Roger Waters / Oakland 2017 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Roger Waters / Oakland 2017 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Sigma
Translated Text:
Live at Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA. USA 10th June 2017 ULTIMATE SOUND plus Bonus DVDR “OAKLAND 2017:THE VIDEO”

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Roger Waters’ US + THEM Tour, which is getting more and more shivering and excitement from its terrible show content. Even just listening to the latest sound source that is being released one after another will make you realize that terrible thing, but the title that will come here and come to the end will be released this weekend !!

By the way, have you thought about it? Although the tour began, although certainly good titles came out in the last few weeks, it is probably the sound that Roger intends. Although the sound quality is excellent and the sound intended by the artist is not necessarily matched, there are some things that the artist thinks as “art,” as to the sounds heard at a certain position. For example, you should have walked around the stadium with a sound check with Roger, stopped at a certain position, got a sound and checked the sound that actually arrives at that place, but certainly there is a certain point in the arena I think that it sounds echoing in the middle of do. Because there is a place where Quadrophonic, which is emitted from all directions, arrives at the balance in the best balance and it is the point that becomes the standard when thinking of sound echo and sound image adjustment at the venue so do not consider this as Roger There is no way. Then what if you have a recording machine there? And what if it had the highest super high performance capsule microphone, Schopes “MK 4”? … Yes, the ultra-high-performance sound title that made it materialize is the latest Sigma work that appears to be a lightning shock this weekend !!

This recording was carried out recently by Mr. Daspyknows who is an acute name Tapar. Speaking of him, he is already known as a MK4 user enough to recall as MK 4, and continues to announce special class recordings of various artists with his love machine and makes me excited about unofficial sound source fans everyday. His latest recording is this Afternoon performance on June 10, but this time I am amazed at that recording position. The information that has been upgraded is “section B row 28 2 seats off dead center” and this is confirmed by checking the seating chart on HP of the actual venue Oracle or Arena. (↓ Venue seating table link destination)


As you can see the 28th row in the middle of the arena, right in front of the mixboard, and the smallest number of people (= element with less obstacle to recording and less risk) section. Also, since it is a position where the sounds reach evenly wherever the speakers are placed, it will be surprising as to whether such a good seat can be deliberately taken like a seat in a movie theater, but this is exactly what “Roger is at this venue The sound and image intended, with the best position and the dream sound that grabs at the highest peak capsule microphone “has become true, real true Ultra sound has been realized!

When this superiority of recording position and microphone’s superiority overlap, there is no way that sound has superiority in superiority. In addition, Mr. Daspyknows recorded the beginning “Speak to Me” for the first 15 minutes (!!!) from the start of the performance, as well as the state before the start of the performance on the day including the rare moment when opening BGM starts I can continue listening for a while. What I would like to pay attention to is in the middle of the arena, there is no voice talking nearby, and the place where the sound recordings in the place are very clearly reaching where the surroundings of the recording machine are quite quiet. Although it is an arena, there is nothing to block most of the time. The superiority of the position “section B row 28 2 seats off dead center” can be confirmed with the surrounding sound first. Opening by female harmony from 6 minutes and 21 seconds BGM will appear in a beautiful super clear sound and it will be an interesting feature that the sound reaching a certain position of the recording machine can be understood and confirmed stereoscopically. The striking surprise attacks comes from around 12 minutes 42 seconds when the introduction of the show begins, the sound of the waves comes first, but the stereo surround feeling that attacks from the left and right is truly astonishing , You can feel that it is the best-of-the-best recording position that you can grasp perfectly the stereoscopic effect of the sound by Quadrophonic. The ultimate feeling of “Breathe” that will appear at the end of these years is overflowing with the quality high enough not to speak up, it will definitely be overwhelmed by the sound that caught the sound coming out of the speaker.

