Rolling Stones / Hunter Valley 2014 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Hunter Valley 2014 / 2CD /Non Label

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Live At Hope Estate, Hunter Valley, Australia 15th November 2014.


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Hunter Valley performances of Sydney for the next live and became November 15 also this time will be released simultaneously. “Hunter valley? That day? Did not up to the net,” appeared to you sharp. Came! You are not floating around in between and on the net traders, it’s a release by its own available audience recording of our shop. Originally the midst of this Australian tour audience recording did not appear quite, it is not a too much to finally say a sound source of star performer appeared. And is also a great sound quality! “Jumping Jack Flash” of opening what, you is estimated that probably sound output of venue was weak, it is overwhelmed by the subsequent “Let’s Spend The Night Together” more and more sound is turned on from, the sound pressure and the clearness of the powerful will be. Moreover, the advent of the second time in the Australian tour (first time to tour the first day of Adelaide), but is was a “Let’s Spend ~”, this would be typical of the number that can be played precisely because Mick has made a full recovery. Vivid intro piano also has been captured in stunning clearness, but its performance is great and nothing else.
A feature of the overall tone group that better than Sydney also this day, rather than the usual Ballard was chosen in number to be take a breather in the first half, country Chick and “Dead Flowers”. This is also Although it is choice that does not help but think that he wanted to hear at the Tokyo Dome, indescribably luxury that is “Rocks Off” and continue from there is played. In other words, is a translation that became a deadly pattern that is played in a row from the masterpiece of the “STICKY FINGERS” “EXILE ON MAIN STREET”. However although the pattern that after a long time of “Rocks Off” In Just the left Mick is the treble part in chorus I become a little wry smile likely like the 1994 “VOODOO LOUNGE” tour. But the goodness of can of performance stood out here.

Our play of Mick Taylor incandescent was heard even in Australia Tour release of up to here “Midnight Rambler” also does not disappoint this day. Thrilling opening like anyway by from intro reminiscent of like 1972 or ’73. Performance that began from there retaliated by barrage Charlie bass drum in rolling up play of Taylor! Height of thrill that will reminiscent of the golden age, such as the scene is also ahead like. Moreover, this day Taylor rolled playing like the devil in the end, not inspiration to know that you stay Taylor is showing across the daily live of later European summer. The other, enough to ‘s not guest would this leave and wish I had Kurere officially returned to the Stones … such reckless thoughts crossed, again is rolled playing tremendous Taylor will listen.
As a live Another feature of this day, would be noteworthy also be revived is peppy MC by Mick Jagger. In particular I was was much had spoke to the audience, in a tone that sank like a funeral in Melbourne, has been suggest that tone that not enough of the spirit in the still live the first half in Sydney. However, here in Mick I let me please the audience in the usual MC. Again Stones live, do not be a way. That feeling that will always Mick excitement. At the same time, presence of Mick that have the power to’ll show to lead both the group and the audience, was being brought home the magnitude of the remainder is it might be this Australian tour.
Such as if celebrating the full revival of Mick, encore “You Can not Always Get What You Want” in a long time to reprise of ending appeared. The entire Stones not only Mick had telling this scene is that the Mise regained the tone. Although it is in its own audience recording captured by the superb sound quality such a stage, but the stunning clearness audible also based play of Daryl Jones, and speaking will be for me to imagine how much high-quality sound. If familiar sound sources both from Stones latest Australian tour playing with the sound quality and fulfilling the addition and appeared in their own availability, release of a limitation of the press CD can say necessarily. And upset to hit the Mick throat was also finally resurrected! Shop of Australia 2014 release that began from Perth’m sure to document the situation!
シドニーの次のライブとなった11月15日のハンター・バレイ公演も今回は同時リリースされます。「ハンター・バレイ?その日はネットに上がってたっけ?」と思われたあなたは鋭い。来ました!トレーダー間やネット上にも出回っていない、当店の独自入手オーディエンス録音によるリリースなのです。元々オーディエンス録音がなかなか現れなかった今回のオーストラリア・ツアーの中にあって、遂に真打ちの音源が登場したと言っても過言ではありません。しかもその音質がまた素晴らしい!オープニングの「Jumping Jack Flash」こそ、会場の出音が弱かったのだろうと推測されますが、続く「Let’s Spend The Night Together」からどんどん音像がオンになり、その迫力の音圧とクリアネスに圧倒されてしまいます。しかもオーストラリア・ツアーで二度目の登場(一回目はツアー初日のアデレード)となった「Let’s Spend~」ですが、これはミックが完全復活を遂げたからこそ演奏できるナンバーの典型でしょう。イントロのピアノの生々しさも見事なクリアネスで捉えられていますが、何といってもその演奏が素晴らしい。
グループ全体の調子がシドニーよりも良いのがまたこの日の特徴で、前半で一息つくべきナンバーに選ばれたのはいつものバラードではなく、カントリーチックな「Dead Flowers」。これもまた東京ドームで聴きたかったと思わずにいられないチョイスですが、そこから続けて「Rocks Off」が演奏されるのが何とも贅沢。つまり「STICKY FINGERS」と「EXILE ON MAIN STREET」という名作から続けて演奏されるという必殺のパターンとなった訳です。ただし久々の「Rocks Off」ではミックが高音パートをコーラス隊に任せっきりというパターンは1994年「VOODOO LOUNGE」ツアーのようでちょっと苦笑しそうになるのですが。しかしここでも演奏の出来の良さが際立っていました。

当店ここまでのオーストラリア・ツアー・リリースにおいてもミック・テイラー白熱のプレイが聴かれた「Midnight Rambler」はこの日も期待を裏切りません。何しろイントロからしてまるで1972年や73年を彷彿させるようなスリリングなオープニング。そこから始まった演奏はテイラーの弾きまくりにチャーリーがバスドラの連打で応酬!といった場面がまた先のような黄金期を彷彿とさせてくれるスリルの極み。しかもこの日は終盤でもテイラーが鬼のように弾きまくり、夏のヨーロッパ以降のライブでテイラーが連日に渡って見せている閃きはとどまる事を知りません。もう、ゲストじゃなくてこのままストーンズに正式復帰してくれればいいのに…そんな無茶な思いがよぎってしまうほど、ここでもテイラーの凄まじい弾きまくりが聴かれます。
そんなミックの完全復活を祝うかのごとく、アンコール「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」では久々にエンディングのリプライズが登場。ミックだけでなくストーンズ全体が調子を取り戻してみせたことをこの場面が物語っていました。そんなステージを極上音質で捉えた独自オーディエンス録音ではありますが、ダリル・ジョーンズのベース・プレイも聞き取れる見事なクリアネス、と言えばどれほどの高音質か想像してもらえることでしょう。ストーンズ最新のオーストラリア・ツアーから音質と演奏の両方が充実した音源がしかも独自入手で登場となれば、限定のプレスCDでのリリースは必然と言えます。そして喉の不調に見舞われたミックも遂に復活を遂げました!パースから始まった当店のオーストラリア2014リリースがその様子をドキュメントしてみせます!

Disc 1 (71:11)
1. Intro 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. Let’s Spend The Night Together 4. It’s Only Rock’n Roll
5. Tumbling Dice 6. Dead Flowers 7. Rocks Off 8. Paint It Black 9. Honky Tonk Women
10. Band Introductions 11. You Got The Silver 12. Before They Make Me Run 13. Can’t Be Seen
14. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)

Disc 2 (58:21)
1. Miss You 2. Gimme Shelter 3. Start Me Up 4. Sympathy For The Devil 5. Brown Sugar
6. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with The Sydney Philharmonia)
7. Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor)



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