Rolling Stones / Tacoma 2002 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Tacoma 2002 / 2CD/ Non label

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Live at Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington, USA 6th November 2002

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“LICKS” in 2002 “American tour is a time when the impression that many different venues are used properly, the fact that the set list has been rich in variety has received a reputation, and many performances were released as items. However, there is no press CD item among them, and indeed the Tacoma Dome on November 6 seems to be due to the fact that the performances themselves are forgotten. Although there was an audience recording for the time being, it was disastrous that it was B class sound quality, barely staying at the level where it will circle among the traders.
Another audience recording that recorded Tacoma in 2002 was suddenly appeared on the net this year when the past 16 years passed since the performance. The interesting part of the first appearance sound source of this time will be that it was daringly recorded with a hyposi cassette (MAXELL XL – IIS) despite the DAT prosperity era of 2002. Sound quality is very clear, and it is worthwhile, the level of press CD release can afford as it is. Although the recording position is the 40th column of the arena, there is a moderate distance feeling with respect to the sound image, but still the clearness is perfect.
I am surprised even by the fact that the recent live recording which boasted such quality was sleeping for more than 15 years, but since it is making a special CD, I made a suitable brush up for the press. Although it is still sufficiently high sound quality as it is, despite the sense of distance, there was a disadvantage that the low range amplified by Hall / Echo caused the outline of the performance to fuzzy due to the early stage of the show. When I tried equalizing there, this problem was solved drastically, and it was easier to hear by using the refreshing high treble that does not stick into my ear and making it more useful. The clearness of this tremendously high treble is the unique taste of the Hiposi cassette.

Not only that, the taper of this sound source was close to the B stage and its speakers, the impression of the sound did not change extremely, rather the “Little Red Rooster” etc. was tremendous It caught by the sound pressure. The performance of the same song is also really wonderful, Keith ‘s play is also great from the fact that it is the blues played by Stones. Even now Stones can do this song … so attractive performance was heard with the highest sound quality.
The unique balance and sound image of this sound source are still interesting after listening. Even if it is natural to return to the sound image like that before the B stage, the sound of support such as Chuck River’s keyboard and nostalgic Brondi Chaplin played crispy Akogi sounds conspicuously . Since it is only the usual classic number to be played there, rather from this unique balance, there is a new discovery and it is not fun to reflect and enjoy.

The set lists themselves lacked interesting as if they were caught in the same November between the club gig of Wiltern Theater and the later Auckland, the Cheryl in “Wild Horses” which should be the most prominent point · The appearance of crow was also frequent during this period, and she was rather a member of a support member? Since it appeared to the stage so that it seemed to be an illusion, there is not much impact. It may be the reason why items were not released until now. However, Stones’ s performance is extremely tight and wonderful. As the tour enters the third month from the start, it is clear from the opening that the engine is fully open as Stones. Among them, Mick ‘s strong performance stands out, and his top is’ All Down The Line’. The smooth slide / guitar which Ronie played is the 1975 tour itself, and it is like a compromise with Europe in 1973 due to the addition of the horn section there. And, to say anything, Mick suddenly seemed to be awakening Hyper · Shout bursting out, I feel excited as if I had time slipped again in 75 years.
Moreover, this song is very popular in Tacoma, and the audience is a big choir when the performance starts. Nevertheless, there is no such thing that the Stones’ performance will be driven to the back, and the excitement and realism sensed by stereo left and right are the best fun. I’d really like to have plenty of grasping the feeling with headphones here.

Conversely speaking, it is a great attraction of this sound source that excitement is raised in a good feeling in the vicinity of the taper, and there is no noise like listening stress. Nonetheless, even when Keith’s “Slipping Away” began singing, the scene of a stone’s live that seems to be exactly American is also captured, as the audience starts talking.
Anyway, overall it was surprisingly fulfilling supple playing of Stones, and the 2002 Stones were playing such a tight performance? Be fresh feeling guaranteed. The unique taste of the hi-posi · cassette recording which caught the vivid playing without exceeding is also the best. It is the release of the first appearance sound source to promote the Tacoma performance which had been overlooked until the performance!

★ This is a good sound · · ·. It is the first appearance sound source of surprise!

その公演から早くも16年の歳月が過ぎ去った今年、2002年のタコマを録音した別のオーディエンス録音が突如としてネット上に現れたのです。今回の初登場音源の面白いところは、2002年というDAT全盛時代にもかかわらず、敢えてハイポジ・カセット(MAXELL XL-IIS)を用いて録音されたということでしょう。その甲斐あって音質は非常にクリアーであり、そのままでも余裕でプレスCDリリースのレベル。録音ポジションはアリーナの40列目ということから音像に関しては程よい距離感がありつつ、それでいてクリアネスは申し分ないというもの。

それだけではありません、今回の音源のテーパーはBステージとそれのスピーカーから近い位置にいたのでしょう、音の印象が極端に変わってしまうようなことがなく、むしろ「Little Red Rooster」などはすさまじいまでの音圧で捉えてくれました。同曲の演奏がまた実に素晴らしく、ストーンズ本領発揮のブルースということからキースのプレイも絶好調。今のストーンズもこの曲をやればいいのに…それほど魅力的な演奏が最高の音質で聞かれたのです。

セットリスト自体は同じ11月でもウィルターン・シアターのクラブ・ギグや後のオークランドの合間に挟まれたかのように面白味を欠いたもので、一番の目立つポイントであるはずな「Wild Horses」におけるシェリル・クロウの登場もこの時期には頻繁にあったことで、むしろ彼女もサポート・メンバーの一員であったのでは?と錯覚しそうなほどステージに登場していたので、あまりインパクトはありません。それもこれまでアイテムがリリースされなかった原因かもしれません。ところがストーンズの演奏は極めてタイトな素晴らしいもの。ツアーが開始から三か月目に突入し、ストーンズとしてもエンジン全開なモードであることがオープニングからはっきり伝わってきます。中でもミックの好調ぶりは際立っていて、そんな彼の頂点が「All Down The Line」。ロニーが弾いた滑らかなスライド・ギターは1975年ツアーそのものですし、そこにホーン・セクションが加わったことで1973年ヨーロッパとの折衷のように映るほど。そして何と言ってもミックが突如として覚醒したようなハイパー・シャウトを炸裂させており、これまた75年にタイムスリップしたかのようで興奮を覚えます。

逆に言えばテーパーの周辺ではいい感じに盛り上がりつつも、リスニング上のストレスとなるような騒がしさが皆無であるという点もこの音源の大きな魅力。とはいえキースが「Slipping Away」が歌い始めるや否や観客がお喋りを始めるという、正にアメリカのストーンズ・ライブらしい場面も捉えられているのですが。



Disc 1 (74:42)
1. Intro 2. Brown Sugar 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Start Me Up 5. Don’t Stop
6. Tumbling Dice 7. Monkey Man 8. Wild Horses (with Sheryl Crow)
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10. All Down The Line 11. Midnight Rambler
12. Band Introductions 13. Slipping Away 14. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (52:36)
1. Sympathy For The Devil 2. When The Whip Comes Down 3. Little Red Rooster
4. You Got Me Rocking 5. Gimme Shelter 6. Honky Tonk Women 7. Street Fighting Man
8. Jumping Jack Flash 9. Satisfaction

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