Rolling Stones / Memphis 2005 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Memphis 2005 / 2CD / Non Label
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FedEx Forum, Memphis, TN. USA 3rd December 2005.

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“Uwa, Near!” I can not stop thinking so at the moment when I push the play button. Even just the sound image of SE that reverberated to the venue before Stones appeared was turned on considerably. It will be released this time December 3, 2005 Memphis performance. Until now, it is a live show that there were no items even on CD-R, even on press CDs. Turning back to now, looking back at the 2005 American tour, the performance of the Stones’ performance was a slow start starter, and even as the reality of the age of about the time began to appear in the performance. Especially from the August to the beginning of October it was made to feel such an impression. Speaking of the topic in such a period, it may be that we first showed off “Sway” at Columbus on September 24th.
Considering that we were able to hear such fulfilling performances at the “LIGHT THE FUSE” gig in Toronto that took place before the start of the tour, the first time in the tour was the slow starter I felt even more strange.

It began to be broken by such a slow starter since the tour began in October. Philadelphia performance from our shop The second day “PHILADELPHIA 2005 2ND NIGHT” was released is believed to be a memorable new place, but the name scene left in that Stones history that happened on the first day stage “It’s Only Satisfaction” The fact that the fire started due to the incident’s strokes, the appearance that the voltage of the entire Stones performance started to rise was wonderful sound quality.
When the US · tour enters November, the performance of the band is finally wonderful. And in December when the tour came to the end of the tour, it was a night that was right for me to call it a very nice performance. It proved it, this memory of our release was new “HOUSTON 2005”. Besides, the tone quality is wonderful, it became item of a superb sound source boasting a quality which is too high enough to reconfirm the wonderfulness of Stones’ performance which had been held at the end of 2005 tour to maniacs all over the world.
And this time, Memphis, which will be released on limited press CD, is not only a performance next to Houston but also a show that became the Grand Finale of the entire US tour in 2005. As mentioned at the beginning, it is an audience recording that captures such a closing day with the highest sound quality. The sound image which Houston also turned on was a truly wonderful sound source, but Memphis of this time is totally incomparable. And yet unbelievably the fact that it has never been released before.
The tour of 2005 made the CD-R item more useful thanks to the merit of immediate effect, but still the sound source which was not so good in sound quality was completely erased by CD-R at all as well as 2005, mania I had a disappointment that my stomach became full before the tour reached December. The fact that the end of the 2005 tour was overlooked is a fact, so it is a fact that the item of the highest sound source such as Houston or Memphis did not appear in this way.
Although it is this sound source boasting such a high sound quality, as soon as the Keith corner starts, the surrounding audience is beginning to talk and it will be transmitted to the realism of a typical Stones Show in the USA.

Not only the high sound quality but also the performance of this day is really wonderful! It is the last day of the 2005 schedule, I do not have to worry about my throat Mick will explode super hyper shouts from opening “Start Me Up”, what is easy to understand! (Laugh) Already, for a while there is a monopoly of Mick, “Shattered” makes a mistake on the timing when Ronie enters into the interlude, or even if Keith is left behind in the ending, it does not move at all and pulls the band Mick As long as the figure is reliable.
From the neighborhood where Mick himself counted and started playing the B stage (here also the quality of sound quality is still high) ‘Get Off Of My Cloud’, his upper condition stands out again. Furthermore, after “Brown Sugar”, Mick’s tension is on the one hand and this is also a technique that you can complete a one-year concluding show. Among them, “You Can not Always Get What You Want” is the best performances you can hear Mick’s best chant. There is no doubt that it is the best performance of the song in 2005. Words that sound quality and performance content are best are suitable. What was the last day of the 2005 Tour that was forgotten so far so great!

ツアー本番が始まる前に行われたトロントでの「LIGHT THE FUSE」ギグにおいてあれだけ充実した演奏を聞かせたことを考えると、ツアー序盤のスロースターターぶりはなおさら不思議に感じられました。

そうしたスロースターターぶりが打ち破られ始めたのはツアーが10月に差し掛かってからでしょう。当店からのフィラデルフィア公演二日目「PHILADELPHIA 2005 2ND NIGHT」がリリースされたのは記憶に新しいところだと思われますが、初日のステージで起きたあのストーンズ史上に残る名場面「It’s Only Satisfaction」事件の体たらくぶりで火が点いたのか、ストーンズの演奏全体のボルテージが上がり始めた様子が素晴らしい音質にて捉えられていたものです。
アメリカ・ツアーが11月に突入するとバンドの演奏はいよいよ素晴らしいものとなる。そしてツアーが終盤を迎えた12月になると、正に名演と呼ぶに相応しい一夜も。それを証明してくれたのが、これまた当店リリースの記憶が新しい「HOUSTON 2005」でした。それに音質も素晴らしく、2005年ツアー終盤で繰り広げられていたストーンズの演奏の素晴らしさを世界中のマニアに再確認させるには十分すぎるほどの高いクオリティを誇る極上音源のアイテムとなりました。

その別格な音質クオリティの高さだけでなく、この日の演奏も本当に素晴らしい!何しろ2005年日程の最終日です、喉に気を使わなくていいミックはオープニングの「Start Me Up」から超ハイパーなシャウトを炸裂させてくれます、何て解りやすいんだ!(笑)もう、そこからしばらくはミックの独壇場であり、「Shattered」ではロニーが間奏に入るタイミングを間違えてしまったり、あるいはキースがエンディングで取り残されかけても、全く動じずにバンドを引っぱるミックの姿が頼もしい限り。
Bステージ(こちらも音質のクオリティは高いまま)の「Get Off Of My Cloud」をミック自身がカウントして演奏を始めさせた辺りから、またしても彼のアッパーなコンディションが際立ちます。さらに「Brown Sugar」以降はミックのテンションが上がる一方であり、これもまた一年の締めくくりショーが成せる技でしょう。中でも「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」はミック最高の名唱が聞ける最高の演奏。2005年における同曲のベスト・パフォーマンスであることは間違いありません。音質も演奏内容も極上という言葉が相応しい。今まで忘れ去られていた2005年ツアー最終日がこんなに凄かったとは!

Disc 1 (60:32)
1. Intro. 2. Start Me Up 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Shattered 5. Tumbling Dice
6. Oh No, Not You Again 7. Rain Fall Down 8. Angie 9. Mr. Pitiful
10. Night Time Is The Right Time 11. Band Introductions 12. Slipping Away 13. Infamy

Disc 2 (50:52)
1. Miss You 2. Rough Justice 3. Get Off Of My Cloud 4. Honky Tonk Women
5. Sympathy For The Devil 6. Brown Sugar 7. Jumping Jack Flash
8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 9. Satisfaction

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