“Time” at the beginning of the clock in the ocean scene of the clock also is excellent in the floating feeling of the sound, surprised by the sound image where the sound of the Tum wrapped around appears stereoscopically by picking up the sounds of the speakers presumably thought to be behind, right and left at the same time It will be. The ensemble, especially the elasticity of the rhythm has also come out well, and Roger’s voice is nearly clear, so you will be pleasantly appealing the charm of thick, clear and powerful midrange. If you listen to “The Great Gig in the Sky” often, you can also see that singing voice appears in Jesus and Horley on a separate line (= another speaker) in the field, but the sense of separation of that voice – Surround feeling is also outstanding, and it is also a topic that coming out without trembling the high frequency range with elongation at all. Likewise, “Welcome to the Machine” also seems to be grasping how the rhythm sound by the introduction synthesizer alternates left and right, and it should be surprised by its super sharp surround feeling. Spread the width of the dynamic range also felt well, also exhausted pick up perfectly woman harmony that thick sound of the synthesizer that comes out in the middle (※ This is also brilliant!) Is coming out of Ri appearance and occasional dancing space You will be able to fully enjoy the position and performance of the microphone. “When We Were Young” also has a reverberation of trembling knowledge, the dynamic range that makes it feel silent and unbearable margin will grab the sensibility and soul of the listener and will develop in the second half of “The Last Refugee” , The blend feeling of Roger and female harmony which searches for an unknown area comes out with a simple and powerful sounding sound, this is also a sound image which highs the recording power. “Picture That” has a dense sound so that rich reverberation can be obtained even at a small volume, consecutive attack sounds on the way also have a massive volume feeling, leaving a high-quality listening response that makes a distinction from mediocre recording . The three songs of THE WALL that follow from “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” have a feeling of scale of sound, and scenes that are surprisingly surprised again by the presence rich recording sound created by the location and the superiority of the microphone are repeated. The best grain of the sound is also excellent, everyone is sure to be overwhelmed by the super-resolution sound that keeps the ensemble gathering in the midrange and the guitar cutting cutting-out finely.

“Dogs” shows an ideal blend of the rhythmic motility and the luxurious melody of the melodic line that make it bangy. Squeal condition of the guitar to enter the middle twice, and there is a high range of dull penetrate even singing voice, even a subtle Hall tone of the hall to be damping and amplification scene of perhaps doing will have “tea party” in the middle I grab it perfectly. “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” is also in a good scene in which the sense of scale of the dynamic sound is to listen to proceed up close, here are overwhelmed by the sound of bass comes flying out clearly bashed-Zushizushi and massive. On the other hand, it may be missing the high-frequency range, and has become a base of the movement of wide scale able to track perfectly sound much not lose sound distorted guitar sounds and synths that contains the core, and to this, each instrument and the human voice, respectively He is breathtaking with a wonderful balance. “Money” is surely overwhelmed by the ocean of dense sound information, as well as the collage of the voice of the person added to the registration note sound of the introduction as well as the floating feeling of the sound and the circumference of the sound are recorded perfectly. Saks full of sense of volume Sachs’ versatile treble and violent guitar contrasts with the dazzling sound that other recordings can not catch, and it is a big listening place. “Us and Them” are also captured by the rich dense sound sense of color the appearance that tone of nostalgic organ oozes out in hall, piano Crystal sounding and sax, and the pomp and the sound luster of grace notes by backup chorus It will certainly be beaten. Flow “Brain Damage” from going to the “Eclipse” is also not odd high-performance swing of the sound, to the mega-crystal-sounding will indulge in pleasure Yuku blurred in fairly dust inside the body, this is a mediocre microphone recording You should also notice clearly that you are listening to heterogeneous listening comprehension. Remnants of “Bring the Boys Back Home” reverberation sound
Growth and extension of sound, and overwhelming transparency are also intense, “Comfortably Numb” is also too vivid which MK 4 recorded
Sounds and the high separation of each instrument make it even faster to distract the sensitivity of listeners.

US + THEM performance which can be experienced for the first time by the superiority of the high performance capsule microphone MK 4 and the recorded position in the middle of the arena. When thinking about it, we are not almost the case that it is not so if we are experiencing with an unofficial sound source in the middle of the hall of the venue · sound with all the sounds hit at equal intervals Cow. Of course, the advantage obtained by that position, such as the recording of the front row / row in the front row, is unbearable in that sound pressure feeling, and it will only be felt at that position. But it is too loud feeling that we want to see, listen to and experience at nearby, it is somewhat different from the sound that the artist intends. Especially when confronting a something emphasizing sound like a song of Freud, especially Roger, it can sometimes be a factor of musical hindrance. Please experience it all in the correct position, the real sound filled with the wave of the sound and the euphoria experienced with the highest peak MK4 microphone by this work this weekend. It’s not just a good sound, the unknown excitement that penetrates the apex and the excitement shake you, it’s a sure, rare-sounding super high-performance title !!

