Roger Waters / Definitive Berlin 2018 2nd Night / 2CDR

Roger Waters / Definitive Berlin 2018 2nd Night / 2CDR / Amity

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Live At Mercedes Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany 2nd June 2018.


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A masterpiece live album that will represent the European version “US + THEM” will appear in the future. It is contained in this work “Berlin performance on June 2, 2018”. Yes, the other day “BERLIN 2018 2ND NIGHT (Amity 457)” was a popular show, but this work is completely different from course. Several steps …… No, it is super high-grade audience recording which is not so high as a grade.
First of all, for those who do not know the previous work, let’s hold down the position of the show once again on a schedule.

· January 24 – February 20: Oceania (12 performances)
· April 13 – July 14: Europe # 1 (46 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· August 3 – 31: European # 2 (13 performances)
· October 9 – November 24: Latin America (15 shows)
· November 28 – December 9: Mexico (7 performances)

This is the schedule scheduled for 2018. The Berlin performance of this work was a concert that was 26 concerts of “Europe # 1” finally landed in Europe.
The sound of this work which contained such a show …. It is wonderful to lose a word. Simply calling it “as if it is a soundboard” is easy, but it can not be told entirely by that alone. There is sense of close contact feeling distance and detailed details feeling no distance, but there is too much glittering sound too beautiful. Smooth slide and Roger ‘s gentle singing mouth can be torn so much, each beat’ s stroke is clear but still not intense, striking the bottom of my heart. And what elaborates things about the synth sound which stretches at the density that you feel to mass, and shakes … ….
It is wonderful to have a sense of the workplace that directs such a performance sound brilliantly. The vast expansive applause draws a sense of scale and undulation, never comes out before. Even one grain of applause is overcome and its delicate grain is a beautiful spectacle spreading like a sandy beach. Mr. wb who is attracting attention globally also was able to achieve such a name recording. Recently, the top recording of the 21st century RAINBOW “DEFINITIVE BERLIN 2018 (Black Box 027)” became a topic of contemporary renoisers who produced the masterpieces such as Paul McCartney and Elton John. Although “BERLIN 2018 2ND NIGHT” introduced last time was also a good sound at the normal level, as expected the opponent of the world is bad. It is a place I wanted you to let me listen to individual recording individually at another venue … ….
Although it is such a name recording, in fact the original original sound released to the net had a drawback as well. That is noise. Somewhere, there is a strange noise that something (perhaps clothing?) Will touch the microphone. Nothing enters the endlessly, one noise is instantaneous less than zero comma. However, the stage of this work is “US + THEM” competing for the supreme rock of modern rock, and it is impossible to introduce it while leaving scratches on the beautiful recording of the record. So in this work we handle the noise thoroughly. The luxurious superb sound is finished as a live album suitable for the name of “shakyu na” DEFINITIVE.

Anyway a wonderful sound. The world of beautiful sound that I want to immerse forever. This is exhausted. One work of ultra superb highest even without the momentary noise that was in the original sound. Whether the name recording so far will come out again from the European tour … …. Although it can not affirm, perhaps this work will be the highest peak in Europe. A masterpiece of such a beautiful rock record so much. It is a goods which we can recommend with full power to those who have ears with “US + THEM” masterpiece group so far.

今後、ヨーロッパ編“US + THEM”を代表していくであろう大傑作ライヴアルバムが登場です。本作に収められているのは「2018年6月2日ベルリン公演」。そう、先日『BERLIN 2018 2ND NIGHT(Amity 457)』が大好評を博したショウですが、本作はもちろん完全に別物。数段……いえ、比較にならないほどグレードの高い超・極上オーディエンス録音なのです。


そんな演奏音を見事に演出する現場感も素晴らしい。広大に広がる喝采はうねりとなってスケール感を描きつつ、決して前には出てこない。拍手の1粒までも克明で、その繊細な粒が砂浜のように広がる美しいスペクタクルなのです。これだけの名録音を成し得たのは、世界的にも注目を集めている名手「wb」氏。ポール・マッカートニーやエルトン・ジョンといった大御所で最高峰となる名作を生み出し、最近では21世紀RAINBOWの頂点録音『DEFINITIVE BERLIN 2018(Black Box 027)』も話題となった現代の名録音家なのです。前回ご紹介した『BERLIN 2018 2ND NIGHT』も通常レベルでは良好なサウンドではありましたが、さすがに世界の名手は相手が悪い。ぜひとも別会場で個々に名録音を聴かせて欲しかったところです……。
それほどの名録音ではあるのですが、実はネットに公開されたオリジナルの原音には欠点もありました。それはノイズ。ところどころで、マイクに何か(恐らく衣服?)が接触するような異音が入るのです。何もゴソゴソと延々と入るわけではなく、1つのひとつのノイズはゼロコンマ以下の瞬間的なもの。しかし、本作の舞台は現代ロックの至高を競う“US + THEM”であり、せっかくの美麗録音にキズを残したままご紹介するのは忍びない。そこで本作では徹底的にノイズを処理。艶やかな極上サウンドが終始揺るがない「DEFINITIVE」の名に相応しいライヴアルバムに仕上げたのです。

とにかく素晴らしいサウンド。永遠に浸っていたい美音の世界。これに尽きます。原音にあった瞬間的なノイズさえもない超・極上の1作。ここまでの名録音が欧州ツアーからもう一度出るかどうか……。断言はできないものの、恐らくは本作こそがヨーロッパ最高峰になることでしょう。それほどまでに美しいロック記録の大傑作。これまでの“US + THEM”傑作群で耳の肥えた方にも全力でお薦めできる銘品です。

Disc 1(66:41)
1. Pre-Show 2. Speak to Me 3. Breathe 4. One of These Days 5. Time 6. Breathe (Reprise)
7. The Great Gig in the Sky 8. Welcome to the Machine 9. When We Were Young 10. Deja Vu
11. The Last Refugee 12. Picture That 13. Wish You Were Here 14. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
15. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 16. Another Brick in the Wall Part 3

Disc 2(79:50)
1. Battersea Power Station Rising 2. Dogs 3. Pigs (Three Different Ones) 4. Money
5. Us and Them 6. Smell the Roses 7. Brain Damage 8. Eclipse 9. Member Introductions / MC
10. Comfortably Numb


Amity 458

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