Roger Waters / Kansas City 2017 / 2CD

Roger Waters / Kansas City 2017 / 2CD / Sigma
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Live at Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO. USA 26th May 2017.

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Towards a new work “Is This The Life We Really Want?” Finally, we finally started to finally start with US + THEM Tour by Roger Waters. From the premiere Kansas City show suddenly, a tremendous fantasy recording appeared !! Even in the meaning of confirming the first day of the tour, we can assert that no more recordings are first, such high-quality sound and high quality title is urgent It will be released !!

Last week, the top dress rehearsal dress rehearsal “US + THEM TOUR: DRESS REHEARSALS 2017 (Sigma 182)” which was held prior to this premiere was released, and as a special disc that can listen to its wonderful performances with the highest sound quality It is boiling. Meanwhile, the tour first day sound source gradually began to appear on the net this time to synchronize with it. One of them, Sigma label attracted attention to what has clearly different radiance from other postings recording. It was a terrible thing that this recording was absorbing the dynamic sound of Quadrophonic speaker on the back and behind the recording shoulder directly at the zero distance without obstruction. “Here, this is … !!!” and all the staff trembling with surprises, while the right channel occasionally has a place where the surrounding cheers are stronger and there is no problem. However, this labels dedicated to the label by the exclusive engineer with the latest software, correction of the signal which was excessively input to the left side with the speaker, removal of the slightly mixed digital noise, and the surrounding cheers which were intensely on the right side As reasonably as possible and deleted as much as possible, perhaps the first day sound source of the threat super – sound that would not be any more realized!

The vividness is an exclusive class even in recent digital recordings. It starts with the show introduction “Speak to Me” which is recorded for about 3 minutes, and as soon as the sound is coming out, the train will run off, but its clear and deep powerful SE sound will be added to the expected value MAX It is supposed to be. And ultra vivid sound in “Breathe” which finally begins …. The closeness of Roger’s voice, the unusual clarity of the playing sound, and the spread of the sound that the resonance challenges for hearing is a masterpiece, and it is a Ultra-class sound that can be asserted that there is no more US + THEM Tour’s I can experience kick-off. In “One of These Days”, the extreme sound pressure of the twin / bass is also awesome, but the sound of the keyboard is popping out with a brilliant attack more than that, and the dazzling contrast of the shimmering bass and shining treble is unknown I invite excitement. “The Great Gig in the Sky” Jess and Horley’s twin chorus will appear with luxurious luxurious sounds and you will be able to experience the vivid trajectory that fuses two fusion melodies away from incredibly precise sound . It is a place I want to draw attention to the attractiveness of the clear high range that grows and gathers. The mellow and powerful sound image at “Deja Vu” is also a great attraction. The multilayered structure of the sound that wraps Roger’s singing voice in the close distance three-dimensionally from the surroundings leaves overwhelming listening comprehension and the new song “The Last Refugee” also resounds with the vividness of the deep sound spatiality and tone color It is certain that it will be overwhelmed by the appearance that the facial expressions change dynamically at the ear. On the other hand, “Japan” comes out in the lyrics so that as for Japanese fans as early as the subject “Picture That” surprisingly the power of the sound has increased by about +2 from the beginning of the song, loud A tough high-end ensemble scatters the melodic line of an attractive song and a tremendous spark. Please enjoy the appearance that the impact beyond the expression that can be heard in the new album is already on this first day performance and the charm of the unique song of the live music overflows with the best sound.

The second part of the show also continues to be super high sound quality, but how do you convey the overwhelming sound resolution that suddenly comes out with “Dogs”? The glitter of the guitar and the singing voice · The amplitude of the sound overflowing with the spatial nature of the keyboard becomes an extraordinary amount of heat and spreads into the sound field and envelops those who listen with an overwhelming sense of volume. Furthermore, when becoming “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”, it is a mass of highly accurate sound which can be thought of as a sound board anymore, and it feels the dynamic range that the body can tremble. I think that it is well understood with this sound image that the dirty sound that progresses in middle to high range of dynamic feeling is sufficiently painterly performance without the video of that anti-trump. “Money” records miscellaneous effect sounds and unwanted divergence of sounds emitted from drifting ensembles with amazing accuracy, and it keeps track of the movement of middle tempo that develops in the midrange. Sachs coming out on the way also sounds very much with this song and “Us and Them”, and it can be heard even if you dislike the high drawing performance of this recording. Ensemble thickening at the part of chorus, harmony of male partners, female chorus which gives coloring without losing it, percussion which perfectly picked up to every one of hammering sounds, all of which are overlapping sound pressure feeling of this work I would like to confirm it by all means. On the other hand, “Smell the Roses” is probably recorded as a melodic part of the middle part of “Have a Cigar” which would have been used as an original stone, and the thickness of thick sound makes it even more dramatic And “Brain Damage” also appears with a very dazzling contrast of male team harmony and female chorus, and here you can also see the ideal connection between the performance and the real voice. And the growing strings that are likely to have a soul in “Comfortably Numb”, the lump of sound comes out one by one after the guitar solo rush The sharp excitement that the ensemble lasts with the high sound quality of the threat to the end, It should never be obtained by recording.