ところで、考えてみたことはあるでしょうか。ツアーが始まり、確かにここ数週間で音の良いタイトルは出てきたけれども、果たしてそれはロジャーが意図するサウンドだろうか、と。音質が優れているのとアーティストが意図する音とは必ずしもマッチしない訳ですが、しかし或る特定の位置で聴く音に関してはアーティストが「ウン、これさ」と思うものもある筈です。例えばロジャーとてサウンドチェックで場内を歩き回り、或る特定の位置で立ち止まって音を出して貰い、その場所で実際に届く音をチェックしている筈ですが、そのひとつに確実にある地点がアリーナのド真ん中で響く音だろうと思います。何故ならそこは四方から発されるクアドロフォニックが一番バランス良く届いて聴こえる地点であり、その会場で音の響きや音像調整を考える時の基準にもなる地点ですから、ロジャーとてこれを考慮しない筈がありません。ではもしそこに、録音機があったらどうでしょう。そしてそれに最高峰の超高性能カプセルマイク、Schopes” MK4 “が付いていたら?…そう、それを実体化させた超高性能サウンド・タイトルが、今週末に電撃登場するこのSigma最新作なのです!!

この録音を敢行したのは昨今気鋭の名テーパーDaspyknows氏。彼といえばもうMK4と想起出来るくらいMK4の使い手として知られていますし、その愛機で様々なアーティストの特級録音を発表し続けて非公式音源ファンを日々ワクワクさせてくれています。そんな彼の最新録音がこの本作・6月10日のオークランド公演なのですが、今回驚くのはその録音位置でしょう。ネットアップされた情報には” section B row 28 2 seats off dead center “となっており、これを実際の会場オラクル・アリーナのHPにある座席表で確認するとこうなります。(↓会場座席表リンク先です)

御覧の通りアリーナど真ん中の28列目、ミックスボードの真ん前、しかも一番人数が少ない(= 録音の障害になる要素やリスクが少ない)セクションです。またどこにスピーカーが配置されていても均等に音が届く位置であるため、そんな良い席が映画館の席みたいに故意にとれるものなのかと驚かされもしますが、しかしこれこそまさしく「ロジャーがこの会場で意図したサウンド・イメージを、最良の位置と現代最高峰のカプセルマイクで鷲掴みにするドリーム・サウンド」となっており、真のウルトラ・サウンドが実現しているのです!!

これほどの録音位置の優位性とマイクの優位性が重なると、サウンドに優位性が備わっていない筈がありません。しかもDaspyknows氏はこの日、冒頭「Speak to Me」を演奏開始前から何と15分間(!!!)も収録しており、オープニングBGMが始まるレアな瞬間も含めた当日の演奏開始前の様子までも暫く聞き続けることが出来るのです。注目したいのはアリーナど真ん中なのに近くで喋っている声が無く、録音機周辺がかなり静かなところに場内のザワザワした音が超鮮明に届いている事でしょう。アリーナなのに殆ど遮るものが無い” section B row 28 2 seats off dead center “というポジションの優位性が、まず周囲の音でじっくり確認出来るわけです。6分21秒から女性ハーモニーによるオープニングBGMが麗しい超鮮明サウンドで現れ、録音機のある位置に届く音が立体的に理解・確認出来るのも面白い特徴でしょう。目を見張る驚きが襲ってくるのはショウ導入が始まる12分42秒付近からで、まず波の音が押し寄せてくるのですが、左右から襲ってくるそのステレオ・サラウンド感は真に驚異であり、クアドロフォニックによる音の立体感が完璧に掴めるベスト・オブ・ベストの録音位置である事を実感出来るのです。こうした末にいよいよ登場する「Breathe」の極上感は言葉にならないほどの質の高さに溢れており、スピーカーから出る音を鷲掴みしまくったそのサウンドに卒倒確実でしょう。

