Rod Stewart & Faces / Plynth / 1CDR

Rod Stewart & Faces / Plynth / 1CDR / Non Label
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Civic Center, Santa Monica, California, USA 30th October 1970


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And recorded Santa Monica performances of October 30, 1970 in the high-quality audience recording. TMOQ than the original record “PLYNTH”, it is a piece of fan must listen that disk into direct. This press board new “SANTA MONICA 1970” will be the fact that the master tape of this TMOQ board “PLYNTH”. Indeed, quality and freshness of the sound is a sound which is not short of one step to press record, but, because it has been recorded originally in high-quality sound, there is no problem in normally listen minute. Master because of mono recording, I do not spread the felt to the sound, the sound quality itself is very good in the clear. Because it was dropped from a good master of condition, scratch noise problem is not felt almost, and finished to a very excellent one. Kind of hiss also rarely. As I wrote in the description of the main press CD, LP The board is beginning also start from opening announcement that “Small Faces!”, The first half of the press board unreleased Shaw has housed firmly. Analog specific roughness, but there is in there is a partial dubbing degradation, closeness direct sense of this sound is the best part, you will as this era can assert that the highest peak of the recording. Hopefully, followed in the second half of this show, it is a sound source of Omoto of the first half part is I great when you are excavated, if normally enjoy the, That said digest content of the show, ultra-high quality take of causing this LP in what seems enough (included It’s All Over Now It is regrettable that would end with a fade-out, but * press machine in convenience of Duration to the end). Santa Monica performance in 1970 that taper was recording TMOQ Okakae, enjoy carefully you at best take of dropped analog board of nostalgia. In bootlegs of this era, it is amazing sound good so far! And everyone should have to marvel.

1970年10月30日のサンタモニカ公演を高音質オーディエンス録音で収録。TMOQオリジナル・レコード「PLYNTH」より、ダイレクトにディスク化したファン必聴の一枚です。今回のプレス盤新作「SANTA MONICA 1970」は、このTMOQ盤「PLYNTH」のマスターテープということになります。流石に、音のクオリティや鮮度はプレス盤に一歩及ばぬサウンドですが、元々が高音質で収録されているため、普通に聴く分には全く問題ありません。モノラル・レコーディングのマスターゆえ、音に広がりは感じられませんが、音質そのものはクリアーで非常に良好。コンディションの良い原盤から落としたため、スクラッチノイズの問題も殆どが感じられない、大変優秀な一枚に仕上がっています。ヒスノイズの類も殆どありません。本編プレスCDの説明で書いた通り、LP盤には、冒頭も「Small Faces!」というオープニング・アナウンスからスタートする、プレス盤未収録のショウの前半部がしっかりと収められています。アナログ特有のザラツキ、部分的なダビング劣化があるにはありますが、この音の近さ・ダイレクト感は圧巻で、この時代としては最高峰の録音と断言できるでしょう。願わくば、今回のショウ後半に続いて、前半部の大元の音源が発掘されたら素晴らしいのですが、普通に楽しむのなら、ショウのダイジェスト的内容とは言え、このLP起こしの超高音質テイクで十分と思えるほど(収録時間の都合でIt’s All Over Nowがフェイドアウトで終わってしまうのは残念ですが*プレス盤は最後まで収録)。TMOQお抱えのテーパーが録音した1970年サンタモニカ公演を、懐かしのアナログ盤落としの最良テイクでじっくりとお楽しみ下さい。この時代の海賊盤で、ここまで音が良いのは凄い!と誰しもが驚嘆するはずです。

1. Introduction “The Small Faces” 2. Wicked Messenger 3. Flying
4. Too Much Women For A Henpecked Man 5. Love In Vain 6. You’re My Girl 7. Country Comforts
8. Around The Plynth 9. Honky Tonk Women 10. Gasoline Alley 11. Around The Plynth (Reprise)
12. It’s All Over Now

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