Rolling Stones / Barcelona 2017 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Barcelona 2017 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys, Barcelona, Spain 27th September 2017

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Next to Lucca was the Barcelona performance on 27th September. For this day the sound source has just been released as a gift item last week. Although it seems that there are also many people who got it and heard it, the audience recording recorded there is clearly “B grade” quality from the standard of 2017. Originally the sound image was distant and the cheers were harsh, the bass was cracking in the brains, and so on, it is said to have released Barcelona for the first time to listen to Barcelona, ​​this is the gift level It should be a good sound source. Fortunately, a few days after this sound source, a new audience recording by another taper appeared on the net.
It is this new source to be called “recorder 2”, but it is not the same quality as Hamburg and this time Lucca, which is not an exaggeration to call as the biggest big audience in this “NO FILTER” tour. On the contrary, it can not deny the feeling that it is inferior to other performances that have been released so far. However, compared with “recorder 1” which was released earlier by a gift, it is much better sound quality. That is why I decided to release on this limited press CD.
It is a sound image which remembers the distance feeling compared with the audience recording of the past performances, and that point is considered to be the biggest weak point in this sound source. Although it is said that it is a different dimension from the sound image which was like a voya like ‘recorder 1’. The outline of the performance is sharp to the last, yet there is no such thing as the cheers hiding the details of the performance, unless you are accustomed to listening to the audience recording (no, hurdle is not high) Quality that is excellent level and can be heard with afford. Although it is certainly a sound image with a sense of distance, the whole balance and the clear texture are still very wonderful.
And the most attractive thing is the sense of presence that captured the enthusiasm of the Barcelona audience crowning up with a good balance. In “recorder 1” this was beyond the level of realism, it had fallen to an unfriendly balance. That point is an exquisite balance. Actively chorus from the opening ‘Sympathy for the Devil’. It is a place where the sound source of this time is not where the state sounds like a strange voice or singing chorus that will become stress on listening though such excitement excitement.

In front of such a splendid excitement, Stones will also tell us a good feeling from the beginning. As a result of the masterpiece Zurich, I was wondering if I could run as it is, the wholesaler did not wholesale (laugh) Unlike the first half of Lucca ‘s show, which will be released at the same time this time, Stones was good from the beginning of the show. We will not wait for two songs from “BLUE & LONESOME” which will be the flash point on this tour, and it will already be seen that the band’s engine has become full from “Tumbling Dice” already. That’s why “Under My Thumb” performance is the best finish. It is this song that came close to regular treatment for a while after this tour, but at the same time it is also playing an important role in terms of the 60s song where the current Stones can play without difficulty.
And, until now, the splendid performances that were different from the beginning of the tour have been continued to be shown, but the only stain on this day is the request song “Rocks Off”. As usual, Charlie is the center of attraction around him, and there is a feeling that Mick can not get into the song. This is a state that should be said to be “blank” because of the long-awaited performance. Nevertheless it is worthy of respect that it is painful but singing without toring the part of high-tone melody to Bernard like the old aged Mick sang on the 1994-95 tour.

Meanwhile, the excitement of the Barcelona audience is overheating, but at the “Paint It Black” after this, it does not seem like chorusing with Mick until ending’s humming LOL! There is no such thing to say such a jolly exciting live. Even if the major song “Miss You” is a matter of course, saying humming up to this song is only a concert performed in a country of passion.
Before the audience of Barcelona who showed a spectacular excitement so far, it was “Midnight Rambler” that made the best performances as if they overwhelmed them. The best performances were performed in Zurich and this time in Lucca, but the performance here is incredible at all. The secret is Charlie ‘s inspired drumming that I could not see after the tour started. Such developments were intrusive at the time of the European tour of 2014 where Mick Taylor was added every evening, but it was the first time on this tour. Let’s assert that the moment that Stones in 2017 “On Fire” was caught was a masterpiece captured.
If Charlie feels that way, Stones will raise the performance ‘s voltage as much. And on this day it may be that Rhea or a repertoire other than “Rocks Off” was refrained also led to the splendor of the whole show. As the show headed to the end, the excitement of Barcelona’s audience peaked and the finale’s “Satisfaction” was also a tremendous choir storm. I heard that it seems to be too hot here.

As I mentioned earlier, since it is a sound source with a sound image with a sense of distance, as a result of equalizing to ease the hole · echo caused by that, the outline of the performance became sharper compared with the original sound source Point realizes upper feeling suitable for press release CD. It was impossible to relax or adjust this sound source because there was a chilling texture between the songs for some reason why this time but still it is promoted to a state that makes it much easier to hear compared to the original sound source, It became an item that can enjoy fierce excitement without stress. Documents of a spectacular chemistry in which both Stones and audience burned up in Barcelona!

