Rolling Stones / Houston 2005 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Houston 2005 / 2CD / Non Label
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Live at Toyota Center, Houston, Texas, USA 1st December 2005

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Atsui … just as hot. Everything is sound quality and playing. A tour that attracted ‘A BIGGER BANG’? Just recently. No, no more than ten years have already passed. It reached a sufficiently “vintage” area. A club gig “LIGHT THE FUSE” before the tour began several years ago even on the official was released. Of course, at the time of the year 2005, items that were not counted from the side of the tour were created.
The phenomenon that items continue to appear rapidly from the performances of the first day when the Stones in recent years touring tour has become a regular practice ranging from “VOODOO LOUNGE” tour to the present. Regarding “A BIGGER BANG” tour as well, I feel nostalgic that a tremendous release rush phenomenon occurred in both press CD and CD-R from the beginning of the tour in August. However, from August to around October the fact that the engine of Stones was not fully opened was also remembered as a feature of 2005.
For example, in Philadelphia in October, Keith began playing “It’s Only Rock’n ‘Roll” at the position where “Satisfaction” should be played in Encore, and still the legendary rare scene called “Satisfaction” What happened was also an event symbolizing it. Considering that I was performing a gig that made me feel the future as “LIGHT THE FUSE” before the tour started, it is a mysterious phenomenon. Perhaps the most notable thing during this period may have been Columbus in September when he played “Sway” for the first time at the live show.

However, when the tour arrives in November, Stones finally got in the way, and in a special gig in the Hollywood Bowl etc, a remarkably wonderful performance was performed. After all the stones are not like this … Mania all over the world were pleased at this time the greatest thing that the many items released at that time noticed it. In December, Stones finally began to listen to the performance of the iron wall.
Such Stones of the best condition, Houston performance of December 1st have audience recording of wonderful sound quality. Of course there was no reason not to release such a superb sound source, at that time there was an item called “abiggerbangutourhouston 05”. This was released mainly as a label with a name like a line of rap called Check This Out! Which produced several tours for 2006. Some of you are memorized in maniacs.
There is a nostalgic that makes the title reminiscent of “A BIGGER BANG” in lowercase letters without putting a space between, and at the time many titles of similar sense were made at that time. As for “abiggerbangutourhouston 05”, the splendor of its sound quality became a topic among some maniacs and specialized books. However, this title, how much songs faded out every time, it had been made into a CD in an impossible state.
Sometimes I heard an item that gaps noise mixed in at the point where the track switches frequently, but the situation that the songs are faded out every time is quite disappointing even from the 2005 standard. It was an item that was ruined everything because of that.

Speaking of the original sound source, a phenomenal recording quality even at the current level where more than ten years have passed since 2005. Anyway the performance is close. The word exactly the sound image is exactly the case. Besides, clearness is outstanding. The 2005 tour is like a breath of breath to the condition of the Stones, a fine audience recording will begin to appear in November, but in the 2005 tour it is not undoubtedly the top quality boasts the highest quality Ultra recording.
The real-time release was too regrettable, but suddenly this master of this sound source appeared. Of course, the songs are not like faded out, fade in, etc., surprising because it is a new master sound source that recorded the whole live with uncut.
Even so, it can be said that excavation is enough to surprise worldwide enthusiasts, but the sound quality also realizes the upper suitable for master. Besides the problem between the songs, the goodness of the prospects as if they were peeled as much as two peels compared to “abiggerbangutourhouston 05” which was clearly equalized. The sound source boasting exceptional clearness from the former is finally becoming a limited press CD in the highest natural state. Additionally, while fine-tuning, I added an equalization that further highlighted the outline of the performance, so I can relax with confidence even if I am not a mania.

And, as I mentioned earlier, Stones’ performances of the best in December. It has been played with tremendous momentum from the opening, especially Mick is perfect condition. Also, “A BIGGER BANG” tour was also a new peak for “Bitch” songs, but even on this day the explosion performance will be heard without fail. Keith who plays is playing fierce again.
It’s nostalgic that “Night Time” featuring Lisa Fisher is now also, the excitement here is also terrible. The scene where Mick repels songs is also a development that is unique on this day with high tension. “Rough Justice” also has an overwhelming momentum with the performance of a rocking number in the middle of the show “Get Off Of My Cloud”. Even if the final stage comes, Mick’s momentum will not weaken, his spectacular shouts are clearly ending in “Sympathy For The Devil” ending and “Satisfaction”.
In the end of the “Jumping Jack Flash”, the bands are united as if they were attacking together and the performance was spectacular. It is enough to sound the drum as soon as Charlie is still unsatisfactory even after the performance. It is definitely overwhelmed that he was such an outing performance. I can listen to this best performance with audience recording boasting the highest clearness. A new standard for the 2005 tour that appeared after more than a decade from the tour. A masterpiece and a name sound source are here.

