Robin Trower / Pop Spectacular BBC 1975 / 1CD

Robin Trower / Pop Spectacular BBC 1975 / 1CD / Wardour
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Live at Paris Theatre, London, UK 29th January 1975 STEREO SBD Taken from the original BBC Transcription Services(CN 2221/SQ)

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Elegant stereo sound board / album which is thin even for that famous name board “LIVE” appears in permanent preservation press CD. The most decisive sound board live was recorded “London performance on 29th January 1975”. Yes, legendary live famous for BBC recording. It is a big staple from ancient times broadcast as a special program “IN CONCERT”, but it is the ultimate live album reigning at its top.

Why is this work at the top, if it is its origin. It is a piece digitized precisely from unused treasured BBC transcription disc. Of course, this live has already been released as the official board “BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT” or “AT THE BBC 1973-1975 (part of)”. However, when “BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT” came out in 1992, although I was amazed at the first appearance of “Twice Removed From Yesterday” and “Rock Me Baby” which did not exist in sounds and broadcasts exceeding the air check, “Too Rolling Stoned” “I Can not Wait Much Longer” was cut incomplete version. Moreover, it was a strange one that the problem of the right relation, Mike Harding’s name tone MC was cut down and was blown off with a deliberate big cheer. After that, “Too Rolling Stoned” and “I Can not Wait Much Longer” were recorded in “AT THE BBC 1973-1975” released in 2011, but this time “Twice Removed From Yesterday”, “Rock Me Baby “Has been cut.
This work is one that overcomes all such drawbacks. It is the longest version including “Twice Removed From Yesterday” and “Rock Me Baby” that appeared in “BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT” as well as the full version of the broadcast that MC also recorded. What is more wonderful is the rich sound unique to the broadcasting master. It is quite different from “BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT” where the flat plate and the stereo feeling were strange, and the exquisite mix prepared beautifully with splash is exquisite. Everything can be tasted naturally and elaborate “ringing” unique to analog, but its “skimmer” is also beautiful. It is a stereoscopic feeling enough to feel the sound of the golden trio ‘s standing position, as far as the sound that extends from it all the way. The stereoscopic effect will not stop at each instrument. Especially the base is the base. It is far more brilliant than the official board, not only glossy, but one sound one stereoscopic. From the sharp rising to the rising of the ringing sound and the disappearing sound … … The series of movements is felt as if it were touching the corrugation directly “feeling of touch”. It is a different dimension sound board whose three-dimensional sound is entwined by three people.
What is drawn with that sound is exactly the topic live. It was recorded just before the release of “FOR EARTH BELOW”, and beautifully selected 3-5 songs from the initial 3 songs “Matthew Fisher Produce 3 Div.” Moreover, it is performed not only with the best song selection but also with the band potential itself that created the famous board “FOR EARTH BELOW”. After all, official traditional daimyo board “LIVE” was recorded “February 3, 1975”, so this work is only five days before that. Indeed, it can be said that it is an expanded version of the historical masterpiece.

In addition to the complete form of broadcast including Mike Harding’s MC, the longest version including “Twice Removed From Yesterday” and “Rock Me Baby”. And rich analog sound that only BBC’s transcription disk could save. It is the ultimate one suitable for permanent preservation of legendary performances. Enjoy luxurious moments of British rock, plenty of this work.
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あの大名盤『LIVE』にさえ肉薄する極上ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが永久保存プレスCDで登場です。それほど決定的なサウンドボード・ライヴが収録されたのは「1975年1月29日ロンドン公演」。そう、BBC収録で有名な伝説的ライヴ。名物番組“IN CONCERT”として放送された古くからの大定番ですが、その頂点に君臨する究極ライヴアルバムなのです。
なぜ故に本作が頂点かと言えば、その出自。秘蔵の未使用BBCトランスクリプション・ディスクから精緻にデジタル化された1枚なのです。もちろん、このライヴはオフィシャル盤『BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT』や『AT THE BBC 1973-1975(の一部)』としてもリリース済みではあります。しかし、1992年に『BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT』が出た際には、エアチェックを超えるサウンドや放送になかった「Twice Removed From Yesterday」「Rock Me Baby」の初登場に驚喜したものの、逆に「Too Rolling Stoned」「I Can’t Wait Much Longer」がカットされた不完全版。さらに権利関係の問題か、マイク・ハーディングの名調子MCもバッサリ削られ、わざとらしい大歓声が被せられているという奇妙な1枚でした。その後、2011年にリリースされた『AT THE BBC 1973-1975』には「Too Rolling Stoned」「I Can’t Wait Much Longer」が収録されたものの、今度は「Twice Removed From Yesterday」「Rock Me Baby」がカットされてしまったのです。
本作は、そんな数々の欠点をすべて克服した1枚。MCも収録した放送の完全版なだけでなく、『BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT』で登場した「Twice Removed From Yesterday」「Rock Me Baby」も含めた最長版なのです。それ以上に素晴らしいのは、放送原盤ならではのリッチ・サウンド。どこか平板でステレオ感も妙だった『BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT』とはまったく違い、骨太で綺麗に整えられた絶妙なミックスが素晴らしい。すべてに渡ってアナログならではの自然で伸びやかな“鳴り”が味わえますが、その“スキマ”さえも美しい。黄金トリオの立ち位置、そこから四方へ伸びていく響きまで感じられるほどの立体感なのです。立体感は、各楽器に止まらない。特に凄いのはベース。公式盤よりも遙かに図太く、艶やかさなだけでなく、1音1音が立体的。鋭い立ち上がりから鳴りの持ち上がり、そして消えゆく響きまで……その一連の動きがまるで波形に直接触れているかのように“手触り感”で感じられる。その立体音が3人分絡む異次元のサウンドボードなのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、まさに頂点的なライヴ。『FOR EARTH BELOW』リリースの直前に収録されており、“マシュー・フィッシャー・プロデュース3部作”たる初期3作から代表曲を3-5曲ずつ綺麗にセレクト。しかも、単にベスト選曲なだけでなく、名盤『FOR EARTH BELOW』を創り上げたバンド・ポテンシャルそのもので演奏される。何しろ、オフィシャル伝統の大名盤『LIVE』が収録されたのは「1975年2月3日」ですから、本作はそのわずか5日前。まさに、歴史的大傑作の拡張版と言ってもおかしくないのです。

マイク・ハーディングのMCも含めた放送の完全形に加え、「Twice Removed From Yesterday」「Rock Me Baby」も含めた最長版。そして、BBCのトランスクリプション・ディスクだけが保存し得たリッチなアナログ・サウンド。伝説の名演を永久保存するに相応しい究極の1枚です。英国ロックの贅沢なひととき、本作でたっぷりとお楽しみください。

1. Introduction 2. Day Of The Eagle 3. Bridge Of Sighs 4. MC 5. Gonna Be More Suspicious
6. Fine Day 7. MC feat. Member Introduction 8. Lady Love 9. MC 10. Daydream
11. Too Rolling Stoned Pt.1 12. Too Rolling Stoned Pt.2 13. MC 14. I Can’t Wait Much Longer
15. MC 16. Alethea 17. MC 18. A Little Bit of Sympathy 19. Twice Removed From Yesterday
20. Rock Me Baby

Robin Trower – Guitars Jimmy Dewar – Bass & Vocals Bill Lordan – Drums



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