Rolling Stones / Ralph Wilson Stadium 2015 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Ralph Wilson Stadium 2015 / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Ralph Wilson Stadium, Buffalo, New York, USA 11th July 2015



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Zip Code tour release from our shop, even this time Buffalo performance of July 11 is the final stage tour will also be released. Although audience recording of this day gave me sound source appeared in less elapsed much time from a live end, the sound quality in spite recordings of 2015 is incomplete in bonus enough. This where you had stepped on or … and skepticism not not be released from our shop, also in net on and traders feeling Luckily you had succeeded in obtaining its own sound source that is not been around all! Moreover, high-quality sound that does not compare with this audience recording previous net sound source, and the other this will those that limited the press CD release decision.
Indeed it is not inferior to the range of the finest recording group such as Indianapolis and this time in Minneapolis, but it still is a quality that you want to tell that it is “high quality” and proudly. Even without going so far as to them as outstanding on sound image, still with confidence to record that combines powerful and clearness so people can watch, you’ll be that satisfy to everyone definitely mania. In particular, clearness and freshness it has a great thing. It does not compare to the sound source that circulated earlier in that respect.

And the tour is also a scene that after twice place to leave, playing Stones are full of confidence. Moreover, in the early stages it had not been playing surprisingly earlier this year, “You Got Me Rocking” appeared. Indeed strong in from the play, it will soon also convinced the engine the first time in the full open of Stones. “Can not You Hear Me Knocking” from “STICKY FINGERS” is also great and powerful. There “Let’s Spend The Night Together” in the position that request corner from the I played, but it is surprising scene before you begin this.
Mick is as … songs of local Buffalo musicians, a touch of (the original story of or nostalgia of MC Hammer “U Can not Touch This”) “Super Freak” in the late Rick James is now, moreover, accompaniment of Chuck Rivu~eru The Mise was the because surprise singing on the moon! “Kansas City” and is this still the band was even interesting you felt that if you play to join as at the time of, but did not me to escalate until there indeed (laughs).

While it sprinkled with such a fun scene also, again Stones also this day still best condition. Keith was too fly in these momentum. When live also began playing the intro of the celebrated late “Brown Sugar”, where he had played at intervals strange between the phrase, havoc puzzled the other members how to enter each. In particular, such as Charlie of the drum will change the rhythm enough to likely to illusion “Do new arrangement?”. Still, for me to converge before Mick begins to sing it would be a blessing in disguise.
Since these happenings also has been captured in stunning clearness, you can enjoy the real to how the momentum surplus Stones. But overall performance is only the upper ones. It is a spirited tour of late unique, but please enjoy the powerful live slowly and carefully. After all, Zip Code tour was also second half of the season full throttle!

当店からのZip Codeツアー・リリース、さらに今回はツアー終盤である7月11日のバッファロー公演もリリースされます。この日のオーディエンス録音はライブ終了からそれほど時間を経過しない内に音源が登場してくれましたが、2015年の録音な割に音質は今一つでおまけに不完全。これでは当店からもリリースできないではないか…と二の足を踏んでいたところ、幸運なことにネット上やトレーダー感にも一切出回っていない独自音源の入手に成功したのです!しかもこちらのオーディエンス録音は先のネット音源とは比べ物にならない高音質、もうこれは限定のプレスCDリリースが決定というものでしょう。

それにツアーも残すところあと二回という場面であり、ストーンズの演奏は自信に満ち溢れています。しかも序盤では今年に入って意外なほど演奏されていなかった「You Got Me Rocking」が登場。その演奏からして実に力強く、早くもストーンズのエンジン全開ぶりを確信させてくれます。「STICKY FINGERS」からの「Can’t You Hear Me Knocking」もパワフルで素晴らしい。そこからリクエスト・コーナーという位置で「Let’s Spend The Night Together」が演奏されるのですが、これを始める前では意外な場面が。
ミックが地元バッファローのミュージシャンの曲…として、今は亡きリック・ジェームスの「Super Freak」(あるいは懐かしのMCハマー「U Can’t Touch This」の元ネタ)のさわりを、しかもチャック・リーヴェルの伴奏つきで歌ってみせたのだから驚き!「Kansas City」の時のようにこのままバンドが加わって演奏してくれればさらに面白かったのですが、さすがにそこまでエスカレートしてくれませんでした(笑)。

そんな楽しい場面を交えつつも、やはりこの日もストーンズはやっぱり絶好調。こうした勢いの中で飛ばし過ぎたのがキース。ライブも終盤を迎えた「Brown Sugar」のイントロを弾き始めた際、フレーズの間に妙な間を置いて彼が弾いてしまったところ、他のメンバーがそれぞれに入り方を戸惑って大混乱。特にチャーリーのドラムなどは「新アレンジか?」と錯覚しそうなほどリズムが変わってしまいます。それでもミックが歌い始める前に収束してくれたのは不幸中の幸いでしょう。
こうしたハプニングも見事なクリアネスで捉えられておりますので、勢い余ったストーンズの様子までリアルに楽しめます。それでも全体の演奏はあくまでアッパーなもの。ツアー終盤ならではの奔放だが力強いライブをじっくりとお楽しみください。やっぱりZip Codeツアーは後半戦もエンジン全開でした!

Disc 1 (64:47)
1. Intro 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. You Got Me Rocking
5. Tumbling Dice 6. Out Of Control 7. Wild Horses 8. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
9. Let’s Spend The Night Together 10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introduction
12. Before They Make Me Run 13. Happy

Disc 2 (71:11)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Gimme Shelter 4. Start Me Up
5. Sympathy For The Devil 6. Brown Sugar
7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want(with the Calvary Episcopal Church Choir)
8. Satisfaction

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