Rolling Stones / Wembley Arena 2003 1st Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Wembley Arena 2003 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 29th August 2003


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It was conducted from 2002 to 2003 “LICKS” tour stadium live venue, Arena, and called the big topic that was done divided into three patterns of the condition, such as theater, and yet, by the size of each venue deployment of changing the music selection concept also became a hot topic.
This tour is not made for the first time new studio album as Stones since 1989, that is carried out by coming out with some of the new songs that have been housed in there with the best album “LICKS” instead, patterns never before it was Demori. As a result, it becomes a set list that extrusion past songs in front, variety of music selection coupled with the previous venue concept boasts a tremendous breadth. In 2002 the tour at the start and the current release of the tour late that the song selection had undergone major changes had to prove it.

And will British fans were waiting in the waiting British Hen “LICKS” is the start from the second half of August. One of the wonders of this tour, will most of the attention gather in many ways, is that the Flip and regular of the stadium and arena live negatively live in the theater was great. First release this time recorded literal Arena show at Wembley Arena on August 29th. Stones that trimmed the tone in the club gig in two days before the Astoria has appeared on the stage of Wembley.
This live items, such as at the time “IN A PIT OF RATTLESNAKES” had been released, this time the audience recording is of course another sound source. At the same and there is not a little distant sound image compared, but equalize feeling and acrimony and is unrelated to the natural it is, and boasts a more goodness of missing and refreshing. Minute that there is such a sense of distance, without being bothered by swelling around the audience, the sound quality you want carefully Kikikome would appeal definitely. Because after all it is a good recording state of the growth in natural, freshness also excellent.

And because Arena show in after enjoying an intimate live theater has also created an effect that Nozomeru in every live fresh feeling also for the Stones, tone of the day the group was including Mick also is best condition. It was from the “Street Fighting Man” opening yell plentiful state has been caught. From here until the “Bitch” around, none played spree skip but is excellent, and with a break from there, “Love In Vain” Kamata downright delicious!
And what the best of the is to say “Midnight Rambler”. It is the recent memory that has been mass-produced a great performance of the same song over the year from last year, but here in the ultra-high tension became Meien enough lose too fierce a word. Let We affirm that it is certainly the recent performance also different great performance.
However, Keith will be tone of the group is disturbed from the “Happy” hit which had singing the wrong lyrics from the beginning, was a repertoire to represent the “LICKS” tour “Love Train” and “Can not You Hear Me Knocking “does not deny the doughy feeling. Indeed However Stones is from moving to B stage regained tone, from there because of to ending was Mise showing off the performance, such as runs through all. Although it has now become the front of the tour more than a decade includes, but is also reflected in the fresh because youth met at this time. 2003 United Kingdom, please re-confirm the splendor of the first arena performance in a new sound source!


このライブは当時「IN A PIT OF RATTLESNAKES」のようなアイテムがリリースされていましたが、今回のオーディエンス録音はもちろん別音源。それと比べると少なからずディスタントな音像ではありますが、イコライズ感や刺々しさとは無縁のナチュラルさ、さらにスッキリとした抜けの良さを誇ります。こうした距離感がある分、周囲の観客の盛り上がりに煩わされることなく、じっくりと聴き込める音質は間違いなく魅力でしょう。何しろナチュラルで伸びの良い録音状態ですので、鮮度も抜群。

それにシアターで親密なライブを満喫した後でのアリーナ・ショウというのはストーンズにとっても毎回のライブが新鮮な気持ちで挑めるという効果も生み出しており、この日もミックを始めとしたグループの調子は絶好調。オープニングの「Street Fighting Man」からして気合たっぷりな様子がキャッチされています。ここから「Bitch」辺りまでの、飛ばしまくる演奏がどれも秀逸ですが、そこから一息ついた「Love In Vain」がまた何とも味わい深い!
そして何といっても最高なのが「Midnight Rambler」。昨年から今年にかけては同曲の素晴らしい演奏が量産されたことは記憶に新しいのですが、ここでの超ハイテンションはあまりに壮絶で言葉を失ってしまうほどの名演となりました。ぜひ最近の演奏とはまた違った素晴らしい演奏だと断言いたしましょう。
ただし、キースが冒頭から歌詞を間違えて歌ってしまった「Happy」辺りからグループの調子が乱れてしまい、「LICKS」ツアーを代表するレパートリーであった「Love Train」や「Can’t You Hear Me Knocking」は締まりのない感が否めません。ところがBステージに移ってからストーンズは調子を取り戻し、そこからエンディングまでは一気に駆け抜けるような演奏を披露してみせたのだからさすが。今や十年以上前のツアーとなってしまいましたが、それだけにこの時にあった若さというのも新鮮に映ります。2003年イギリス、最初のアリーナ公演の素晴らしさを新たな音源で再確認してください!

Disc 1 (66:53)
1. Opening 2. Street Fighting Man 3. Start Me Up 4. If You Can’t Rock Me 5. Don’t Stop
6. Bitch 7. Love In Vain 8. Monkey Man 9. Midnight Rambler 10. Tumbling Dice
11. Band Introductions 12. Slipping Away 13. Happy

Disc 2 (58:27)
1. Love Train 2. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking 3. Honky Tonk Women 4. Satisfaction
5. B-Stage S.E. 6. Respectable 7. It’s Only Rock’n Roll 8. Brown Sugar 9. Jumping Jack Flash

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