Rolling Stones / Licks Budokan 2003 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Licks Budokan 2003 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 10th March 2003


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Our shop has released “ONE NIGHT AT BUDOKAN” becomes a decision version of the sound source by the remastered treatment paid close attention to a new audience recording that appeared in the first half of this year from Budokan performances of 2003, Sold Out as early Thanks became. But in the new, the storage will also release a new sound source of Budokan performances of another this week! Is a new audience record of just appeared the other day, it became a hot topic among fans as well as the sound of the previous time. It is a modified appearance taper that rober953 is caused from the master tape again this time, open to the public in humility feeling the sound of its own, even while lauded “there is a good sound,” said the source of the previous in that case I was me. Sound here is also a sound quality very good, we affirm Japan tour in 2003, let alone to be a new sound that can be enjoyed without complaint as a further alternate master of live the most popular that unusual even in the Stones concert in Japan in history certainly you.

As can be seen from the fact that it had lifted the sound source taper had appeared earlier certainly the quality of the sound was a little flaky I’m anxious to know the sound source of this time. It was reborn sound quality to a state that spread a very fine-tuned as a result of where they were subjected to this remaster. Course “ONE NIGHT AT BUDOKAN” for this texture, different things is a release of the previous as “BUDOKAN 2003”. Referee’s fan is I go up towards the “ONE NIGHT ~” in terms of the force of the performance, but that clearness that bright delicate sound quality of this time is Kamoshidasu is also exceptional. And do not miss even hear that sound source of this is Mise capture more faithfully the excitement and atmosphere of the day and nothing else. First scene of the curtain before I has been recorded in much longer than the previous sound source. As a result, BGM of before has been recorded was heard in the sound of earlier than the “I’m A King Bee”. And selection “Mona” and “Cops And Robbers” is just number of familiar version of Stones in particular, should those who remember that it was clapping to the rhythm or that, was excited to be fueled by it in many cases. No difference in the chest was Takana~tsu and look forward Budokan Stones that was finally realized, the curtain, scene of nostalgia that is resurrection.

And I is willing to capture a realistic climax around as compared to the release of two past, but it definitely does not feel the stress it is listening again, and yet make me gill Su the atmosphere of that day exactly it is a sense of realism without any balance would be attractive. If you If you were looking at the Budokan live, should Budokan climax, just a fan who loves the Stones really that has been experienced that day is gathered, they comes through from the sound source of this time. Because it was live wrapped in excitement and enthusiasm anyway, such as clapping and cheers Song Title or introduced, occur every time the play begins is it exactly. However, there is no thing like it erase scraping performance, Budokan third title of the big attraction, Mise was confined brilliantly the atmosphere of the place of the audience unique recording, recording ideal state is the press release of the CD limited time Do not miss absolutely so!

当店がリリースした「ONE NIGHT AT BUDOKAN」は2003年の武道館公演から今年上半期に登場した新たなオーディエンス録音に細心の注意を払ったリマスター処理によって同音源の決定版となり、おかげさまで早くもSold Outとなりました。しかしその記憶も新しい中、今週もまた別の武道館公演の新音源をリリースします!今回は先日登場したばかりの新たなオーディエンス録音であり、前回の音源と同様にファンの間で話題となりました。今回はrober953というテーパーが改めてマスターテープから起こして登場させたものであり、その際には前回の音源を「そちらがよい音源である」と褒めたたえながらも自身の音源を謙遜気味に公開してくれたのです。たしかにこちらの音源も非常に良好な音質であり、2003年来日公演はおろか、ストーンズ来日公演史上においても飛び抜けた人気を誇るライブのさらなるオルタネイト・マスターとして文句なしに楽しめる新音源であると断言いたします。

 確かにテーパーが先に登場していた音源を持ち上げていたことからも分かるように、今回の音源はちょっとモコモコした音質が気になります。そこで今回リマスターを施した結果として音質は非常にきめ細やかで広がりのある状態へと生まれ変わりました。この質感に関しては「ONE NIGHT AT BUDOKAN」はもちろん、その前のリリースである「BUDOKAN 2003」とも違うもの。演奏の迫力という点では「ONE NIGHT~」の方に軍配が上がるのですが、今回の明るく繊細な音質が醸し出すクリアネスというのがまた格別。それに何といっても今回の音源が当日の雰囲気や盛り上がりをより忠実に捉えてみせている点も聞き逃せません。まずは開演前の場面が以前の音源よりもかなり長めに収録されているのです。その結果として、以前の音源で聴かれた「I’m A King Bee」よりも前のBGMが収録されました。特に「Mona」や「Cops And Robbers」といった選曲はストーンズのバージョンでもおなじみのナンバーばかりであり、それに煽られて興奮したこと、あるいはリズムに合わせて手拍子したことを思い出す方が多いはず。遂に実現したストーンズの武道館、その開演を心待ちにして胸が高鳴ったに違いない、あの懐かしの場面が蘇ります。


Disc 1 (79:38)
1. Pre Show Music 2. Buzzer Intro/Pre Show Music 3. Jumping Jack Flash 4. You Got Me Rocking 
5. Live With Me 6. Let It Bleed 7. No Expectations 8. Rocks Off 
9. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love 10. Worried About You 11. Midnight Rambler 

Disc 2 (70:41)
1. Band Introductions 2. Slipping Away 3. Before They Make Me Run 4. Start Me Up 
5. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 6. Rock Me Baby 7. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking 
8. Honky Tonk Women 9. Tumbling Dice 10. Brown Sugar 11. Satisfaction 

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