Roger cried as “Thank you so much for coming and thank you for coming, tonight is the first show!” Before the 20 minutes interval after the final of another disc “Another Brick … Part 3″ on Disc 1. That declaration is the moment Freud fans waited for in a moment, and it is also a pleasing topic of this recording that the listen clearly. The band has disappeared forever, but thoughts to Floyd and his expectations for Roger remain even when the disc’s playback is over … …. Whatever the artist, there are rarely sound recordings that will leave the reverberant richness of ecstasy in listening to the first day sound source. And it is possible to do only to the Sigma label, aloofiness of Floyd special label even though it is world wide, such fastest press recording of such high quality latest recording. Taste the excitement and the excitement on the first day of the tour, which is why it is only when the sound is preeminently good, please enjoy it with this work !!!
新作『Is This The Life We Really Want?』を引っさげ、遂に、遂に遂にスタートした我らがロジャー・ウォーターズによるUS+THEMツアー。その初演となるカンザスシティ公演からいきなり、とてつもない上物録音が登場致しました!! ツアー初日を確かめる意味でもこれ以上の録音はまず無いと断言出来る、そんな高音質・高品質タイトルが今週末に緊急リリースされます!!

先週はこの初演に先立って行われたドレス・リハーサルの頂点音源『US + THEM TOUR: DRESS REHEARSALS 2017 (Sigma 182)』がリリースされ、その素晴らしい演奏を最高の音質で聴ける特上盤として今も話題沸騰中です。一方それと同期する様に今度はツアー初日音源も徐々にネット上に出始めました。その中でひとつ、他の投稿録音とは明らかに異質の輝きを放つものに当Sigmaレーベルは注目。なんとこの録音は、録音者の左肩の上と後ろにあるクアドロフォニック・スピーカーのダイナミックな出音を、遮蔽物無しのゼロ距離で直接吸い込んでいるという恐るべきものだったのです。「こ、これは…!!!」とスタッフ一同が驚きに震える一方、右チャンネルには時折り周囲の歓声が強めに入る箇所があるなど問題が無い訳ではありませんでした。しかしこれをレーベル専属のエンジニアが最新ソフトで磨ぎ直し、スピーカーのある左側にやや入力過多だった信号の補正、僅かに混在していたデジタルノイズの除去、そして右側に強めに入っていた周囲の歓声を合理的かつ可能な限り削除したところ、恐らくツアー初日音源でこれ以上は無いであろう脅威のスーパー・サウンドが実現したのです!!

もうその鮮やかさは昨今のデジタル録音でも特級クラス。約3分間丸々収録しているショウ導入の「Speak to Me」では始まって直ぐに汽車が走り去る音が出てくるのですが、その鮮明にしてド迫力のSE音にディスクスタート直後から期待値MAXになる筈です。そしていよいよ始まる「Breathe」での超鮮明サウンド…。ロジャーの声の近さ、演奏音の異常な鮮明さ、そして何と言っても響きが聴覚に挑んでくる様な音域の広がりは圧巻で、これ以上無いと断言出来るウルトラ級のサウンドでUS+THEMツアーのキック・オフを体験出来るのです。「One of These Days」ではツイン・ベースの極太な音圧も凄まじいのですが、それ以上にキーボードの音色が鮮烈なアタックで飛び出しており、その唸る低音と輝く様な高音の眩しい対比が未知の興奮を誘います。「The Great Gig in the Sky」はジェスとホーリーのツイン・コーラスが特級の音艶で現れ、2声の旋律線が離れては融合する生々しい軌跡を信じ難いほど精緻なサウンドで体験出来るでしょう。伸びて木霊する、透き通った高音域の魅力に是非御注目戴きたいところです。また「Deja Vu」でのまろやかにして力強い音像も大変な魅力です。至近距離にあるロジャーの歌声を周囲から立体的に包み込んでゆく音の多層構造が圧倒的な聴き応えを残しますし、新曲「The Last Refugee」でも深い音の空間性と音色の鮮やかさによって響きの表情が耳元でダイナミックに変わってゆく様子に打ちのめされること確実です。一方、歌詞に” Japan “が出てくる事でここ日本のファンには早くも話題になっている「Picture That」では驚く事に曲の冒頭付近からサウンドの迫力が更に+2ほど増し、ラウドでタフな極太アンサンブルが魅力的な歌の旋律線と凄まじいスパークを散らします。ニュー・アルバムで聴ける表現以上のインパクトが既にこの初日演奏にあり、ライブならではの曲の魅力が極上の音で溢れ出る様子を是非御堪能下さい。

