Rolling Stones / Toronto 2005 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Toronto 2005 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Rogers Centre, Toronto, Canada 26th September 2005

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Rolling Stones “A BIGGER BANG” tour which has been over ten years since now. Since it was already done in the rich era of media, a considerable number of items have been created in real time. It seems that most of the live coverage was covered … but it seems to be misguided that, there are many shows that have been overlooked in the US · tour with many live shows. It has been excavated from 2005 and 2006 items since this year. One of them was “HOUSTON 2005”.
This was a sound source that was released at the time “Label” abiggerbangtourhouston 05 “label of Check This Out! At the time, but a great blunder item that the funtion between songs is what. However, in “HOUSTON 2005” it was a meaningful release that made it possible to inform maniacs of the famous performances and famous sound sources that had been overlooked at that time by recording with the original sound source from the version without any such problems. This time, it is the first sound source to be released on limited press CD, but this is also strangely related to “abiggerbangtourhouston 05”.
In “abiggerbangtourhouston 05” besides Houston performance of this volume, bonus tracks were recorded at the audience recording, but there were several performances and performances only heard there. One of them is a Toronto performance on September 26th. Although only one song “Dead Flowers” was recorded here, there is of course a sound source of the full length version. In addition, the same song recorded in the bonus was extremely cut before and after the performance began, and the atmosphere of the whole live was not felt even a minute dust. As a result, this time as well as in Houston, it will be a release that can reconfirm the sound source and performance of 2005 that had been overlooked until now.

Audience recording that captured this Toronto performance realizing the full-length version release realizes a unique sound quality. While it is a very sound image, including Mick’s vocals, the performance balance is still dunky. It may be said that it is a sound source that does not satisfy that clearness. Although it is such a recording balance, it seems that the feeling which I heard briefly appears as if it is an outflow sound board, as the whole sound image is close. Or would you say that even if you say “IEM recording with a warmy texture”? (Lol)
“Abiggerbangtourhouston 05” equalized and recorded “Dead Flowers” from this sound source, but the processing originally picked up the sound “god” at low level was emphasized, and it was as if it was in a street It had changed to a state as if he was listening to Stones’ performance.
This bass area called “Gott” can be called as the chronic illness of the audience recording this time, but we have reached the conclusion that it is easier to hear even without adding equalization. In this regard, if you compare it with the bonus of “abiggerbangtourhouston 05”, you can see it clearly, but it became a suddenly easy-to-hear state. Rather, this is the original state. If there was equalization with hand in this release, it is that I adjusted the high region and alleviate the state that pierced my ears. This is also distinct from the bonus of “abiggerbangtourhouston 05” clearly.

It is also a fact that it is very easy to hear because the sound image is close at any rate, so it is true that the slow starter of Stones, which is the early stage of the “A BIGGER BANG” tour in September 2005, is also realistic. Although Mick is always fine from the opening as usual, the two of the guitar feel like slowly raising his waist as soon as saying “Dokkoisho”. That’s prominent is “Tumbling Dice”. In the interlude, Ronnie ‘s play is not quite clear, and it is a dangerous scene where the fish caught by it will make you making a mistake before the tour. If you compare the memory that our shop released with Memphis of the new December, it is still more so.
Even further “Dead Flowers” heard in bonuses is another Ronnie interlude play, the early part of this day appears as if he is not engined on the engine. However, after the next “Bitch”, the momentum starts to overflow from the performance of the whole band, and the performances with sudden listening comprehension are repeated. The sound image becomes slightly flat when it comes to B stage, but it is fun because it makes me feel like audience recording on the contrary. In addition, “Satisfaction” is also played in the early part of the tour, but as early as it is reliable as long as I can rely on the first half to let us hear the wild and Stones-like performance like a lie.
Then, “Out Of Control” is played where the live goes to the second half, or the finale of the entire show is closed off with “It’s Only Rock’n Roll” is also unique at this time. In ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, Keith ‘s play burns as the performance progresses and I’m not satisfied with the final yet! There was also the momentum that I was playing by myself only after the performance was finished (I will not say that I mistook the ending simply …), and the lively glow from that midfield got tangled with Gungun after October As if to foresee how to raise. Furthermore, the unique taste sound quality with unique listening ease is also a big appeal, and the name sound source of 2005 that was buried again this time will appear in the limited press CD!
今から10年以上もの歳月が経過してしまったローリング・ストーンズ「A BIGGER BANG」ツアー。既にメディアの豊富な時代に行われたことから、リアルタイムでも相当な数のアイテムが生み出されてきたものです。てっきりほとんどのライブが網羅されたのでは…と錯覚してしまいそうなほどですが、ライブの本数が多いアメリカ・ツアーには、まだまだ見過ごされているショーがいくつもあります。それを発掘してきたのが今年に入ってからの2005年や2006年アイテムです。その中の一つに「HOUSTON 2005」がありました。
これは当時Check This Out!というレーベルの「abiggerbangtourhouston05」というアイテムがリリースされていた音源でしたが、何と曲間がフェイドアウトしてしまう大失態アイテム。しかし「HOUSTON 2005」では元の音源からそうした問題の一切ないバージョンにて収録したことで、当時見過ごされてしまった名演かつ名音源をマニアに知らしめる意義あるリリースとなりました。今回、限定のプレスCDにてリリースされる最初の音源ですが、これがまた奇しくも「abiggerbangtourhouston05」絡みなのです。
「abiggerbangtourhouston05」には本編のヒューストン公演以外にもボーナストラックがオーディエンス録音にて収録されていたのですが、そこでしか聞かれない演奏や公演がいくつも収録されていました。その中の一つが9月26日のトロント公演。ここに収録されていたのは「Dead Flowers」一曲だけですが、もちろん全長版の音源というものが存在します。おまけにボーナスに収録された同曲は演奏が始まる前後が極度にカットされていて、ライブ全体の雰囲気が微塵も感じられない状態でもありました。それだけに、今回もヒューストンの時と同じように、今まで見過ごされていた2005年の音源や公演を再確認出来るリリースとなることでしょう。

