Rolling Stones / Fenway Park 2005 / 2DVDR

Rolling Stones / Fenway Park 2005 / 2DVDR / Non Label

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Live at Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 21st August 2005. NTSC


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2005 from “A Bigger Bang North American Tour”, and complete recording of high quality audience-shot video over the 2 hours 9 minutes, the live of August 21 is the first day of the Boston 2 Days which is the performance area of the tour first. Close-up image from the right side a little second floor front towards the stage. Tour at the start of nine years ago, had been around for many, is an image of the familiar to fans, quite originally Well (the title in recent years, master-quality board is up to the net, was recorded in the 2-Disc per menu it it was a beautiful picture, but …). You can enjoy not through the dubbing, the live tour of ABB first day memorable with a clear image of the master itself perhaps. ABB first day tour, which started in Boston in Licks Tour like last time. There is also a part of the camera may become unstable sometimes, but quality is generally high camera work, you can be Miiru to play without stress so much. You may, of course, but (especially Keith) that looks slightly younger all members. This is where you want to say numbers from new is fewer and somewhat three songs, but the centerpiece and She’s So Cold … that since 1982 after all, played on live first time in 23 years, but the way, there was some sort of accident it seems, sorry screen of the camera is the fluctuating part. (Standard number of European Tour, which ended the other day!) Out Of Control that has not been played only tour early besides, cover Night Time Is The Right Time Ray Charles, It’s Only Rock’n Roll playing the encore even you can enjoy the video in a clear and interesting set or the like to be, to become now. Only had become one of the classic title also release at the time, not just the picture quality, sound is also clear. The Back Of My Hand, I will see the slide guitar playing of Mick unusual become now this also. Too late, “A Bigger Bang North Tour”? It is not the feeling that I think also also do not know, but no doubt everyone would stare on the screen as “Na good after all” If you look nostalgic somehow already, the most high-quality video of the day. I think by far the power of the shoulder, and Itadaketara fully enjoy.

2005年「A Bigger Bang North American Tour」より、ツアー最初の公演地となるボストン2デイズの初日は8月21日のライヴを、2時間9分に渡って高画質オーディエンス・ショット映像で完全収録。ステージに向かって2階席正面やや右側からのクローズアップ映像。9年前のツアー開始時、数多く出回っていた、ファンにはお馴染みの映像ですが、近年、マスター・クオリティ盤がネットにアップされ、それをメニューごと2枚組で収録したタイトルです(まぁ元々かなり綺麗な映像でしたが・・・)。ダビングを経ていない、おそらくマスターそのもののクリアーな映像で記念すべきABBツアー初日のライヴを楽しむことができます。前回のLicks Tour同様にボストンからスタートしたABBツアー初日。たまにカメラが不安定になったりする部分もありますが、カメラワークは総じてクオリティが高く、それほどストレスなく演奏に見入ることができます。当然かもしれませんが、メンバー全員一回り若く見えます(特にキース)。新作からのナンバーは3曲とやや少なめですが、目玉は何と言っても1982年以来、23年ぶりにライヴで演奏されたShe’s So Cold…と言いたいところですが、途中、何らかのアクシデントがあったようで、一部でカメラの画面が揺らぐのが残念。他にもツアー序盤にしか演奏されなかった Out Of Control(先日終わったヨーロッパツアーの定番曲!)、レイ・チャールズのカバーNight Time Is The Right Time、更にはアンコールでIt’s Only Rock’n Rollが演奏される等、今となっては興味深いセットをクリアーな映像で楽しむことができます。リリース当時も定番タイトルの一つとなっていただけに、画質だけでなく、音声もクリアー。Back Of My Handでは、これまた今となっては珍しいミックのスライドギター演奏が見れます。今更「A Bigger Bang North Tour」?と思う気持ちも判らないではもないですが、既に何となく懐かしい、この日の最高画質映像を見れば「やっぱりいいなー」と誰もが画面に見入ってしまうこと間違いありません。肩の力を抜いて、存分にお楽しみいただけたらと思います。

DISC 1 (64:12)
1. Start Me Up 2. You Got Me Rocking 3. Shattered 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Rough Justice
6. Back Of My Hand 7. Beast Of Burden 8. She’s So Cold 9. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo
10. Night Time Is The Right Time 11. Band Introduction 12. The Worst 13. Infamy

DISC 2 (65:07)
1. Miss You 2. Oh No, Not You Again 3. Satisfaction 4. Honky Tonk Women 5. Out Of Control
6. Sympathy For The Devil 7. Jumping Jack Flash 8. Brown Sugar 
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10. It’s Only Rock’n Roll

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 129min.


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