「Time」冒頭の時計の海のシーンも音の浮遊感が抜群で、恐らく後方・左右にあると思われるスピーカーの音を同時に拾っている事でタムの回り込む音が立体的に現れる音像に驚かされます。アンサンブル、特にリズムの弾力感もよく出ており、ロジャーの声も近く鮮明な為に肉厚で鮮明で力強い中音域の魅力もお愉しみ戴けるでしょう。「The Great Gig in the Sky」はよく聴くと、恐らく場内ではジェスとホーリー各人で別のライン(= 別のスピーカー)で歌声が出ているらしい事も分かるのですが、その声の分離感・サラウンド感も抜群で、伸びのある高音域が全くブレずに出てくる事もトピックとなっています。同様に「Welcome to the Machine」も導入のシンセサイザーによるリズム音が左右交互に出ている様子をバッチリ掴んでおり、その超鮮明なサラウンド感にびっくりされる筈です。ダイナミック・レンジの幅と広がりも良く感じられ、中盤で出てくるシンセサイザーの太い音色(※ これもまた鮮やかです!! )が空間を乱舞する様子や時折り出てくる女性ハーモニーも完璧に拾い尽くしており、ポジションとマイク性能の良さを満喫出来るでしょう。「When We Were Young」も知を震わせる響きが麗しく、その静寂と底知れない余裕を感じさせるダイナミック・レンジが聴く者の感性と魂を鷲掴みにしますし、「The Last Refugee」の後半で展開する、まるで未知の領域を探る様なロジャーと女性ハーモニーのブレンド感もシンプルで力強い響きで出ており、これも録音力の高さが漲る音像です。「Picture That」で小音量でも豊かな響きが得られるほど濃密なサウンドで、途中で連続するアタック音もマッシヴな量感があり、凡庸なマイク録音とは一線を画す高品位な聴き応えを残します。「The Happiest Days of Our Lives」から続くTHE WALLの3曲ではサウンドのスケール感があり、場所とマイクの優位性が作り出すプレゼンス豊かな収録音に改めて驚かされるシーンが連発します。音の粒立ちも最高で、ギター・カッティングの抜け具合や中音域に集まるアンサンブルも細かいところまで追える超解像サウンドに誰もが仰天確実でしょう。

「Dogs」ではバタバタとするリズムの運動性と旋律線の艶やかな響きが理想的な融合を見せています。途中で2回入るギターの鳴き具合、そして歌声にも突き抜ける高音域の冴えがあり、中盤で恐らくやっているであろう” お茶会 “のシーンも減衰・増幅する場内の微妙なホール・トーンを完璧に掴み取っています。「Pigs (Three Different Ones)」もそのダイナミック・サウンドのスケール感が間近で聴き進められる好シーンで、ここでは低音域がボコボコ・ズシズシと量感鮮明に飛び出してくる音像に圧倒されます。一方で高音域の抜けも良く、芯の入ったギターの音色やシンセの歪んだ音色、そしてこれに負けないくらいベースの動きが完璧に追えるワイドスケールのサウンドとなっていて、各楽器と肉声それぞれが素晴らしいバランスで息衝いているのです。「Money」は導入のレジスター音に追加された人の声のコラージュもその音の浮遊感と音の回り具合がばっちり録れており、濃密な音情報の海に圧倒されること確実です。量感溢れるサックスのパルシヴな高音と暴れまくるギターの対比も他の録音では感じ取れない音の眩しさが備わっており、大きな聴きどころとなっています。「Us and Them」もノスタルジックなオルガンの音色が場内に滲み出す姿を色彩感豊かな濃密サウンドで捉えており、ピアノのクリスタルな響きとサックス、そしてバックアップ・コーラスによる装飾音の華やかさと音艶にも打ちのめされること確実でしょう。「Brain Damage」から「Eclipse」へ向かう流れも音の高性能振りが半端ではなく、そのメガ・クリスタルな響きがじんわり体内に滲んでゆく悦びに浸れますし、ここは凡庸なマイク録音とは明らかに異質の聴き応えを残している事にも気付かれる筈です。「Bring the Boys Back Home」の残響音の残り具
合や音の伸び、そして圧倒的な透明度も強烈ですし、「Comfortably Numb」もMK4が記録した鮮やか過ぎる


Disc 1(72:44)
1. Speak to Me 2. Breathe 3. One of These Days 4. Time 5. Breathe (Reprise)
6. The Great Gig in the Sky 7. Welcome to the Machine 8. When We Were Young
9. Deja Vu 10. The Last Refugee 11. Picture That 12. Wish You Were Here
13. The Happiest Days of Our Lives 14. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
15. Another Brick in the Wall Part 3

