Rolling Stones / 14 On Fire Japan Tour Second Night On Fire / 2CD

Rolling Stones / 14 On Fire Japan Tour Second Night On Fire / 2CD / Geisha Records

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Live At Tokyo Dome March 4, 2014.


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2 title in 2014 The Rolling Stones Tokyo Dome performance imported foreign press board is limited stock ! It is the appearance of the note title and say the final choice of the Japan tour 2014 Stones many items have become a hot topic already . Tokyo Dome performance to be delivered in hybrid remastered sound source to achieve the best quality of the best mix of high-quality sound of multiple sound sources by foreign collector . This hybrid sound source good balance and separation of sound , put together under the conditions of the best quality recording situation , etc. all there is no excess cheer on the basis of the sound source was recorded in freshness distinguished sounding straight in clear single audience source in I am finished in a high level impossible . Overseas direct import collector’s items that can not be overlooked by the appropriate high-quality sound recording high-level panel to press the permanent right ! This is a must listen title of large recommendation that captures beautifully the Japan tour of excitement and excitement ! !


2014年ザ・ローリング・ストーンズ東京ドーム公演海外直輸入プレス盤2タイトルが限定入荷! すでに数多くのアイテムが話題となっているストーンズ2014年日本公演の最終決定版といえる注目タイトルの登場です。海外音源コレクターによる複数の優良音源をミックスし最高のベスト・クオリティを実現したハイブリッド・リマスター音源で お届けする東京ドーム公演。クリアでストレートに響く抜群の鮮度で収録された音源を元に音の分離やバランスの良さ、 過剰な歓声もない録音状況等すべて極上クオリティの条件でまとめ上げたこのハイブリッド音源は単一オーディエンス・ ソースでは不可能な高水準に仕上がってます。まさに永久保存のプレス盤に相応しいハイレベルな高音質音源収録による見逃せない海外直輸入コレクターズ・アイテム!興奮と感動の日本公演を見事にとらえた大推薦の必聴タイトルです!!


1. Before The Show 2. Introduction 3. Start Me Up 4. You Got Me Rocking 5. It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) 6. Tumbling Dice 7. Angie 8. Doom And Gloom 9. Silver Train (with Mick Taylor) 10. Honky Tonk Women 11. The Band Introductions 12. Slipping Away (with Mick Taylor) 13. Happy 14. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)


1. Miss You 2. Paint It, Black 3. Gimme Shelter 4. Jumpin’ Jack Flash 5. Sympathy For The Devil 6. Brown Sugar 7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with The Senzoku Freshman Singers) 8. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor) Live At Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan Mar 4. 2014

Geisha Records. GR20140304-1/2

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