Rolling Stones / Atlantic City 2006 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Atlantic City 2006 / 2CD / Non Label
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Live at Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ. USA 17th November 2006

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Speaking of the boardwalk hall of Stones and Atlantic City, everyone remembered live broadcast in December 1989. It was also an enthralling place to beat Bush playing now, and I miss memorable happening that the relay was interrupted on the way due to weather problems. And, above all, it is a live tone generator representing Stones in 89 years. However, it was not only in 1989 that Stones played live at Boardwalk Hall. Actually, I was in 2006 as well.
On November 17 when “A BIGGER BANG” tour reached its second year, Stones again returned home to Atlantic City. Mick touched on the 1989 live performance at MC. However, there may not be many maniacs remembered for this 2006 version of Atlantic City. In the first place it is hardly released that the items recorded in October 2006 or November 2006 are included. By that time it seems that the cause was caused by the market becoming saturated with items of “A BIGGER BANG” tour from the previous year (laugh).
It is a tragedy that more than one year has passed since the tour and there are few items during the high quality playing every day. Among them, this Atlantic City stayed in the box set “A BIGGER BANG WORLD TOUR 2006”, which contained more than four songs as an extra bonus for the Tokyo Dome performance. The first complete release by the same audience recording is realized this time, too, but it is said that the finally appearance is finally a long-awaited mania as it has been described as a fine recording even in maniacs and professional books that have heard the box I guess.

Audience recording of this day is a slightly weak recording state, but the sound image is very on balance and clearness is outstanding. I assert that it is a magical superb recording that what has never been released so far.
Of course, there are only sound sources that have been forgotten so far, and slight minus points are scattered apart from good sound quality. First, there are some missing introductions of “Sympathy For The Devil” and “You Can not Always Get What You Want”. Unfortunately there is no separate sound source on the same day, so we have not compensated. Another noise is still entering in the middle of “You Can not Always ~”. This seems to have occurred during DAT recorder recording because there was an incoming phone call near the recording person (It is not a smart phone but a mobile era, and even a HD DAT recorder era rather than HD).
Because of these situations items may not have been released until now. Conversely, the sound quality is easy enough to hear that they can be thought of as a dust problem. To my utmost whatsoever, the performance is outstandingly wonderful! In the second year of the tour, Stones is flexible. The powerful performance of Houston which was released simultaneously this time was also a masterpiece, but also the speed performance which is almost one year after that is also exceptional.

Mick is doing fine here as well, but the momentum as if the whole band is showing the best performance anyhow is wonderful anyhow. Thinking about it two weeks have passed since the beacon · theater show recorded in the movie “SHINE A LIGHT”, the margin which finished the big work is overflowing from the beginning. “She Was Hot” etc. are such high completeness that it reminds me exactly. Even just in the first half of the show where the repertoire of mania preference such as “Connection” of Keith is performed in succession to “Is not Too Proud To Beg” and this “Loving Cup” reminiscent of the movie is considerably attractive.
However, the first half highlight is rather “Streets Of Love” from “A BIGGER BANG”. Mick’s enthusiasm for ending is truly amazing. Here is the very best Stones. One year has passed since the beginning of 2006, and since it was the third time in the “A BIGGER BANG” tour to go around the USA after one year from the start, it is a great appeal that the set list and composition have been changed drastically.
In any case, “Miss You” was removed from regular, and instead “Under My Thumb” was being played. It is wonderful that the performances are done. And, “She’s So Cold” which was played also in Houston a year ago is played with the right composition (laugh), you can enjoy listening compare.
Although there are scenes where Mick and Keith become unstable after “Paint It Black” of the latter half of the show, such a happening is also a little. Everything is refreshing as it will survive with the momentum of this day. And at the end was a pretty fast performance, Charlie bangs up freely and finishes and finishes “Satisfaction” which is the goki ‘s finale. Oddly this time the best sound source of “A BIGGER BANG” tour will be released simultaneously, but powerful Houston and speedy Atlantic City, both are truly wonderful sound quality and performance content, this is a masterpiece!