★ Higaban North American Tour 1st Leg ‘s last live show. It is a super high sound quality board of tour No. 1.
アツい…ひたすらアツい。音質も演奏も、何もかもが。「A BIGGER BANG」を引っ提げたツアー?つい最近でしょ。いやいやいや、もう十年以上の歳月が経過したのです。十分に「ビンテージ」な域へと到達。オフィシャルでも数年前にツアー開始前のクラブ・ギグ「LIGHT THE FUSE」がリリースされていました。もちろん2005年当時にはツアーが進むそばから数えきれないほどのアイテムが生み出されてきたものです。
近年のストーンズがツアーを行うと初日の公演から矢継ぎ早にアイテムが登場し続ける現象は「VOODOO LOUNGE」ツアーから現在に至るまで通常の習わしと化しています。「A BIGGER BANG」ツアーに関しても8月のツアー開始当初からプレスCDとCD-Rの両方で凄まじいリリースラッシュ現象が起きていたのが懐かしい。しかし8月から10月辺りまではストーンズのエンジンがなかなか全開にならなかったことも2005年の特徴として記憶されていました。
例えば10月のフィラデルフィアではアンコールで「Satisfaction」が演奏されるべき位置でキースが「It’s Only Rock’n’ Roll」を弾き始めてしまい、それでもミックが強引に「Satisfaction」という伝説的な珍場面が起きたこともそれを象徴する出来事でした。ツアー開始前の「LIGHT THE FUSE」であれほど将来性を感じさせるギグを行っていたことを考えると、何とも不思議な現象です。この時期で一番注目を浴びたのは、ライブで初めて「Sway」を演奏した9月のコロンバスだったのかもしれません。

そんな絶好調のストーンズ、12月1日のヒューストン公演は素晴らしい音質のオーディエンス録音が存在します。もちろんそんな極上音源がリリースされない訳はなく、当時は「abiggerbangutourhouston05」というアイテムが存在していました。これをリリースしたのは主に2006年のツアーをいくつか生み出していたCheck This Out!という、まるでラップの台詞のような名前のレーベル。マニアの方の中ではご記憶されている方もいらっしゃることでしょう。
間にスペースを置かずに小文字でタイトルが「A BIGGER BANG」の彷彿とさせる懐かしさがありますし、当時は似たようなセンスのタイトルがいくつも作られていたものです。こと「abiggerbangutourhouston05」に関していうと、その音質の素晴らしさは一部のマニアや専門書の間で話題となりました。ところがこのタイトル、何と曲間がことごとフェイドアウトするという、ありえない状態でCD化されてしまっていたのです。


そして先にも触れた12月ならではの絶好調なストーンズの演奏。オープニングから凄まじい勢いで演奏されており、中でもミックはパーフェクトともいえるコンディション。また「A BIGGER BANG」ツアーは「Bitch」という曲にとって新たな頂点となった時期でもあったのですが、この日もその例に漏れず爆裂演奏が聴かれます。弾きまくるキースがまた凄まじいこと。
リサ・フィッシャーをフィーチャーした「Night Time」がまた今となっては懐かしくもあり、ここでの盛り上がりがまた凄まじい。ミックが歌をリプライズさせる場面もハイ・テンションなこの日ならではの展開かと。「Rough Justice」に「Get Off Of My Cloud」というショー中盤のロックなナンバーの演奏も圧倒的な勢い。終盤になってもミックの勢いは衰えることを知らず、「Sympathy For The Devil」のエンディングや「Satisfaction」でも彼の壮絶なシャウトが冴えわたっている。
最後を締めくくる「Jumping Jack Flash」に至ってはバンドが一丸となって襲い掛かるような演奏が壮絶。演奏が終わってもチャーリーがまだ物足りないと言わんばかりにドラムを鳴らすほど。これほどアツい演奏だったとは…間違いなく圧倒させられることでしょう。この最高の演奏をしかも最高のクリアネスを誇るオーディエンス録音で聴けてしまう。ツアーから十年以上の歳月を経て現れた2005年ツアーの新たなるスタンダード。名演かつ名音源がここに。

★ヒガバン北米ツアー1st Legの最後期のライヴ。ツアーNo.1の超高音質盤です。

Disc 1 (61:53)
1. Introduction 2. Start Me Up 3. It’s Only Rock’n Roll 4. She’s So Cold 5. Tumbling Dice
6. Oh No, Not You Again 7. Rain Fall Down 8. Dead Flowers 9. Bitch
10. Night Time Is The Right Time 11. Band Introductions 12. Slipping Away 13. Infamy

Disc 2 (53:23)
1. Miss You 2. Rough Justice 3. Get Off Of My Cloud 4. Honky Tonk Women
5. Sympathy For The Devil 6. Brown Sugar 7. Satisfaction 8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
9. Jumping Jack Flash

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