Robert Plant & Van Morrison / Bluefest London 2018 / 4CDR

Robert Plant & Van Morrison / Bluefest London 2018 / 4CDR / Uxbridge
Live at O2 Arena, London, UK 26th October 2018

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This year ‘s “BLUESFEST LONDON” where great singers lined up their shoulders. The ultimate original recording that vacuum packed the site appears.
This work was recorded in “O2 Arena on October 26, 2018”. It is a piece of the annual music festival “BLUESFEST”. It is the fourth year since it began at the O2 Arena, but this year it is the largest scale. 11 pairs of bands / artists participated in the 4 days from 25th to 28th October. Three pairs of Colin · McLeod, Van Morrison, Robert · Plant, who appeared on “October 26” which is the second day among a crowd of faces such as John Fogerty, Steve Miller, Robert Clay etc . This work is a supreme audience recording 4 set including Morrison and the full stage of the plant.
The biggest point of this work is to be able to see “the present” of the two big people, but the sound quality which conveys the scene is also excellent. Although it is original master of only this work which was handed down from the sound recording person himself, that sound recordingist is a master living in the UK. In our shop is a familiar taper as “British master”. It is known for its personality to combine a sense of warm air with modern clearness, but this work is wonderful with its taste. I do not say that distance feeling is zero, but singing voice which reaches straight clearly is plenty to the core. The venue acoustics are not only disadvantages but also beauty points, and they are able to listen exactly to one word of one word of lyrics, making the vocalization glittering. Besides, the sense of stability that its sound penetrates the full 4 stage set of two people is excellent. Not to mention noise, there are no distortion at peak time and sound shaking like getting lost in the direction of the microphone, just beautifully drawing more than 3 hours can be drawn.
That sound is also perfect for Both male music. Meanwhile, Morrison included a large amount of covers of R & B, Seoul, and Standard, and one plant rewritten ZEP numbers and blues covers that had been decorated with a unique world view. The mood that the performance brings is the key, and the relationship between the ensemble and the singing voice is especially important. The sound of this work beautifully colors that mood, vocals stand out. Transmit Morrison’s singing voice that is supple and supple with the ensemble more deeply and express vividly the growth of the plant breaking through the ensemble. This atmosphere with plenty of umami can be tasted because it is an audience recording, and at the same time it can only taste the singing voice singing voice if it is made by the artisan. Compatibility of ease of listening like modern recording and elegance like vintage recording. It is exactly the insignificant item of “Surge of UK masters”.
And the great girls who sing in such a sound world. Both of them are the final show of the 2018 schedule, Morrison has 48 performances this year, the plant has 62 performances. The at home feeling which returned to the UK around the world is wonderful, and tour tiredness is also minimal due to the schedule that can be afforded. You can enjoy plenty of relaxing singing voices like talking to an ensemble coming up to the breath feeling level.

Van Morrison and Robert Plant, which can be said to be the history of British rock itself. It is a 4-disc set that tastes the UK festival that the two of them appeared side by side with a superb sound. I got through more than 50 years of career “Two people now”. Please enjoy yourself carefully in the leading British sound.
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偉大なるシンガーが肩を並べた今年の“BLUESFEST LONDON”。その現場を真空パックした極上オリジナル録音が登場です。



Disc 1(44:23)
1. Robert Elms Introduction 2. Hold It Right There/Wait A Minute Baby
3. Benediction 4. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Else Needs Me)
5. Have I Told You Lately 6. Magic Time
7. Baby Please Don’t Go/Rock Island Line/Cry Baby Cry/Got My Mojo Working
8. I Can Tell 9. Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid 10. I Believe To My Soul
11. Early In The Morning 12. Dead Or Alive

Disc 2(49:28)
1. Sometimes We Cry 2. Broken Record 3. Saint James Infirmary 4. Think Twice Before You Go
5. Talk Is Cheap 6. Moondance 7. In The Afternoon/Ancient Highway/Raincheck/Sitting Pretty
8. Help Me 9. Ballerina


Disc 3(43:28)
1. Robert Elms Introduction 2. Introduction 3. Ramble On 4. Turn It Up 5. The May Queen
6. Rainbow 7. Black Dog 8. The Rain Song 9. Gallows Pole

Disc 4(51:33)
1. Carry Fire 2. Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You 3. Member Introductions 4. Little Maggie
5. Fixin’ To Die 6. New World 7. Bring It On Home/Whole Lotta Love/Who Do You Love

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