ショウの第2部も圧巻の超高音質が続きますが、「Dogs」でいきなり出てくるその圧倒的な音の解像度はどう形容すれば伝わるでしょうか。ギターの眩しい鳴りの艶と歌声・キーボードの空間性溢れる響きの振幅は類稀な熱量となって音場に広がり、圧倒的なボリューム感で聴く者を包み込んでくるのです。更に「Pigs (Three Different Ones)」になりますと、もはやサウンドボードかと思えるほどの高精度な音の塊となっており、身が震えるほどのダイナミック・レンジが感じられるのです。躍動感に富む中~低音域の中で進行するその猥雑なサウンドは、あのアンチ・トランプの映像が無くとも充分に絵画的な演奏である事がこの音像で良く分かると思います。「Money」では雑多な効果音や漂うアンサンブルから放たれる音の離合集散が素晴らしい精度で録れており、中音域の中で展開するミドルテンポの運動性がバッチリ追えます。途中で出てくるサックスもこの曲や「Us and Them」で非常に音が通っており、本録音の描写性能の高さが嫌でも伺えるに違いありません。サビの部分で分厚くなるアンサンブル、男性陣の和声、それに負けず彩りを与える女性コーラス、打音のひとつひとつまで完璧に拾ったパーカッション等、その全てが音圧感満点で重なってゆく本作の音像力を是非お確かめ戴きたいと思います。一方「Smell the Roses」は恐らく原石として使用したであろう「Have a Cigar」の中間パートの旋律が手応えある音で録れていて、濃密な音の厚みがそれを更にドラマチックに聞かせてくれますし、「Brain Damage」も男性陣の和声と女性コーラスの対比が非常に眩しいサウンドで現れ、ここも演奏と肉声の理想的な結び付きを見る事が出来るでしょう。そして「Comfortably Numb」での魂を持ってゆかれそうなストリングスの高まり、ギター・ソロ突入後に音の塊が一個一個出てくるアンサンブルが最後まで脅威の高音質で持続する鋭い興奮は、他の録音では決して得られない筈です。

ディスク1のラスト「Another Brick…Part 3」の終演後、20分間のインターバルに入る前にロジャーは「来てくれて本当にありがとう。今夜が最初のショウだ!!」と叫びます。その宣言こそ我々フロイド・ファンが待ちに待った瞬間であり、これが鮮明に聴ける事もまた本録音の嬉しいトピックと言えるでしょう。バンドは永遠に消えてしまいましたが、しかしフロイドへの思いとロジャーへの期待はディスクの再生が終わってもずっと残る…。どんなアーティストであれ、その初日音源を聴くにあたりこれほど余韻豊かな恍惚感を残してくれる録音は滅多に無いのではないでしょうか。そしてそんな質の高い最新録音の最速プレス音盤化は、世界広しといえどフロイド専門レーベルの孤高、Sigmaレーベルにしか出来ません。音が抜群に良いからこそ得られるツアー初日の陶酔と興奮を、是非本作で味わって下さい!!!

Disc 1(60:40)
1. Speak to Me 2. Breathe 3. One of These Days 4. Time 5. Breathe (Reprise)
6. The Great Gig in the Sky 7. Welcome to the Machine 8. Deja Vu 9. The Last Refugee
10. Picture That 11. Wish You Were Here 12. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
13. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 14. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3

Disc 2(72:36)
1. Battersea Rises SFX 2. Dogs 3. Pigs (Three Different Ones) 4. Money
5. Us and Them 6. Smell the Roses 7. Brain Damage 8. Eclipse 9. Band Introductions
10. Vera 11. Bring the Boys Back Home 12. Comfortably Numb

Sigma 183

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