Rolling Stones / Citrus Bowl 2015 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Citrus Bowl 2015 / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at the Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL. USA 12th June 2015


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It is, however. Our shop was centerpiece of Stones title of the latest tour of a sound source of Orlando Citrus Bowl on June 12 to release. This audience recording also is the recordings that appeared on the net, but please just try to play. with the balance of the opening of the SE is flowing, “Oh, this is the sound is close’ll …” can not help without expecting. From there this day opening number and “Jumping Jack Flash” Keith is out playing of … I came! This extreme on a the sound image. It appeared audience recording a high level of quality that can be comparable to last year’s Japan tour, which had been engaged in a dispute Real audience recording was finally appeared from the latest “Zip Code” tour across the board!
No early, this is a great sound quality. While that splendor of the sound image that touched before the monkey, the more lose the words to stunning clearness. Intended last year’s Japan tour was commonplace, recording state with powerful real as it if they see and hear in front playing the eye. Will there also of ethnicity differences on sound recording, but in particular there is a thing difficult to become the situation privileged, such as the Japan tour quality level was high for all performances in the United States. Of course I ever sound source was also met with a sufficiently great sound quality, but also what we were looking for things that anti said was superb recording.

Its’s the ultra-recording that you can affirm that he Nashi just stunning recording state must listen mistakes and, more happy is guys Stones of this day’s also a top form! Petco Park and this time the simultaneous release Atlanta is playing the rich and upper a voltage suitable for called Meien had been caught, do not stop Stones momentum also in the Citrus Bowl was the next live in Atlanta . On the contrary, I immediately after the live start “this is? In runaway feeling” would have been showcased in rapid-fire full power playing as hear with. Wasted playing had disturbed in Atlanta “Doom And Gloom” Even in this day no problem. When the Stones are playing at the time of these momentum plentiful condition often becomes a rarity that can “Bitch” is also expected hyper atmosphere. Anyway so the sound quality is also a rarity, the first time in the best condition of these Stones is I know to take in hand.
If that happens, “Moonlight Mile” is also stunning thing. To Atlanta more classic number did not become a volley, this time of a sale is also of the tour, “STICKY FINGERS” color It was a day of little weakened feeling, mind it even in front of the splendor of music and sound quality It will no longer become.

This day or up to the request selection of music even until now a candidate from the fans, how the rehearsal did not Yatteko opportunity of playing quite while being published, “She’s So Cold”. This is also the momentum plentiful Stones of this day became a music selection of wear by typing. It has been revived in stunning the lightness of the original song, If you are shows this much of workmanship, it is where I want to play more.
Performance of these enhancement will have in the Citrus Bowl has been barrage, but when live is going Sashikakaro in the second half of the “Gimme Shelter” begins Mick song somehow funny … So, I’ve been hit after a long time of Iyamoni Trouble I like. Mick song has become a leave out through this song. In addition, “Sympathy For The Devil” in such becomes suspicious of his song again, it will be heard fresh in reverse when the trouble that had been frequent unholy in 2012 occurs after a long time (laughs). Of course not it even that performance is disturbed, will also be released sound source that only high-quality performance and high-quality sound is kept is this a limitation of the press CD. To proceed with this as the emergence of the finest sound source of Sold Out is definitely!

ところがです。当店がリリースする最新ツアーのストーンズ・タイトルの目玉が6月12日にオーランドのシトラス・ボウルの音源なのでした。こちらのオーディエンス録音もネット上に姿を現した録音なのですが、とにかく再生してみてください。オープニングのSEが流れるバランスからして「おっ、これは音が近いぞ…」と予感せずにはいられません。そこからこの日のオープニング・ナンバー「Jumping Jack Flash」をキースが弾き出すと…来ました!この極度にオンな音像。現れたオーディエンス録音が軒並みハイレベルな争いを繰り広げていた昨年の来日公演に比肩しうるクオリティのリアル・オーディエンス録音が最新「Zip Code」ツアーからも遂に登場しました!

その見事な録音状態だけでも必聴間違いなしだと断言できるウルトラ・レコーディングなのですが、さらに嬉しいことには、この日のストーンズの連中がまた絶好調なのです!ペトコ・パークや今回同時リリースとなるアトランタは名演と呼ぶに相応しいアッパーなボルテージと充実の演奏がキャッチされていましたが、アトランタの次のライブであったシトラス・ボウルでもストーンズの勢いは止まりません。それどころか、ライブ開始直後から「これは暴走気味では?」と聴こえるほどフルパワーな演奏が矢継ぎ早に披露されてしまうのです。アトランタでは無駄に演奏が乱れてしまった「Doom And Gloom」もこの日はノープロブレム。ストーンズがこうした勢いたっぷりなコンディションの時に演奏するとたいていは絶品な出来となる「Bitch」も予想通りのハイパーな雰囲気。何しろ音質がまた絶品ですので、こうしたストーンズの絶好調ぶりが手に取るように解るのです。
そうなれば「Moonlight Mile」も見事なもの。アトランタほどクラシックなナンバーは連発となりませんでしたし、今回のツアーの売りでもある「STICKY FINGERS」色はちょっと弱まった感のある一日でしたが、演奏と音質の素晴らしさの前ではそれすら気にならなくなってしまいます。

この日ファンからのリクエスト選曲は今までも候補に挙がったり、リハーサルの様子が公開されながらも演奏の機会がなかなかやってこなかった「She’s So Cold」。これがまた勢いたっぷりなこの日のストーンズには打ってつけの選曲となりました。原曲の軽やかさを見事に蘇らせており、これほどの出来栄えを示しているのならば、もっと演奏してもらいたいところです。
こうした充実の演奏が連発されたシトラス・ボウルではありますが、ライブが後半に差し掛かろうとする「Gimme Shelter」が始まるとミックの歌が何だかおかしい…そう、久々のイヤモニ・トラブルに見舞われてしまったようなのです。この曲を通してミックの歌が外れっぱなしとなってしまいました。さらに「Sympathy For The Devil」では再び彼の歌が怪しくなるなど、2012年には呆れるほど頻発していたトラブルが久々に起きると逆に新鮮に聴こえてしまいます(笑)。もちろんそれでも演奏が乱れることはなく、あくまで高品位な演奏と高音質が保たれた音源が限定のプレスCDで今回もリリースされます。これほどの極上音源の登場となればSold Outは間違いなし!


Disc 1(61:09)
1. Intro 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. All Down the Line 5. Tumbling Dice
6. Doom and Gloom 7. Bitch 8. Moonlight Mile 9. She’s So Cold 10. Honky Tonk Women
11. Band Introductions 12. Before They Make Me Run 13. Happy

Disc 2(66:13)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Gimme Shelter 4. Start Me Up 5. Sympathy for the Devil
6. Brown Sugar
7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the University Of Central Florida Chamber Singers)
8. Satisfaction

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