「A BIGGER BANG」ツアーが二年目を迎えた11月17日、ストーンズは再びアトランティック・シティへの帰還を果たしました。ミックはMCで1989年のライブに関しても触れています。しかしこの2006年版アトランティック・シティを記憶されているマニアはあまり多くないかもしれません。そもそも2006年10月や11月のショーを収録したアイテムというのがほとんとリリースされていないのだから。その頃には市場が前年からの「A BIGGER BANG」ツアーのアイテムで飽和状態と化してしまった(笑)ことが原因だったのではないでしょうか。
ツアーから一年以上が経過し、連日に渡ってハイ・クオリティな演奏を繰り広げていた時期のアイテムが少ないというのは悲劇。中でもこのアトランティック・シティは「A BIGGER BANG WORLD TOUR 2006」というボックスセットにおいて、よりによって東京ドーム公演のおまけとして4曲収録されたにとどまっていたのです。今回も同じオーディエンス録音による初の完全版リリースが実現するのですが、ボックスを聴いたことのあるマニアや専門書などでも上質な録音と評されていただけに、ようやくの登場はマニア待望だと呼べることでしょう。

もちろんこれまで忘れ去られていた音源だけのことはあり、音質の良さとは別にわずかなマイナス・ポイントが散見されます。まずは「Sympathy For The Devil」と「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」のイントロ若干の欠落。残念ながら同日の別音源が存在しないので、補填は行っていません。もう一つはやはり「You Can’t Always~」の途中で入るノイズ。これは録音者の近くで携帯の着信があったことでDATレコーダー録音中に生じたものだと思われます(スマホでなく携帯の時代、さらにはHDではなくDATレコーダーの時代ですしね)。

ミックはここでも絶好調ですが、バンド全体も絶好調ぶりを見せつけるかのような勢いがとにかく素晴らしい。考えてみれば映画「SHINE A LIGHT」収録のビーコン・シアター・ショーから二週間が経過したところであり、大仕事を終えた余裕が序盤から溢れています。「She Was Hot」などは正にそれを彷彿とさせるような完成度の高さ。さらにや「Ain’t Too Proud To Beg」やこれまた映画を彷彿とさせる「Loving Cup」にキースの「Connection」といったマニア好みのレパートリーが立て続けに演奏されるショー前半だけでも相当に魅力的。
ところが前半のハイライトはむしろ「A BIGGER BANG」からの「Streets Of Love」。エンディングでのミックの熱唱ぶりは本当に凄い。まさに絶好調のストーンズがここにある。2006年秋は開始から一年が経過し、おまけにアメリカを回るのが「A BIGGER BANG」ツアーにおいて三度目だったことから、セットリストや構成が大幅に変えられているのも大きな魅力でしょう。
何しろ「Miss You」がレギュラーから外され、代わりに「Under My Thumb」が演奏されていたという時期。その演奏の出来も素晴らしい。そして一年前のヒューストンでも演奏されていた「She’s So Cold」はこちらの方が正しい構成で演奏されており(笑)、その聴き比べも楽しめます。
ショー後半の「Paint It Black」以降はミックとキースがそれぞれに不安定になる場面が見受けられるものの、そんなハプニングもなんのその。すべてはこの日の勢いで乗り切ってしまうから爽快。そして最後はかなりの高速演奏だった挙句にチャーリーが自由に叩きまくって終わる「Satisfaction」というゴキゲンなフィナーレ。奇しくも今回「A BIGGER BANG」ツアーの極上音源が二タイトル同時リリースとなりますが、パワフルなヒューストンとスピーディなアトランティック・シティ、どちらも本当に素晴らしい音質と演奏内容です、これは名演!

Disc 1 (61:58)
1. Introduction 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Oh No, Not You Again
5. She Was Hot 6. Loving Cup 7. Streets Of Love 8. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
9. All Down The Line 10. Tumbling Dice 11. Band Introductions 12. You Got The Silver
13. Connection

Disc 2 (55:29)
1. Under My Thumb 2. She’s So Cold 3. Start Me Up 4. Honky Tonk Women 5. Sympathy For The Devil
6. Paint It Black 7. Brown Sugar 8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
9. Satisfaction

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