Rolling Stones /14 On Fire Japan Tour Tokyo Trilogy / 2CD

Rolling Stones /14 On Fire Japan Tour Tokyo Trilogy / 2CD /Non Label

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Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 26th February, 4th & 6th March 2014.


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Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 26th February, 4th & 6th March 2014 ULTIMATE SOUND  taper proud of overwhelming popularity in the Stones concert in Japan this year, is the sound source by T & J, but Trilogy literally, yet in 24bit/96kHz it summarizes the best take from live three days as the conclusion version which recorded Te has emerged. It’s being released as a gift item from our store already will still fresh in memory. I did not plan on the original release of this as well as our truly, but the popularity of T & J sound source It is still great. Because it is a sound source that circulated in the original, such as before, it is that on CD it is the reason that it becomes a down grade to 16bit/44.1kHz substantially, but still “I want to have a CD of the press” or was crossing in this release that the request from the “I want to hear from CD” were received many.  As opposed to simply press CD recording the sound source, which appeared of course, clapping to be scattered here and there has to mitigate the harsh part. For example, has been removed as well as a moment to get up at 0:54 around the first piece of “Ruby Tuesday”. Most notably is the clapping that follows much of the handsome “Miss You” playing (March 6) begins. I think this has become from the left channel as scratch-like noise, but that it showed quite get rid of it’s obvious when compared with the gift in the previous version. (Mitigation has been also applause “Midnight Rambler” 3 minutes level, “Paint It Black” 4 minutes level)  and listening of Japan tour the “We do keep the good” in the feel of a material that is Uomi natural of T & J only over the whole book and is really It is a luxury experience! Best editing these paid off after all, from “Bitch” to “Respectable”, something of a luxury Toseru’s listen in quick succession the rare number of only each day. Even now the sound source a variety of each three-day circulated only this, sure to be keenly aware of that T & J sound was exceptional quality still. you can only admire the T & J this only left me a good-quality recording. Please enjoy it slowly and carefully by a press of CD stabilize the Japan tour Trilogy suitable for calling the Best of the Best sound quality, both in content. It is sure that the person who has a cardboard-three so far been released can enjoy!


もちろん登場した音源を単にプレスCD収録するのではなく、随所で散見される手拍子が耳障りな部分を緩和させています。例えば一枚目の「Ruby Tuesday」の0:54辺りで起きる一瞬なども削除しました。最も顕著なのは二枚目の「Miss You」(3月6日)の演奏が始まるとずっと続く手拍子です。これはまるでスクラッチ・ノイズのように左チャンネルから鳴っていますが、それをかなり取り払って見せたことは先のギフト・バージョンと比べれば一目瞭然だと思います。(「Midnight Rambler」3分台、「Paint It Black」4分台の拍手も軽減済み)


Disc 1(79:56)
1. Before The Show Start (4th March) 2. The Show Starts (4th March)
3. Opening SE (4th March) 4. Opening Call (6th March) 5. Start Me Up (4th March)
6. Get Off Of My Cloud (26th February) 7. You Got Me Rocking (4th March)
8. It’s Only Rock’n Roll (6th March) 9. Tumbling Dice (26th February)
10. Wild Horses (26th February) 11. Angie (4th March) 12. Ruby Tuesday (6th March)
13. Emotional Rescue (26th February) 14. Doom And Gloom (26th February)
15. Bitch (26th February) 16. Silver Train (with Mick Taylor) (4th March)
17. Respectable (6th March) 18. Honky Tonk Women (4th March) 19. Band Introductions (4th March)
20. Slipping Away (with Mick Taylor) (4th March) 21. Before They Make Me Run (6th March)

Disc 2(79:26)

1. Happy (4th March) 2. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor) (6th March) 3. Miss You (6th March)
4. Paint It Black (4th March) 5. Gimme Shelter (4th March) 6. Jumping Jack Flash (4th March)
7. Sympathy For The Devil (4th March) 8. Brown Sugar (6th March)
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (6th March) 10. Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor) (6th March)
11. The Last Announcement (6th March)

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