Rolling Stones / Seattle 2005 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Seattle 2005 / 2CD / Non Label
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Live at Key Arena, Seattle, WA. USA 30th October 2005

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Two weeks since the middle stage of October 2005 has become a complete blank area for items of “A BIGGER BANG” tour. This was not the time when the sound source did not come out, it was the time when the release of the item was simply overlooked by the 2005 American item becoming saturated (mainly CD-R item) at that time. It is true that the middle stage of October was not blessed with the sound quality of the audience recording that appeared, but it was not limited to this time period, but at the beginning of the tour earlier than the sound quality, Priority is given to the CD-R item whose sound quality was regarded as secondary, and it was about as wide as it was. As a result of overflowing items at the end of August and September on the market, the release of the 2005 tour sound source from the middle of October has decreased.
The Seattle performance on October 30 released this time will not only be the final performance of such a month, but also as a surprisingly good sound quality audience recording will be noticed by maniacs all over the world, release of the first appearance sound source It is. That quality is easy to hear anyway. Although it is different from the level of recording which can be said to be “just like a sound board”, clearness that a combination of distance feeling and real presence combined is a splendid word. I want to call it the powerful force of the performance brought by that reasonable sense of distance or “this is the ideal audience recording”. Speaking of the greatest strengths of audience recordings is the presence. Stones’ powerful performances echoed there, and the last hot night in the October 2005 tour will revive after about 10 years.
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Nonetheless, the beginning of the show seems to be the beginning of the 2005 tour, and if it says better, the curtain is opening with the fullness of the feeling of Dokkoisho groove. Among them, “Shattered” has a strong feeling of dogleg to shoot from the phrase of the intron which Keith started playing, and it can not be said that the engine was full of Seattle’s Stones at this point. It is still Mick to pull such a band with a guy. It is a sight that was also seen at Toronto at the end of September which is released at the same time, but it seems that Mick will be able to lead the band a lot with confidence, especially in the early stage of the show. From Mick, it is probable that it will take some time for the entire band switch to turn on at the beginning of the tour.
Oh No, Not You Again “, thanks to the extraordinary thing of these Micks, it is surprising to hear the performance of a spectacular tension as if the entire band had been awakened. As if to support the tremendousness of the performance here, this performance was released on the official site at that time. This song was also performed wonderful performance when played in Toronto ‘s B stage, but it is even more spectacular going up. It is a song that decorated the opening of the latest album of that time anyhow. Immediately before the performance starts, you can imagine that even if you heard the sound Keith played “guitar!” On the guitar, it would start a spectacular performance from now on.

From the on state of the switch which is too easy to understand with the new song of the time, a wonderful performance is mass-produced as if it exploded. “Bitch” which had been at the height of a few times from the beginning of 2005 to the tour of 2006 was also the best performance, and the funky bass solo of Darryl Jones exploding at the “Rain Fall Down” before that He is demonstrating how his play is at its core. Although the sound quality does not change even after the show shifts to the B stage is also a big appeal of this sound source, “Get Off Of My Cloud” caught in that high sound quality is even as if the momentum of the 60’s revived, The audience was greatly excited.
And when it comes to the end of the show after “Brown Sugar”, it will run through at a stroke with the momentum as if the snow falls literally. Again Mick’s tension is getting high again, but the difference from the early show is that his band is also firmly attached to his tension. Well, anyway it is a terrible momentum. In Hollywood Bowl a week later, that momentum reaches the area of ​​runaway, is not it the last show in October that it was just the ignition point?

As I have written so far, there is no doubt that it is the first appearance sound source of perfect surprise with both sound quality and performance. However, while the original sound source is powerful, the bass is tight and the performance is far impressed so it is greatly equalized. The result is linked to the overwhelming listening ease of this time. In other words, the sense of distance of the sound image in the original sound source was not the level such as “slightly”. However, by relaxing the low range, the performances were highlighted and the sense of distance was relaxed surprisingly. And the wonderfulness of the performance is more clearly conveyed … It is a perfect finish for release on press CD exactly right!

2005年10月の中盤以降の二週間は「A BIGGER BANG」ツアーのアイテムにとって完全な空白地帯となっています。これは音源が出揃わなかったのではなく、単に2005年アメリカのアイテムが当時(CD-Rアイテムを中心とした)飽和状態となってしまい、リリースが見過ごされてしまった時期だったのです。確かに10月の中盤は登場したオーディエンス録音の音質に恵まれていなかったというのも事実なのですが、それはこの時期に限ったことではなく、よりツアー序盤の音源においては、音質よりもリリースの早さを優先して音質が二の次とされたCD-Rアイテムが幅を利かせていたくらいです。8月末や9月のアイテムが市場に溢れてしまった結果として、10月中旬からの2005年ツアー音源のリリースが減少してしまったのでした。

こうしたミックの張り切りのおかげもあって「Oh No, Not You Again」からは、まるでバンド全体が覚醒したかのような壮絶なテンションの演奏が繰り広げられるからビックリ。ここでの演奏の凄まじさを裏付けるかのように、当時この演奏がオフィシャル・サイトで公開されていたものです。この曲はトロントのBステージで演奏された際にも素晴らしい演奏が披露されていましたが、さらに上をいく壮絶なもの。それに何と言っても当時の最新アルバムのオープニングを飾った曲です。演奏が始まる直前、キースがギターを「ギュイン!」と鳴らす音を聞いただけでも、これから壮絶な演奏が始まるであろうことが想像できるはず。

当時の新曲であまりにも判りやすいスイッチのオン状態からは、爆裂するかのごとく素晴らしい演奏が量産されます。元々2005年から2006年のツアーにかけては何度目かの絶頂期を迎えていた「Bitch」も最高の演奏ですし、その前の「Rain Fall Down」で炸裂するダリル・ジョーンズのファンキーなベース・ソロは彼のプレイの本領がいかんなく発揮されています。ショーがBステージに移ってからも音質が変化しないのもこの音源の大きな魅力ですが、その高音質で捉えられた「Get Off Of My Cloud」も60年代の勢いが蘇ったかのようですらあり、観客も大いに盛り上がっていました。
そして「Brown Sugar」以降のショー終盤になると、文字通り雪崩れ込むかのような勢いで一気に駆け抜けてくれます。ここでも再びミックのテンションが高くなっているのですが、ショー序盤と違うのは彼のテンションにバンドもしっかりと付いてきているということ。まあ、とにかく物凄い勢いだこと。一週間後のハリウッド・ボウルでその勢いは暴走の域にまで達するのですが、正にその発火点となったのがこの10月最終ショーではないでしょうか。


Disc 1 (56: 59)
1. Intro. 2. Start Me Up 3. Shattered 4. She’s So Cold 5. Tumbling Dice
6. Oh No, Not You Again 7. Ruby Tuesday 8. Rain Fall Down 9. Bitch
10. Night Time Is The Right Time 11. Band Introductions 12. The Worst 13. Infamy

Disc 2 (59: 38)
1. Miss You 2. Rough Justice 3. Get Off Of My Cloud 4. Honky Tonk Women
5. Out Of Control 6. Sympathy For The Devil 7. Brown Sugar 8. Satisfaction
9. You Can not Always Get What You Want 10. Jumping Jack Flash

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