Robin Trower / Atlanta 1973 Pre-Broadcast Master Reel / 1CDR

Robin Trower / Atlanta 1973 Pre-Broadcast Master Reel / 1CDR / Uxbridge
Live at Richard’s Niteclub, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 30th August 1973 SBD , WRAS-FM Pre-Broadcast Master Reel

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Robin Trolley of 1973 who left PROCOL HARUM and played alone. The sound board album which can experience the very beginning with super-super sound is appearance.
It is included in such a work “Autumn performance of August 30, 1973”. It is the best soundboard recording. Speaking of 1973, I just released the solo debut work “TWICE REMOVED FROM YESTERDAY” to the world. First, let’s review the schedule at that time and check the show position.

・ January 29-February 4: Europe # 1 (3 performances)
March 2-20 : Europe # 2 (12 performances) -April
25 -June 9: UK (35 performances)
· June 22-29: Europe # 3 (3 performances)
· July 22-September 3: North America # 1 (18 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
· October 19-November 10: North America # 2 (9 shows)

This is Robin 1973. He travels to Europe mainly in the United Kingdom, and has made inroads into North America four months after the album was released. The Atlanta performance of this work is a concert corresponding to the “North America # 1” 15 performance. The 28-year-old Robin, who was in love with the United States of America, threw an explosion while building up a new trio ensemble in Europe.
It may be on sale as a solo, and various broadcast sound sources are abundant at this time. This show is also broadcast on the FM radio station “WRAS” in Atlanta and has been one of the standard for many years. This work is to renew its highest peak. It is not a copy or remaster of Air Check already published, but it is a pre-broadcast master before riding on the radio waves excavated recently. Generally speaking, “transcription master before broadcast” is the transcription LP of the broadcast, but this work is more than that. It is the ultimate quality board that was digitized directly from the master reel in front of the broadcast original version.
Though it is said to be a master of Omoto, it has already been edited with DJ comments, but its quality is amazing. It is no longer unreasonable to compare it with an air check via radio waves. There is no scratch noise that is apt to cause the master to only the reel master. On the contrary, although a tape master may be weak to aged deterioration, a rare exception in the case of this work. There is no swaying or distortion at all, so the shiny sound does not shake even from the beginning to the end. In any case, I can not imagine that I can keep such a state for more than 45 years. In our shop, we often digitize the 1st press LP of the rock masterpiece and introduce it, but it aims at “the sound closest to the master tape”. It is a challenge to get closer to the master as much as possible over the LP, even if the transcription is broadcasted. However, the source of this work is the “master tape” itself. A lot of great boards and great broadcasts realize the highest dimension that is not in sight even to explore possibilities from the beginning.
The show drawn with such an ultimate sound is also wonderful. The set is a standard at the time, and features of the masterpiece “TWICE REMOVED FROM YES TERDAY” and “BRIDGE OF SIGHS”. Six of the nine debut songs are shown, and half of the second album is covered there. The essence of 2 works is concentrated to 10, and the heat and flow unique to the stage penetrate the whole film. It’s a thick initial best, and it’s also a scorching album with more heat.
And the original trio is good again. The guitar that was said to be Jimichen’s resurrection exploded all the time, and James Dewar’s British voice reminiscent of Paul Rogers is also a masterpiece. And the black drummer sitting on the stool: Leg Isadoor. The ensemble of three people who just created “Twice Removed from YESTERDAY” and “BRIDGE OF SIGHS” comes out. Moreover, while playing the famous song of “BRIDGE OF SIGHS”, it is the best before release. While establishing the band potential to create that great name board, it has not succeeded yet. The performance is not the victor, but the momentum of the challenger who boldly challenges is loaded, and the hot guitar burns more intensely. It is a story that is not limited to Robin, but rock is more delicious with the ambition played just before it than the show that reached its peak. Moreover, this film is an enemy United States that should be conquered by British lockers. It is such a performance that is full of this work.
Soul guitarist Robin Trower. In 1973, his career blew up with an initial impulse and passion that was never over again. It is a superb soundboard album that made such a scene come from Ogen Reel Master. It is a masterpiece that has become possible, supreme live album that can not be wrong. One “pole” of British blues rock. Please enjoy yourself and enjoy yourself.

PROCOL HARUMを離れ、独り立ちを果たした1973年のロビン・トロワー。その極初期を超極上サウンドで体験できるサウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは「1973年8月30日アトランタ公演」。その極上サウンドボード録音です。1973年と言えば、ソロ・デビュー作『TWICE REMOVED FROM YESTERDAY』を世に放ったばかり。まずは当時のスケジュールを振り返り、ショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。
そんな究極サウンドで描かれるショウがまた、素晴らしいにも程がある。セットは当時の標準的なもので、名盤『TWICE REMOVED FROM YESTERDAY』『BRIDGE OF SIGHS』の粋。デビュー作の全9曲中6曲が披露され、そこに2ndアルバムの半分がまぶされている。2作のエッセンスを10曲に濃縮しており、ステージならではの熱気と流れが全編を貫く。濃厚な初期ベストであり、同時に一層加熱した灼熱アルバムでもあるのです。
そして、オリジナル・トリオというのがまた良い。ジミヘンの再来と言われたギターは全編で爆発しつつ、ポール・ロジャースを彷彿とさせるジェイムズ・デュワーのブリティッシュ・ヴォイスも絶品。そして、スツールに座るのは黒人ドラマー:レグ・イサドア。まさに『TWICE REMOVED FROM YESTERDAY』『BRIDGE OF SIGHS』を創り上げた3人だからこそのアンサンブルが吹き出す。しかも、『BRIDGE OF SIGHS』の名曲を演奏しつつ、リリース前というのが最高。あの大名盤を創り上げるバンド・ポテンシャルを確立しながら、まだ成功を収めていない。演奏には勝利者ではなく、果敢に挑む挑戦者の勢いが込められ、熱いギターが一層激しく燃え上がっている。ロビンに限らない話ですが、ロックは全盛に達した自信のショウより、その直前の野心丸出しの演奏の方が美味しいもの。しかも、本作は英国ロッカーにとって征服すべき敵地アメリカ。本作に詰まっているのは、そんな演奏なのです。

1. Radio Intro 2. The Fool And Me 3. Twice Removed From Yesterday 4. Lady Love
5. Daydream 6. Day Of The Eagle 7. I Can’t Wait Much Longer 8. Man Of The World
9 Sinner’s Song 10. A Little Bit Of Sympathy 11. Audience (with radio announcer)
12. Rock Me Baby 13. Radio Outro

Robin Trower-guitar James Dewar-bass & vocals Reg Isidore-drums

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Uxbridge 1020

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