「abiggerbangtourhouston05」はこの音源から「Dead Flowers」をイコライズして収録していたのですが、その処理によって元々「ゴーッ」という音を低レベルで拾っていた箇所が強調されてしまい、まるで通りの中でストーンズの演奏を聞いているかのような状態へと変化してしまっていたのです。

いずれにせよ音像が近いことから非常に聞きやすいというのも事実であり、そのせいで2005年9月という「A BIGGER BANG」ツアー序盤ならではなストーンズのスロースターターぶりもリアルに捉えられています。ミックだけはいつものようにオープニングから絶好調なのですが、ギターの二人は「どっこいしょ」と言わんばかりにゆっくりと腰を上げてゆく感じがします。それが顕著なのが「Tumbling Dice」。間奏ではロニーのプレイがまったく冴えず、それに釣られてミックまでミスを犯しそうになるという危うい場面がツアー前半ならでは。当店がリリースした記憶も新しい12月のメンフィスと聞き比べてみればなおさらかと。
さらに先のボーナスで聞かれた「Dead Flowers」でもロニーの間奏でのプレイが今一つで、この日の序盤は彼だけエンジンがかかっていないかのように映ります。ところが次の「Bitch」以降はバンド全体の演奏から勢いが溢れ始め、俄然聴き応えのある演奏が連発されます。Bステージになると音像が若干フラットになりますが、それがかえってオーディエンス録音らしさを感じさせてくれるから面白い。おまけにそこで「Satisfaction」が演奏されるのもツアー序盤ならではの展開ですが、この頃になると前半がウソのようにワイルドでストーンズらしい演奏を聞かせてくれるから頼もしい限り。
そしてライブが後半に向かうところで「Out Of Control」が演奏されてみたり、あるいはショー全体のフィナーレが「It’s Only Rock’n Roll」で締めくくられるという展開もこの時期ならではのもの。「Sympathy For The Devil」では演奏が進むにつれてキースのプレイが燃え上がり、最後はまだ弾き足りないぜ!とばかり演奏が終わっても一人で弾いているほどの勢い(単にエンディングを間違えた…とは言わないでおきましょう笑)もあり、そうした中盤からのライブの白熱が10月以降にグングンと調子を上げてゆく様を予見させるかのよう。さらに独特の聞きやすさを持ったユニークな味わいの音質が大きな魅力でもあり、今回もまた埋もれていた2005年の名音源が限定のプレスCDにて登場します!
Disc 1 (53:50)
1. Intro. 2. Start Me Up 3. You Got Me Rocking 4. She’s So Cold 5. Tumbling Dice 6. Rough Justice
7. Ruby Tuesday 8. Dead Flowers 9. Bitch 10. Night Time Is The Right Time 11. Band Introductions
12. The Worst 13. Infamy

Disc 2 (63:15)
1. Miss You 2. Oh No, Not You Again 3. Satisfaction 4. Honky Tonk Women 5. Out Of Control
6. Sympathy For The Devil 7. Brown Sugar 8. Jumping Jack Flash
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll

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