Roger Waters / US + Them Dress Rehearsals 2017 / 2CD

Roger Waters / US + Them Dress Rehearsals 2017 / 2CD / Sigma
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Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJ. USA 21st May 2017.

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“Is This The Life We Really Want?”
– Is this really the way we live? –

With such a question mark including a warning, Roger Waters who finally started to move. This week, which has become the Japanese release week of the solo album “Is This The Life We Really Want?” Since the masterpiece “AMUSED TO DEATH” for about 25 years, this week ahead of the “US + THEM” tour accompanying that latest work A dress rehearsal on May 21 invited by fans who were elected by stakeholders and radio programs will be released urgently with special-grade sound quality with full uncut!

I think most of you know those, but this rehearsal first attracted attention to the video. On the official website, the video of the day was published in a piece of material prematurely, and the posting video was uploaded on the net shortly after the show, last week from our shop gift board DVDR “ROGER WATERS – US + THEM TOUR: DRESS REHEARSALS 2017 (free DVDR) “has appeared urgently and gained favorable popularity (* In addition, this complete version video comes with bonus bonus of this work in this week!). In the case of Roger, the stage set is also noteworthy, but the image precedes it, but it is incomprehensible, but the full scale posting sound source of this full rehearsal full of this special rehearsal came here finally released online It was done. It is a translation based on that is the latest work of Sigma, but the attention is that the sound quality which has increased brilliance overwhelmingly than the public sound is realized!

As mentioned above, this rehearsal was a special thing that only the people concerned can enter, so there were not many numbers updated, and its quality was also a cobweb mix. Among them, only one with the sharp radiance as original material was the original recording of this work, but refining the sound focusing on this was a strong synergy with this Sigma label He is a famous overseas Floyd sound source researcher. He is also well in acoustic engineering, he worked with Sigma staff, worked on recording this gemstone, shaved the bass that was a factor of a little boost and somewhat boost, suppressing the hall ringing to the extent that the original sound is not affected After repeated attempts to equalize and adjust the sound pressure, it revived with a rare special-class sound. It is almost unlikely to be said that it is an official grade and it has become astounding finish even if it is a person who has already heard this public sound source on the net already !! This is the engineer’s latest equipment and It might be a good example of carefully examining the sound with the latest software to improve the outline and sharpness of the sound as much as this.

The fact that the sound quality and the sound image improved improved, that is, the quality and shine of the sound increased. This is absolutely impossible factor to listen to Floyd related sound sources. For example, spectacular sounds will be developed from the beginning of “Speak to Me”, but everyone will realize that the broadness and transparency of the dynamic range provided for that sound exceeds the Internet public sound source. In “The Great Gig in the Sky”, the appearance that the treble progression by the 2-voice female chorus grows in all directions vividly appears more than the original recording, and the point that the outline of each voice part and the harmony can be heard more clearly also topics I guess. “Welcome to the Machine” is able to further realize the thickness of this midrange range and the elongation of treble. Resonance of musical instruments As each acoustic change seems to come in handy, neither the closeness of sound nor complaints, digitization has progressed to an excessive degree In 2017, Roger can reveal what he wants to tell and appeal through this song again It is getting. In new song “When We Were Young” I think that acoustic sounding and Roger’s singing voice are full of transparency, and I think that the wave of the sound which the performance inherently has will be released dynamically. Moreover, “Picture That” is supposed to be wrapped in the excitement that the axis in the song can see through the movement motivation of the performance, such a song that is slow to speed is not broken sound, the point that the sound image does not blur at all I think that you can grasp the high quality of the work virtually. “Wish You Were Here” can also see the details of the acoustic guitar’s spinning and weaving, and you will feel the depiction performance of sounds unusual for different tone colors depending on the bangle. In “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” and “Another Brick … Part 2/3”, Roger’s sarcastic singing style and children’s chorus comes out with the sound that is full of diffusing power, so it’s noticeable. Especially here, the dynamics of the ensemble that resonates in the middle to low frequency range comes out to the full sense of density, but the vividness of the sound of each tone is not crushed at all. It is a wonder that the sound image is formed without distortion .