Disc 2(74:48)
1. Battersea Rises SFX 2. Dogs 3. Pigs (Three Different Ones) 4. Money
5. Us and Them 6. Smell the Roses 7. Brain Damage 8. Eclipse 9. Band Introductions
10. Vera 11. Bring the Boys Back Home 12. Comfortably Numb

Sigma 188

Roger Waters / Oakland 2017 The Video / 1DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA. USA 10th June 2017

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New masterpiece “US + THEM TOUR” was born “OAKLAND 2017”. The wonderful the sound, the more “scenery” spreading beyond that is what you care about. So, we prepared the audience image collection of the day for that bonus.
This work examines and combines various audience shots squirted after the live. Approximately five cameras were used to reproduce the majority of the show. “Most” is not “full”. 4 songs “When We Were Young”, “Deja Vu” “The Last Refugee” “Us and Them” are incomplete versions not yet included. In modern times where anyone can shoot easily, innumerable shredded videos appear, but each one is photographed only when the photographer thinks “I want to leave this song!” Therefore, by all means PINK FLOYD number is biased, new songs tend to be less. And, for songs with fewer photographers, the quality pyramids will be smaller, and nature and apex will also be lower. Of course, if you record without any limitation, the full version video is not impossible, but this film sticks to the “quality” to the last, the degree of completeness that you can immerse into the show to your heart is given priority. It consists only of powerful images.
Therefore, the quality of this work is a special grade. Because we make full use of the five cameras, we can not say “◯◯!” To the position and viewpoint, but the thing that does not change is “picture quality”. It is a beautiful picture only to carefully select carefully selected ones. And another point is a screen. I’ve already reported with a number of video works, but those with a good skill want to copy the highlight more. However, in this work I dare select the screen-based image, I made it a finish that I can witness plenty of various visual effects. A number of CGs and laser beams that fly, a huge Battersea power station, confetti falling down … …. Although it was a scene which could be confirmed even in the past video, it approaches with a huge feeling centered in the distance view. In addition to its clear image quality, it is a big picture that I would like to see on a large screen as much as possible.

Hollywood ‘s masterpiece movie is also Kaguya’ s world of image art. It is one piece that you can experience not only its stunning but also the “size”. This is the sight that had spread beyond the main press press CD, it is a state-of-the-art rock and show that you will not experience in Japan. “Right now” of Roger who has constantly pioneered the times. Please, please take a look.
“US + THEM TOUR”が生んだ新たなる大傑作『OAKLAND 2017』。そのサウンドが素晴らしいほど、その向こう側に広がる“光景”も気になるもの。そこで、そのボーナスには当日のオーディエンス映像集をご用意しました。
本作はライヴ後に噴出したさまざまなオーディエンス・ショットを精査、組み合わせたもの。おおよそ5台のカメラを駆使し、ショウの大半を再現いたしました。“大半”ということは“フル”ではない。4曲「When We Were Young」「Deja Vu」「The Last Refugee」「Us and Them」が未収録の不完全版です。誰でもカンタンに撮影できる現代では、無数の細切れ映像が登場するわけですが、その1つひとつは撮影者が「この曲を残したい!」と思ったときにだけ撮影される。そのため、どうしてもPINK FLOYDナンバーに偏ってしまい、新曲は少なくなりがちなのです。そして、撮影者が少ない曲は、クオリティのピラミッドも小さくなり、自然と頂点も低くなる。もちろん、何でもかんでも構わず収録すれば完全版映像も不可能ではないのですが、本作はあくまでも「クオリティ」にこだわり、心ゆくまでショウに没入できる完成度を優先。強力な映像のみで構成いたしました。


1. Speak to Me 2. Breathe 3. One of These Days 4. Time 5. Breathe (Reprise)
6. The Great Gig in the Sky 7. Welcome to the Machine 8. Picture That
9. Wish You Were Here 10. The Happiest Days of Our Lives/Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
11. Another Brick in the Wall Part 3 12. Battersea Rises SFX 13. Dogs
14. Pigs (Three Different Ones) 15. Money 16. Smell the Roses 17. Brain Damage
18. Eclipse 19. Band Introductions 20. Vera 21. Bring the Boys Back Home
22. Comfortably Numb

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 111min.

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