Roger Waters / Birmingham 2018 / 2CDR

Roger Waters / Birmingham 2018 / 2CDR / Amity

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Live at Arena Birmingham, Birmingham, UK 7th July 2018

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Roger Waters who came back to his home country UK for the first time in five years. The ultimate original recording that included the final performance is appearing.
The final performance is “July 7, 2018: Birmingham Show”. In our shop, this UK tour is reported as a masterpiece live album such as “MANCHESTER 2018 (Amity 462)” “HYDE PARK 2018 (Amity 461)”, the third in this work. As usual I will look at the whole world tour, but let’s imagine this time by zooming to the UK tour and checking out more detailed positions.

· June 26th + 27th: Dublin
· June 29th + 30th: Glasgow
· July 2: Liverpool
· July 3rd: Manchester “MANCHESTER 2018”
· July 6: London “HYDE PARK 2018”
· July 7th: Birmingham 【this work】

Over all, 8 performances. To name Ireland as British is a bitterly awkward, but since it is customary to geographically incorporate it into a part of the UK tour, I have included it here. “MANCHESTER 2018” “HYDE PARK 2018” was the latter half of the UK tour, but the Birmingham performance of this work is the one following it. “US + THEM” It was a good concert that could be said to be the final work of the British trilogy.
This work which contained such a show is an extremely wonderful original recording. In our shop, it is a work by familiar familiar as “British master”, the master offered by the principal is made direct CD. It is only the sound of this work which has not been circulated anywhere on the net. However, the quality of this work is irrelevant to such preciousness. As introduced by many masterpieces, the master is a type of recordingist who makes both modern clearer and on-site feeling compatible, but this work is quite inclined to “clear”. It is one of the best masterpieces in his collection, even if it is open to the public, it is enough business to surprise the world mania.
Actually, the freshness of this work is overwhelming. Although there is no sense of air on the scene, we have made the ringing beautiful, the details are not hidden at all. And the core that goes straight like a laser beam inside is wonderfully on. Especially surprising is bass. The bass of the audience recording is thin or has a tendency to blur, but this work is detailed enough to understand that the floor of the venue is vibrating, and the refreshing response is also wonderful. Besides, even if that heavy bass bursts at the powerful Fortissimo it does not bite at all. Even though the vibe is too fine and creamy, it clears from the launch of one note to the mute. There are a few vibrant recordings of medium and high tones, rare sounds like Crystal Clear until deep bass. All of the British trilogy this time were all masterpieces that are proud of the world, but it is a good item to decorate the excellent beauty.
On top of that, I feel unbearable at the site feeling. As a matter of fact, the set itself is the same as the previous two, the ultimate form of “US + THEM” which was already completed. The perfection of the performance is also high, there is no big surprise. However, the mood of the venue where I witnessed the big spectacle is a once-a-lifetime meeting. Although I will never disturb playing, I admire the magnificent production and the feeling of the workplace that gives generous applause is wonderful. Moreover, because the sound of this work is too beautiful, it is so detailed that it can feel one stroke per strike as well as a close applause as far as the applause of a far away seat. Each striking sound becomes a perspective, and it draws out a spectacle which can not be said well. This stereoscopic feeling can never be tasted by soundboard. It is the real pleasure that only 100% audience recording of this student was allowed to be superb.

Roger Waters who showed the world of “US + THE M” in his home country UK for the first time in five years. It is a live album that the UK ‘s masterpiece recorded the final performance over the arms. “MANCHESTER 2018” “HYDE PARK 2018” was also a rare noisy sound, but this work is also a valuable one that can not be heard even on the net though it is a masterpiece recording that is in line with them. To the elder brother who came along with “US + THEM” in the live album, it is a stock item in the insignificant item you want to taste.

★ It is a wonderful recording. This is one recommended piece.

その最終公演とは「2018年7月7日:バーミンガム公演」。当店では、今回の英国ツアーを『MANCHESTER 2018(Amity 462)』『HYDE PARK 2018(Amity 461)』といった傑作ライヴアルバムでレポートしており、本作で3本目。いつもならワールドツアーの全容から見ていきますが、今回は英国ツアーにズームしてより詳しいポジションを確認してイメージしてみましょう。

・7月3日:マンチェスター 『MANCHESTER 2018』
・7月6日:ロンドン 『HYDE PARK 2018』
・7月7日:バーミンガム 【本作】

以上、全8公演。アイルランドを英国と称するのは些か心苦しくもありますが、地理的にUKツアーの一部に組入れられるのが慣例ですのでここに含めました。『MANCHESTER 2018』『HYDE PARK 2018』は英国ツアー後半でしたが、本作のバーミンガム公演はそれに続くもの。“US + THEM”英国3部作の最終作と言っても良いコンサートでした。
その上で、絶品の現場感がたまらない。実のところ、セットそのものは前2作と同じで、すでに完成された“US + THEM”の究極形。演奏の完成度も高く、大きな驚きはありません。しかし、その一大スペクタクルを目の当たりにしている会場のムードは一期一会。決して演奏を邪魔することはありませんが、壮大な演出に感嘆し、惜しみない喝采を贈る現場感が素晴らしい。しかも、本作のサウンドがあまりにも美しいため、間近な喝采だけでなく遠く離れた席の拍手まで1打1打が感じられるほど細やか。それぞれの打音が遠近感となり、得も言われぬスペクタクルを描き出してくれる。この立体感はサウンドボードでは決して味わえない。本生100%のオーディエンス録音、それも極上なものだけに許された醍醐味なのです。

5年ぶりの母国イギリスで“US + THEM”の世界を見せつけたロジャー・ウォーターズ。その最終公演を英国の名手が腕によりをかけて記録しきったライヴアルバムです。『MANCHESTER 2018』『HYDE PARK 2018』も類い希なる美音ではありましたが、本作はそれらと並ぶ傑作録音でありながらネットでも聴けない貴重な1本でもある。ライヴアルバムで“US + THEM”と併走してきた諸兄に、ぜひ味わっていただきたい銘品中の銘品です。


Disc 1 (68:19)
1. Intro Tape (Beach Scene) 2. Speak to Me 3. Breathe 4. One of These Days 5. Time
6. Breathe (Reprise) 7. The Great Gig in the Sky 8. Welcome to the Machine 9. Deja Vu
10. The Last Refugee 11. Picture That 12. Wish You Were Here
13. The Happiest Days of Our Lives 14. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
15. Another Brick in the Wall Part 3

Disc 2 (76:54)
1. Battersea Power Station Intro 2. Dogs 3. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
4. Money 5. Us and Them 6. Smell the Roses 7. Brain Damage 8. Eclipse
9. MC & Band Introduction 10. Comfortably Numb

Amity 464

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