Rolling Stones / Petco Park 2015 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Petco Park 2015 / 2CD /Non Label

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Live At Petco Park, San Diego, CA, USA 24th May 2015.


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Non Label

Live at Petco Park, San Diego, CA. USA 24th May 2015 PERFECT SOUND (from Original Masters)  was so well as last year’s Australian tour but, Zip Code tour began Stones from the end of May does not appeared unexpectedly sound source. Among them, I think in mania that was fret not appear sound source is there were many with respect to San Diego concert is a tour the first day of May 24. Our shop is unique obtain audience recording master that was going to watch the actual live Japanese gave me to record in such. Nowadays it was me also sound source of this day appeared on the net, but the same will not be incomparable quality of audience recording of this release. Clearly is the landslide victory of the sound source that our shop has Mise to own get to say!  I would like you to taste slowly and carefully a completely different dimension of quality to the voice of the sound source and YouTube videos on the net, it will be released in exceptional quality. Sound image and rich clearness and the other a rarity with a reasonable sense of distance. Comfort of the hall echo also is more likely to cause charmed coupled with stunning clearness of this sound source, but never the echo resulting in a sound image of playing fuzzy. Exceptional sense of realism and clearness than anything else, let’s Mise to reproduce the first day of Zip Code tour mania wanted to hear around the world at the combines them our exclusive sound source.  San Diego is now a tour the first day in 2015, more than it is that had finished the previous secret gig, I met only are allowed to continue the live activities from 2012, where performance of the severity of the, very I do not think the tour first day.More and hustle Mick anymore sublime To proceed first with such a situation. I’m sure I can pull the band and the audience and Guigui from opening in too upper tension.  I think if the tragedy of lover that occurred immediately after the Japan tour last year, there tour postponed from the revival of the European tour. Now I think that it either breaks new ground in 2014 with the engine fully open, leaving in Bobby Keys tour and happened Mick of poor health in Australia. Especially upset the first time in Australia was serious about was also demonstrated by our shop release items.  Literally Stones ran through a year of eventful, but was particularly Mick, really likes chest to Mick the first time in free Starring of here serving in 2015 of the first day of the tour. The upper momentum is exceptional. Although we have Keith testified last year the band unity has been strengthened throughout the year at the time of this year’s tour start, here is what the overall performance of the Stones also intense in the upper to be heard. Even though as I mentioned in best performance candidate in the 2015 tour the first day it is not an exaggeration.  Also from the tour before the start of the construction of secret gig in LA, and in the long-awaited Deluxe Edition is “STICKY FINGERS” large feature that was released this week? And I’ve been expected between mania, the emergency mania you have clutter the dodge in the first half ahead of the song … I configuration in which a part to play in a row the album on tour configuration of up to last year as it were open the lid should it was not a few.  However, playing some of the more than offset the weakness of the impact of such a set list of Stones of here. After all exceptional of speedy it does not have like to say only a masterpiece. And were many scenes that are then being fearful through the last one year “Doom And Gloom” is large revival! This also full of speedy performance will Saewatari to another dimension and last year.  And essential of the “STICKY FINGERS” corner is opening a “Bitch” which was joined by Gary Clark Jr., the electrostatic of “Moonlight Mile” of the dynamic from “Can not You Hear Me Knocking” contrast that is the best! The former is also the fact that a minor presence among the album, but immediately after the performance start you around the chat is worrisome, we are captivated the audience firmly when play starts. And roll into as “Can not You ~” because it is the start from there, you’ll be fired up in 2015 Stones is felt to fully alone this part.Release of a limitation of the press CD because listening is comfortable monopoly sound source is an absolute. But more than that when listening to upper performances of the day, I can not help you without expecting even this year of Stones!

昨年のオーストラリア・ツアーなどもそうでしたが、5月末から始まったストーンズのZip Codeツアーも思いのほか音源が登場しません。中でもツアー初日である5月24日のサンディエゴ公演に関しては音源が現れずにやきもきしていたマニアが多かったのではないでしょうか。そんな中で当店は実際のライブを観に行かれた日本人が録音してくれたオーディエンス録音マスターを独自入手。今でこそこの日の音源もネット上に現れてくれたのですが、それと今回リリースのオーディエンス録音のクオリティは比べ物になりません。はっきり言って当店が独自入手してみせた音源の圧勝です!
ネット上の音源やYouTube動画の音声などとは全く別次元な音質をじっくりと味わっていただきたい、別格のクオリティにてリリースいたします。程よい距離感のある音像と豊かなクリアネスはもう絶品。ホールエコーの心地よさもこの音源の見事なクリアネスと相まって聞き惚れてしまいそうなほどですが、そのエコーが演奏の音像をファジーにしてしまうことは決してありません。何よりも別格の臨場感とクリアネス、それらを兼ね備えた当店独占音源にて世界中のマニアが聴きたかったZip Codeツアーの初日を再現してみせましょう。


ツアー開始前はLAでのシークレット・ギグの構成などからも、待望のデラックス・エディションが今週発売された「STICKY FINGERS」大フィーチャーとなるのでは?とマニアの間で予想されましたが、いざ蓋を開けてみれば昨年までのツアー構成で前半に先のアルバムの曲を続けて演奏するパートを設けた…そんな構成に肩透かしを食らったマニアは少なくなかったはず。
しかし、そんなセットリストのインパクトの弱さを補って余りあるのがここでのストーンズの演奏。何しろ別格の疾走感が圧巻としか言いようがありません。それに昨年一年を通して冷や冷やさせられる場面が多かった「Doom And Gloom」が大復活!これまた疾走感あふれる演奏が昨年と別次元に冴えわたります。
そして肝心の「STICKY FINGERS」コーナーはゲイリー・クラーク・ジュニアが加わった「Bitch」をオープニングとし、さらに静の「Moonlight Mile」から動の「Can’t You Hear Me Knocking」という対比が最高!前者はアルバムの中でもマイナーな存在ということもあり、演奏開始直後は周囲のチャットが気になりますが、演奏が始まるとしっかり観客を虜にしています。そこからなだれ込むように「Can’t You~」が始まるのですから、このパートだけでも2015年のストーンズの気合が存分に感じられることでしょう。聴き心地の良い独占音源ですので限定のプレスCDでのリリースは絶対です。しかしそれ以上にこの日のアッパーな演奏を聴くと、今年のストーンズにも期待せずにはいられません!

Disc 1 (71:05)
1. Intro 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. It’s Only Rock’n Roll 4. All Down The Line 5. Tumbling Dice
6. Doom And Gloom 7. Bitch (with Gary Clarke Jr) 8. Moonlight Mile 9. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
10. Street Fighting Man 11. Honky Tonk Women 12. Band Introductions 13. Slipping Away
14. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (69:07)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Gimme Shelter 4. Start Me Up 5. Sympathy For The Devil
6. Brown Sugar 7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with Bob Cole Conservatory Choir)
8. Satisfaction

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