★ It is a separate master from the gift board “LIVE IN BARCELONA”. The sound quality is much better here.
「recorder 2」と呼ぶべき今回のニュー・ソースですが、今回の「NO FILTER」ツアーにおけるオーディエンス録音の二大巨頭と呼んでも過言ではないハンブルクと今回のルッカのようなクオリティには及びません。それどころかこれまでリリースしてきた他の公演と比べても劣ってしまう感は否めず。ところが先にギフトでリリースしていた「recorder 1」と比べれば格段に良い音質である。そこが今回の限定のプレスCDにてリリースに踏み切った要因なのです。
これまでの公演のオーディエンス録音と比べると距離感を覚える音像であり、その点が今回の音源における最大のウィークポイントだと思われます。とはいっても「recorder 1」のようなボヤボヤした音像とはまるで別次元。演奏の輪郭はあくまでシャープですし、それでいて歓声が演奏のディティールを隠してしまうようなこともなく、何よりオーディエンス録音を聞き慣れてきたマニア(いや、そこまでハードルは高くないレベル)であれば間違いなくエクセレントなレベルであり、余裕で聞き込めてしまうクオリティ。確かに距離感のある音像ではありますが、それでもなお全体のバランスとクリアーな質感は非常に素晴らしい。
そして何よりも魅力的なのが、盛り上がりまくるバルセロナのオーディエンスの熱狂をいい感じのバランスで捉えてくれた臨場感。これが「recorder 1」においては臨場感と言うレベルを超えてしまい、耳障りなバランスにまで堕ちていたものです。その点こちらは絶妙なバランス。オープニングの「Sympathy for the Devil」から積極的に大合唱。そんな壮絶な盛り上がりながらも、リスニング上のストレスとなるような奇声や熱唱が飛び交うような状態となっていないところが今回の音源のいいところ。

そんな壮絶な盛り上がりを前に、ストーンズも序盤からいい感じの演奏を聞かせてくれます。名演チューリッヒの後、そのまま駆け上るかと思いきや、そうは問屋が卸さなかった(笑)今回同時リリースとなるルッカのショー前半とは違い、この日はショー序盤からストーンズは快調。今回のツアーではフラッシュ・ポイントとなる「BLUE & LONESOME」からの二曲を待たず、既に「Tumbling Dice」からバンドのエンジンがフルになった様子が伝わってきます。それだけに「Under My Thumb」の演奏は最高の仕上がり。今回のツアーでは久々にレギュラーな扱いに近付いたこの曲ですが、それと同時に今のストーンズが無理なく演奏できる60年代ソングと言う点でも重要な役割を果たしているのではないでしょうか。
と、ここまではツアー序盤とは違った見事な演奏が披露され続けていたのですが、この日唯一の汚点と呼べるのがリクエスト・ソングの「Rocks Off」。例によってチャーリーを中心としてもたつき気味の雰囲気である上、ミックも歌に入り込めていない感じがありありと。これは一重に久々の演奏ゆえの「ブランク」と言うべき状態でしょう。それでも今の高齢ミックが1994-95年ツアーで歌った時のように高音メロディのパートをバーナードに丸投げすることなく、苦しそうながらも歌い切っている点は尊敬に値するもの。

一方バルセロナのオーディエンスの盛り上がりは過熱する一方で、この後の「Paint It Black」ではエンディングのハミングまでミックと一緒に合唱する様に思わず爆笑!これほど愉快な盛り上がりのライブと言うのもそうそうありません。メジャー・ソング「Miss You」辺りは当たり前としても、この曲までハミングしてみせるとは、さすがは情熱の国で行われたコンサートだけのことはある。
ここまで壮絶な盛り上がりを見せたバルセロナのオーディエンスを前に、まるで彼らを圧倒するかのごとく最高の演奏となったのが「Midnight Rambler」。チューリッヒや今回のルッカでも最高の演奏が繰り広げられましたが、ここでの演奏もまったく引けを取らない素晴らしさ。その秘訣はツアー開始後には見られなかったようなチャーリーの奮起したドラミング。そうした展開は毎晩ミック・テイラーが加わっていた2014年のヨーロッパ・ツアーの頃には当たり前な激しさだったのですが、今回のツアーにおいては初めてと言っていいほど。2017年のストーンズが「On Fire」する瞬間が捉えられた名演と断言いたしましょう。
チャーリーがその気になってくれればストーンズはこれだけ演奏のボルテージは上がる。そしてこの日は「Rocks Off」以外にレア、あるいはワン・オフなレパートリーが控えられたこともショー全体の素晴らしさへとつながったのかもしれません。ショーが終盤へ向かうとバルセロナのオーディエンスの盛り上がりもピークに達し、フィナーレの「Satisfaction」がまた凄まじい合唱の嵐。聞いているこちらまでもがアツくなってしまいそうなほど。


★ギフト盤「LIVE IN BARCELONA」とは別マスター。音質はこちらの方が遥かに良いです。

Disc 1 (71:52)
1. Intro 2. Sympathy for the Devil 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice
5. Just Your Fool 6. Ride ‘Em on Down 7. Under My Thumb 8. Rocks Off
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10. Paint It Black 11. Honky Tonk Women
12. Band Introductions 13. Happy 14. Slipping Away

Disc 2 (60:18)
1. Miss You 2. Midnight Rambler 3. Street Fighting Man 4. Start Me Up 5. Brown Sugar
6. Jumping Jack Flash 7. Gimme Shelter 8. Satisfaction

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