Rolling Stones / Budokan 2003 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Budokan 2003 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 10th March 2003.


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As starting with 1990 , Stones has played a visit to Japan six times before this year . Japan tour of each of us with good acting and showing off big topic , but should probably Budokan performance of 2003 ‘s has a special meaning among such . This is the Stones continue to use as a home ground of performances visit to Japan the Tokyo Dome to this day , but benefit of the concepts use different venue of stadium theater , and arena , in the ” LICKS ” tour , rainy day and Budokan not only Tokyo Dome at this time There was no shock realization of performance in more pleasure . And that Stones was supposed to realize the first visit to Japan performance in Budokan in 1973 , if the original is famous . Stones that had me see up to the stage of Budokan three decades later just from there is now also performances show a special meaning for the fans also . Was turned into a platinum ticket It was of course , but because we become a reality Stones Budokan performance is not exaggeration to say that unfulfilled dream for the fans .
There is also such a prehistory , Budokan performances has produced the release of many from that time in 2003 . It is a small venue from Tokyo Dome , recording of sound image in the tight ones , such as those committed after all . Thus title of high-quality sound very Inaran we are in audience recording . The company has released the Osaka two days late from performance in Japan in 2003 and recently in our store , but I would place such as Budokan appearance of star performer this time . However, it ‘s the quality of the special that can assert that star performer also appeared in relation to quality . Taper person who provided us with the name of the sound source Babylon tour and Osaka performance in the previous course . It is a thing high quality , such as guaranteed it alone , but good texture Uomi is comfortable to listen to produce a natural, is far and away the most Budokan ever a sound source unrelated to the Donshari . And we have created a CD-R or ” NET REMASTER ” and ” ORIGNAL MASTER ” as a bonus of the previous title in our store , but this time is a great sound quality scoff at them lightly . There was also a thing of the balance that while there is on and the sound image of the performance by recording position , vocals Mick becomes a losing ground to the sound source recorded the Budokan stage at this time . In that respect, this sound is a perfect balance , now that ten years have passed since the excitement of small gig was realized for the first time in Japan , ‘s the first appearance sound source Can you realistic .
I think whether do not mind almost as well as fluctuations of the sound in the member introduction and climax the audience on the left show occasionally in front exquisite balance and good feeling to hear natural , of their status in the overwhelmingly . And turbulence and Mick flying the song ” You Got Me Rocking ” and sparse way to end the ending of ” Jumpin ‘Jack Flash ” even as if would laughed , played at this time splendor of the performance full of momentum just be overwhelmed . And What fan avid ‘s gathered in Budokan It is clear , it ‘s to show the passionate climax in selection of music enthusiasts favorite along with the concept of the theater show and ” Everybody Needs Somebody To Love ” and ” Worried About You ” I’ll be transmitted clearly . New source of attention , please enjoy at a press CD limited carefully the good taste of natural anyway from Budokan show in this way has become a legend since then . Of course , special guest is a ghost ! Lol

 そんないきさつもあって、武道館公演は2003年当時から多くのリリースを生み出してきました。何しろ東京ドームより小さな会場です、タイトな音像での収録は確約されたようなもの。よってオーディエンス録音でも非常に高音質なタイトルが居並んでいます。当店でも最近になって2003年の来日公演から終盤の大阪二日間をリリースしてまいりましたが、今回は真打の武道館登場といったところでしょうか。しかし音質に関しても真打登場と断言できる別格のクオリティなのです。もちろんテーパーは先の大阪公演やバビロン・ツアーの名音源を提供してくれた人物。それだけでもクオリティの高さは保障されたようなものですが、ドンシャリとは無縁な武道館音源史上もっともナチュラルでウォーミーな質感が生み出す聴き心地の良さはダントツ。当店でも先のタイトルのボーナスとして「NET REMASTER」や「ORIGNAL MASTER」といったCD-Rを生み出してまいりましたが、今回はそれらをも軽く一蹴する素晴らしい音質です。この時の武道館ステージを録音した音源は録音位置によって演奏の音像がオンでありつつも、ミックのボーカルが押され気味となってしまうバランスのものもありました。その点、今回の音源は申し分のないバランスであり、日本で初めて実現したスモール・ギグの興奮を十年が経過した今、リアルに再現してくれる初登場音源なのです。
 その圧倒的にナチュラルな聴き心地の良さや絶妙なバランス、それらの状態の前では左側の観客が時折みせる盛り上がりやメンバー紹介における音のふらつきなどもほとんど気にならないかと思います。それにこの時の演奏は「Jumpin’ Jack Flash」のエンディングのまばらな終わり方や「You Got Me Rocking」で歌をフライングするミックといった乱れすら笑い飛ばしてしまうかのような、勢いに溢れた演奏の素晴らしさに圧倒されるばかり。しかも武道館に集まったのが熱心なファンなのは明らかで、シアター・ショウのコンセプトに沿った「Everybody Needs Somebody To Love」や「Worried About You」といったマニア好みの選曲でもアツい盛り上がりを見せているのがはっきりと伝わってきます。こうして当時から伝説となっていた武道館ショウから注目の新音源、何しろナチュラルな味わいの良さをじっくりと限定のプレスCDにてご堪能ください。もちろん、スペシャル・ゲストはゴーストです!笑

Disc 1 (66:48)
1. Intro 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. You Got Me Rocking 4. Live With Me 5. Let It Bleed 
6. No Expectations 7. Rocks Off 8. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love 9. Worried About You 
10. Midnight Rambler

Disc 2 (70:42)
1. Band Introductions 2. Slipping Away 3. Before They Make Me Run 4. Start Me Up
5. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 6. Rock Me Baby 7. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking 8. Honky Tonk Women
9. Tumbling Dice 10. Brown Sugar 11. Satisfaction

Mick Jagger – Vocal, Guitar, Harmonica Keith Richards – Guitar, Vocal
Ronnie Wood – Guitar Charlie Watts – Drums

Darryl Jones – Bass, Backing Vocal Bobby Keys – Tenor Saxophone
Chuck Leavell – Keyboards, Backing Vocal Lisa Fischer – Backing Vocal, Percussion
Bernard Fowler – Backing Vocal, Percussion Blondie Chaplin – Backing Vocal, Guitar, Percussion

The New West Horns
Tim Ries – Saxophone, Keyboards Michael Davis – Trombone Kent Smith – Trumpet

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