Although “Dogs” guitar at the beginning pops out at an unusual resolution, the sharpness and sharpness of this sound regained by remastaring the somewhat overcast public sound and the diffusing power of the sound are somewhat irrational. The resonance of the impressive twin guitar, which can also be said to be the essence of this song, has also been revived with precise sounds, and its accuracy can be seen until the difference between picking nuances. And if you become tough with “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” and it is a colorful sound, will not you lose the words? Please enjoy the musical madness hidden in the middle tempo and the appearance that the power blurs out blurredly with this highly accurate, musical sound. And in “Us and Them” which is also the tour title of this time, the sound of the organ and piano jumps out like the fragrance from the beginning and it is sure to be astounded at the thickness of the sound with excellent resolution. A state in which a female chorus gives coloration to a song with a powerful voice volume, and an effective drumming with a lot of hands shows increasingly realistic sound brush, and a high-level sound image which is no longer comparable with a public sound source You will be pleasant. Again in its new song “Smell the Roses”, its dirty songs jump out dazzling, I think that it will get drunk again with the high level of power of this recording and low sense of sound and the sense of depth. In “Brain Damage”, the appearance that the female chorus part that you can listen at the beginning spreads all over the range is excellent, and the appearance that Roger joins and the melody line progresses in three voices is high resolution sound of gooseberry thing It has become. “Bring the Boys Back Home” is a striking progression of the song progress with a female chorus that also serves as a test of the song, but this also emphasizes the vividness of the dress rehearsal unique to the grade In “Comfortably Numb”, we also have the pleasure of receiving such high-quality, high-resolution sound energy hitting here with a straightball.

How will you know if you express this ecstasy like a feeling melts down as it will remain after listening to everything. As I mentioned, the dress rehearsal is a rehearsal made by wearing a real costume together with a real set as it is. In other words, it is “through practice doubling as the final check”, and in that sense this dress rehearsal can be said to be the record of the final lesson that the future of the US + THEM tour has already begun. That is why we should be able to read the important message underlying the show without being influenced by the vision by purely contacting the lesson for this future with only the music depicted there first. That might be a response from Pink Floyd to the simple question, “Is this the life we ​​really want?” Please be sure to enjoy the treasure of such sound and reverberation that you can receive because it is a special dress rehearsal !!
” Is This The Life We Really Want ? ”
– これは本当に我々が望んだ生き方なのか? –

警告を含むそんな疑問符を携え、遂に動き出した我らがロジャー・ウォーターズ。傑作『AMUSED TO DEATH』以来、約25年振りのソロアルバム『Is This The Life We Really Want ?』の日本リリース週となっている今週は、その最新作に伴う“US+THEM”ツアーに先駆けて関係者やラジオ番組で当選したファンを招いて行われた5月21日のドレス・リハーサルが、ノーカット完全収録の特級音質で緊急リリースされます!!

御存知の方が殆んどとは思いますが、このリハーサルの様子はまず映像が注目されました。公式HP上では当日の映像が断片的に速報公開されたり、ネット上でも終演直後から投稿映像がアップされ、先週は当店からもギフト盤DVDR『ROGER WATERS – US + THEM TOUR: DRESS REHEARSALS 2017(無料DVDR)』が緊急登場して好評を得たばかりです(※ 更に今週はその完全版映像が本作のボーナス特典で付属します!)。ロジャーの場合はそのステージセットも注目されるだけに映像が先行するのは致し方ないところですが、しかしここにきてこの特別なリハーサルをノーカット完全収録したフルスケールの良質な投稿音源が遂にネット公開されたのです。それを元にしたものがこのSigma最新作という訳ですが、注目は公開された音よりも圧倒的に輝きを増したサウンド・クオリティが実現している点です!

前述の通りこのリハーサルは関係者しか入れない特別なものでしたからアップデートされた数も決して多くはなく、そのクオリティも玉石混交でした。その中で一つだけ原石素材としての鋭い輝きを宿したものが本作の原録音だったのですが、これに注目してサウンドを磨き上げたのが当Sigmaレーベルと強力なシナジーを結んでいる海外の高名なフロイド音源研究家です。音響エンジニアリングにも長けている彼はSigmaスタッフと協力してこの原石録音に取り組み、ややブースト気味で聴き辛さの要因となっていた低音を削り、原音に影響が出ない範囲でホール鳴りを抑えるイコライズと音圧調整の試みを重ねたところ、稀に見る特級サウンドで甦ったのです。それはもう殆んど公式級と言っても差し支えないレベルで、既にこの公開音源をネットで聴かれたという目ざとい方でも驚愕する仕上がりになっているのです!! これは今後、エンジニアが最新機材と最新ソフトで丁寧に音を精査するとサウンドの輪郭と鋭さがこれだけ向上するという好例になるかもしれません。

