Roger Waters / Copenhagen 2018 The Video / 1DVDR

Roger Waters / Copenhagen 2018 The Video / 1DVDR / Non label

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Live at Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark 10th & 11th August 2018. NTSC

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Following North America, “US + THEM” is winning the continent of Oceania, the UK and Europe. A gift · release decision is the latest work that makes it superb and the tasty rare music is also delicious.
This work was filmed on “August 10, 2010 + 11, 2018”. It is a superb audience shot that conveys the scene of two consecutive performances in Copenhagen. First of all, let’s check the position of the show in the progress of the tour as before.

· January 24 – February 20: Oceania (12 performances)
· April 13 – June 23: Europe # 1 (36 performances)
· June 26 – July 7: UK (8 shows)
· July 11 – August 31: Europe # 2 (15 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· October 9 – November 24: South America (15 shows)
· November 28 – December 9: Mexico (7 performances)

This is the 2018 schedule which has been published to date. Currently, “US + THEM” is approaching the final stage of the European leg. “Europe # 2” is a schedule mainly for Scandinavia / Eastern Europe, the Copenhagen performance of this work was a concert corresponding to its 6th to 7th performances.
Although this work is a scene of such two days, it is not a full picture of two times. The main thing is the full show “August 10” to be the first day. At the end of the day I added bonus “Mother” which I did not play on the first day “August 11” the next day. And the quality of the main “August 10” is superior and superior. Although I can not specify No. 1 lightly only for “US + THEM” which has produced countless masterpiece images, its image quality and sound are top class, and at the same time it is intensely unique.
That personality extends to both images and sounds. The most intense thing is a terrible direct shoot. It is filmed from the stand on the left side of the stage, but there is an angle in the seat, there is no shielding at all. Only the stage is a superb view occupying the screen. Although it could be tasted even with only the work group so far, this work makes use of that position and it will zoom with gui guitar. To be honest, it is a position that you can witness a lot of video production of huge screens when you draw it quite well, but it will zoom in like a challenge to the performance limit of the latest equipment so that bust-ups of Rogers and members will fill the screen.
Besides, it is beautiful and stable regardless of the super zoom. Perhaps, the photographer would have been studying the show directing with various images beforehand. Although it says that the image of the contemporary society is spreading on the scene, he is not misled by the temptation to want to see it, chasing each one of Roger and the band. Besides, in solo, one person is drawn up and eye contact puts the band with the kitchen in the screen.
Although it may seem that there is no screen image at all when written like this, it is not so. On the scene, the stage becomes dark in the scene where you want to show the image to the audience. In such a scene, the camera also draws a giant spectacle in a distant view, and when the stage gets brighter, it challenges the direct zooming again. And it is spectacular as if you are grasping the timing in advance. The appearance of the Battersea power plant is also deeply powerful and three-dimensional only at the oblique angle, and the scene where the people of the pig mask exchange champagne at the stage is also seen with super zoom. It is impossible unless you thoroughly study the show, direct shots as possible. Up to this point, there was never a shot that heavily used zoom.
Furthermore the sound is amazing. As if there were many direct sounds that go through the sound board on the ground, this work is furiously glossy. It is probably due to picking up the venue acoustics, but it does not become blur or turbidity. Although it is the clearness of the line class, its feel is a mellow shining sound like a refined pearl.
The show drawn with such individuality quality is also super personality. Although it is already “US + THEM” which was already completed in general, I play Enkor with the intense rare “Broken Bones” of “IS THIS THE LIFE WE REALLY WANT?” Actually this song, this day “US + THEM” first debut. Although it has been played even after that, still 4-5 times. You can experience the memorable first time carefully with superimposed images and sounds. As I mentioned earlier, after such a full show, “Mother” of “August 11” is additionally recorded. It was a song that I did not play for the very rare song “Broken Bones” the previous day, and this is also the best picture by a position that closely resembled the first day (the angle is steep, but still the left side stand). By adding this, we can witness all the songs for 2 days.

Super beautiful image beauty and music, more than that “US + THEM” Camerawork that familiarized every corner is an overwhelming one. Even if you record only the screen easily, I am surprised at the production and do not look around here and there. While holding down the huge spectacle, one Roger pressed down the stairs and kept pushing the maximum amount of undoing stage drought up to the moment when disappearing from the stage. It is a masterpiece shining in rare individuality among many masterpiece images.


北米に続き、オセアニア、英国、ヨーロッパ大陸を制覇しつつある“US + THEM”。その極上にして激レア曲も美味しい最新作品がギフト・リリース決定です。


これが現在までに公表されている2018年のスケジュール。現在、“US + THEM”はヨーロッパ・レッグの最終盤に差し掛かっているところ。「欧州#2」は主に北欧/東欧を巡る日程で、本作のコペンハーゲン公演はその6-7公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
本作は、そんな2日間の光景になるわけですが、2回分のフル映像ではありません。メインとなるのは、初日となる「8月10日」のフルショウ。その最後に初日では演奏しなかった「Mother」を翌日「8月11日」でボーナス追加したものです。そして、メイン「8月10日」のクオリティたるや超絶。これまでも無数の傑作映像を生み出してきた“US + THEM”だけに軽々にNo.1指定はできないものの、その画質・サウンドはトップクラスですし、同時に強烈に個性的なのです。
そんな個性派クオリティで描かれるショウもまた、超個性的。大筋で既に完成された“US + THEM”ではあるものの、アンコールで『IS THIS THE LIFE WE REALLY WANT?』の激レア曲「Broken Bones」を演奏するのです。実はこの曲、この日が“US + THEM”初登場。その後も演奏されているものの、それでも4-5回程度。その記念すべき初回を超極上の映像とサウンドでじっくりと体験できるのです。先述しましたが、そんなフルショウの後には翌「8月11日」の「Mother」を追加収録。前日、激レア曲「Broken Bones」のために演奏しなかった曲であり、これまた初日に酷似したポジション(少し角度が急になっていますが、やはり左側スタンド)による極上映像。これを追加されることにより、2日間の全曲を目撃できるわけです。

超美麗な映像美と音楽、それ以上に“US + THEM”を隅々まで熟知したカメラワークが圧倒的な1枚です。お手軽にスクリーンだけを録るのでも、演出にビックリしながらあちこち見回すのでもない。巨大なスペクタクルも押さえつつ、ロジャーが階段を下りてステージから姿を消す瞬間まで一期一会なステージのドアップを最大漏らさず押さえきった1本。幾多の傑作映像の中でも類い希な個性に輝く大傑作です。

Live at Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark 10th August 2018

1. Outside of the venue 2. Pre-Show 3. Speak to Me 4. Breathe 5. One of These Days
6. Time 7. Breathe (Reprise) 8. The Great Gig in the Sky 9. Welcome to the Machine
10. Deja Vu 11. The Last Refugee 12. Picture That 13. Wish You Were Here
14. The Happiest Days of Our Lives 15. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
16. Another Brick in the Wall Part 3
17. Battersea Power Intro 18. Dogs 19. Pigs (Three Different Ones) 20. Money
21. Us and Them 22. Smell the Roses 23. Brain Damage 24. Eclipse
25. Broken Bones★ 26. Comfortably Numb

Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark 11th August 2018

27. MC 28. Mother

COLOUR NTSC Approx.153min.

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