しで思いっきり歌詞を間違えてしまい、キース自身が吹き出しそうになりながら歌う有様。
その点、ミックは相変わらずの絶好調。ライブが終盤を迎えても息切れするどころかステージを縦横無尽に走る姿はもちろん「Satisfaction」では懐かしの「GOT LIVE IF YOU WANT IT」を彷彿とさせるような「ガッタ!」の連発が頼もしい限り。彼がミュンヘンで60年代からコンサートを開いてきたことに触れているのも面白い。それにキースのまったりプレイとミックのはつらつパフォーマンスの間に隠れがちではありますが、随所でロニーが頑張ったプレイを聞かせてくれている点は再評価してあげたいところ。ましてや本人が手術を終えて初のツアーであることを考えればなおさら。

もっとも、たまに曲間でマイクが風の通過音を拾ってしまうことがあり、さらには「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」の最中ではテーパーが話しかけられてしまう一瞬があり(ホントに一瞬で済んだの幸いでした)、いくつかのマイナス・ポイントが散見されますが、それらも全体的には微々たるもの。さらに細かい音質面の問題に関しても、限定のプレスCDにてリリースに相応しい状態へと昇格させるべく、抜かりないアジャストを加えていますので、この辺りは別記を参照ください。

Disc 1 (77:36)
1. Intro. 2. Sympathy for the Devil 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice
5. Out of Control 6. Just Your Fool 7. Ride ‘Em on Down 8. Dancing With Mr. D
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10. Beast of Burden 11. Paint It Black
12. Honky Tonk Women 13. Band Introductions 14. Happy 15. Slipping Away

Disc 2 (67:20)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Street Fighting Man 4. Start Me Up 5. Brown Sugar
6. Satisfaction 7. Gimme Shelter 8. Jumping Jack Flash

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