音質と音像が向上したという事は、すなわち響きの質と輝きが増したという事。フロイド関連の音源を聴くうえでこれは絶対に外せないファクターです。例えば「Speak to Me」の冒頭から凄まじいスペクタクル・サウンドが展開しますが、その響きに備わったダイナミックレンジの幅広さと透明度は既にネット公開音源を超えている事に誰もが気付かれる筈です。「The Great Gig in the Sky」では2声の女性コーラスによる高音進行が全方位に伸びてゆく姿が原録音より鮮やかに出ていて、その各声部の輪郭とハーモニーも更にハッキリ聴ける点もトピックでしょう。この中音域の厚みと高音の伸びが更に実感出来るのが「Welcome to the Machine」です。楽器の響きひとつひとつの音響変化が手に取るように分かり、音の近さも文句無く、過剰なまでにデジタル化が進んだ2017年にロジャーがこの曲を通して何を伝え・訴えたいかが改めて掴めるサウンドとなっています。新曲「When We Were Young」ではアコースティックな響きとロジャーの歌声が透明感一杯に漂い、演奏が本質的に持っている音の波動がダイナミックに放たれてゆく姿を視ると思います。また「Picture That」では演奏の運動性を通して曲の中にある軸が見えてくる興奮に身を包まれる筈で、スピードに緩急あるこうした曲も音割れせず、音像が全くブレない点も本作の質の高さを如実に感じ取って戴けると思います。「Wish You Were Here」もアコースティック・ギターの綴れ織りが細部まで見通せ、弾き手によって異なる音色の強弱に類稀な音の描写性能をお感じになるでしょう。「The Happiest Days of Our Lives」と「Another Brick…Part 2 / 3」ではロジャーならではの皮肉めいた歌い方や子供のコーラスが拡散力に充ちた音で出てきますので注目です。特にここは中~低音域で響くアンサンブルの躍動が密度感満点に出ているのですが、その各音色の響きの鮮やかさが一切潰れず・歪まずに音像を結実しているのは驚異です。

「Dogs」は冒頭のギターが異常なほどの解像度で飛び出しますが、やや曇っていた公開原音をリマスターする事で取り戻したこの音の鋭さと切れ味、響きの拡散力はちょっと尋常ではありません。またこの曲の要とも言える印象的なツイン・ギターの響きも精緻な音で甦っており、その精度はピッキング・ニュアンスの違いまで判るほどです。そして「Pigs (Three Different Ones)」でのタフにして色鮮やかなサウンドときたら言葉を失うのではないでしょうか。ミドルテンポの中に潜む音楽的な狂気とパワーが色濃く滲む様子を、この高精度のマッシヴな音で是非御愉しみ下さい。そして今回のツアー・タイトルともなっている「Us and Them」ではオルガンとピアノの音が序盤から香り立つ様な美音で飛び出し、濃密にして解像力に優れた音の厚みに仰天確実の筈です。女性コーラスが力強い声量で曲に彩りを与えてゆく様子、そして手数の多い効果的なドラミングがますます写実的な音の筆致を見せていて、もはや公開音源とは比較にならない高レベルの音像が御愉しみ戴けるでしょう。再び新曲の「Smell the Roses」ではそのダーティな曲想が眩く飛び出し、この録音が持つ中~低音域の高い力量と響きの奥行き感に再び酔い痴れると思います。「Brain Damage」では冒頭で聴ける女性コーラス・パートが音域一杯に拡散してゆく様子が絶品で、これにロジャーが加わって3声で旋律線が進行してゆく姿は鳥肌モノの高解像サウンドとなっています。「Bring the Boys Back Home」では曲の表現テストを兼ねた様な女性コーラスとの曲進行が印象的ですが、これもまたドレス・リハーサルならではの生々しさがグレードの上がったサウンドによって浮き彫りになっているのを感じますし、「Comfortably Numb」ではそうした良質・高解像な音のエネルギーが直球でこちらにぶつかってくるのを御自分で受け止める嬉しさも備えているのです。

全てを聴き終えた後に残る、まるで感覚が溶け落ちてゆく様なこの恍惚感をどう表現すれば伝わるでしょうか。今更な話ですが、ドレス・リハーサルというのは本番そのままのセットを組んで本番用の衣装を着けて行うリハーサルです。言うなれば” 最終チェックを兼ねた通し稽古 “であり、その意味でこのドレス・リハーサルは既に始まったUS+THEMツアーの未来が垣間見られる最終レッスンの記録…とも言えるでしょう。だからこそこの未来に向けたレッスンを、まずはそこに描かれた音楽のみと純粋に接する事で、私達は視覚に左右されないままショウ根底にある大事なメッセージを読み取れる筈なのです。それはまさに、” Is this the life we really want ? “という素朴な問い掛けに対する、ピンク・フロイドからの応答かもしれません。特別なドレス・リハーサルだからこそ受け取れる、そんな音と響きの宝物を是非本作で御愉しみ下さい!!
Disc 1 (60:31)
1. Speak to Me 2. Breathe 3. One of These Days 4. Time 5. Breathe (Reprise)
6. The Great Gig in the Sky 7. Welcome to the Machine 8. When We Were Young 9. Deja Vu
10. The Last Refugee 11. Picture That 12. Wish You Were Here 13. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
14. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 15. Another Brick in the Wall Part 3

Disc 2 (73:48)
1. Battersea Rises SFX 2. Dogs 3. Pigs (Three Different Ones) 4. Money 5. Us and Them
6. Smell the Roses 7. Brain Damage 8. Eclipse 9. Band Introductions 10. Vera
11. Bring the Boys Back Home 12. Comfortably Numb

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