Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters / Summer Sonic 2014 / 2CD

Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters / Summer Sonic 2014 / 2CD / Wardour

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QVC Marine Field, Chiba, Japan 16th August 2014 & Maishima Summer Sonic Osaka Site, Osaka, Japan 17th August 2014 .


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Both complete recording at ultra-high quality audience than the original master recording, Makuhari August 16 of Robert Plant that appeared on the stage of Summer Sonic 2014, the Osaka concert on the 17th. Recording’s, veteran taper familiar Michael Schenker of this year, the forum performances of TOTO Tokyo performances. Here is outstanding stability of the sound, the clearness by the right front speaker. Osaka performances, those familiar with “West strongest taper” Mr. also here, here “position the sound hail directly from the left speaker of fishing PA, recording from the best position.” Distance and sense of balance is perfect Tokyo show as well. For us to reproduce the show in superlative sound that I do not think open-air stage in the sound quality of some powerful bass also worked in the clear. Japan tour is 18 years since Paige plant, since 1984, solo concert in Japan will live that first time in 30 years really. From beginning to end, a stage that combines the ZEP and sound implantation of old blues and ethnic music and contemporary masterpiece from beginning to end. Sound original fusion has progressed more wonderfully than expected, and not let large satisfy the audience Paige plant, has become offered at more playing folk music land morning from ’93 solo tour at the time of the earlier further directly below. Songs of Led Zeppelin is playing “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” from opening in both performances. I wowed the audience to show off “Black Dog”, “Going To California”, “What Is And What Should Never Be” and “Whole Lotta Love” is also the other. Must listen subjected to interpretation and arrangement too bold “Black Dog”. Chanted “It’s comedy” plant laughing at the point of dialogue familiar in Tokyo show. Plant and heavy rock has been the MC cynical after you have finished playing in Osaka performances. African musicians who appeared to have a folk instrument, Jurude Camara is very active in the “Black Dog”. It appeared in strategically Since then, he has accented good to live. And “What Is And What Should Never Be” and “Whole Lotta Love”, it was shown off in the faithful form in the original song relatively you to hear the excitement of the best this day both days is “Whole Lotta Love” in particular . Choice was picked up and studio sessions, with a medley of “Whole Lotta Love” in the era ZEPPELIN former “Fixin ‘To Die Blues” song selection was also glad to mania. Other, quickly show off “Turn It Up”, “Rainbow” and “Little Maggie” New, scheduled for release in September from “Lullaby and … The Ceaseless Roar”. Tokyo was the rain since the beginning, but with the sun came out the rain ceased in the 4th track “Black Dog”. Played well timing where a beautiful rainbow is applied to the third base side of the stadium, “Rainbow” has become a dramatic development that me to ally forces of nature. Sun also began to sink by the time of “Whole Lotta Love”, Osaka performances is that of natural lighting effects and also was impressive stage, which began in the sun still shines. Beautiful direct sound will be to attract many fans of the equalizing clear sense unrelated. Both performances, 2-Disc masterpiece that has been recorded in the sound of the preeminent. The height of this quality is sure to become a hot topic among fans all over the world! It is determined by the release CD2 Disc Limited press.

2014年サマーソニックのステージに登場したロバート・プラントの8月16日幕張、17日大阪公演を、どちらもオリジナルマスターより超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。録音者は、東京公演は今年のマイケル・シェンカー、TOTOのフォーラム公演等でお馴染みのベテランテーパー。こちらは右スピーカー正面とのことで音の安定感、クリアネスは抜群。大阪公演は、こちらもお馴染み「西日本最強テーパー」氏によるもので、こちらは「PAの左釣りスピーカーから音がダイレクトに降ってくる位置、ベストポジションからの録音」。東京公演同様にバランスや距離感は完璧。クリアで低音も効いた迫力ある音質で野外ステージとは思えない最上級なサウンドでショウを再現してくれます。来日公演はペイジ・プラント以来18年ぶりで、ソロ来日公演は1984年以来、実に30年ぶりのライヴということになります。古いブルース・民族音楽・現代風の打ち込みサウンドとZEPを融合させたステージは終始、終始圧巻。ペイジプラント、さらにはそれ以前の93年ソロツアー時からの民族音楽地朝の演奏はよりこなれたものとなっており融合がより進んだオリジナルなサウンドは予想以上に素晴らしく、観客を大満足させていました。レッド・ツェッペリンの曲は、両公演ともにオープニングから「Babe I’m Gonna Leave You」を演奏。他にも「Black Dog」、「Going To California」、「What Is And What Should Never Be」、「Whole Lotta Love」を披露し観客を沸かせます。あまりにも大胆な解釈・アレンジを施した「Black Dog」は必聴。東京公演ではお馴染みの掛け合いの箇所でプラントが笑いながら「コメディだ」と連呼。大阪公演では演奏し終わった後にヘビーロックとプラントが皮肉的なMCをしています。その「Black Dog」では民族楽器を持って登場したアフリカ人ミュージシャン、ジュルデー・カマラが大活躍。彼はその後も要所要所で登場し、ライブに良いアクセントをつけています。比較的原曲に忠実な形で披露されたのは「What Is And What Should Never Be」と「Whole Lotta Love」で、特に「Whole Lotta Love」は両日ともにこの日一番の盛り上がりを聴かせます。かつてZEPPELIN時代にスタジオセッションや、「Whole Lotta Love」のメドレーで取り上げた「Fixin’ To Die Blues」のチョイスもマニアには嬉しい選曲でした。他にも、9月リリース予定の新作「Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar」から「Turn It Up 」「Rainbow」「Little Maggie」をいち早く披露。東京は冒頭から雨模様でしたが、4曲目の「Black Dog」で雨がやんで日差しが出てきたとのこと。スタジアム三塁側に綺麗な虹がかかったところにタイミング良く演奏された「Rainbow」は自然の力が味方してくれた劇的な展開となりました。大阪公演はまだ太陽が照る中始まったステージは「Whole Lotta Love」の頃には日も沈みだし、自然の照明効果も感動的だったとのことです。イコライズ感無縁のクリアーでダイレクトな美しいサウンドは多くのファンを魅了することでしょう。両公演とも、抜群のサウンドで記録された大傑作2枚組。このクオリティの高さは、世界中のファンの間で話題となること間違いなし!限定プレスCD2枚組でリリース決定です。

Disc 1(70:38)
Live at QVC Marine Field, Chiba, Japan 16th August 2014 

1. Intro 2. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You 3. Tin Pan Valley 4. Turn It Up 5. Black Dog 
6. Rainbow 7. Going To California 8. Little Maggie 9. What Is And What Should Never Be
10. Fixin’ To Die Blues 11. Band Introductions 12. Whole Lotta Love incl. Who Do You Love

Disc 2(77:06)
Live at Maishima Summer Sonic Osaka Site, Osaka, Japan 17th August 2014

1. Intro 2. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You 3. Tin Pan Valley 4. Turn It Up 5. Black Dog 
6. Rainbow 7. Going To California 8. Band Introductions 9. Little Maggie 
10. What Is And What Should Never Be 11. Fixin’ To Die Blues 
12. Whole Lotta Love incl. Who Do You Love

Robert Plant – Vocals Justin Adams – Guitar, Bendir, Vocals
Billy Fuller – Bass, Vocals Dave Smith – Drums, Percussion
John Baggott – Keyboards Liam “Skin” Tyson – Guitar, Vocals
Juldeh Camara – Ritti, Kologo, Talking Drum, Vocals 

Wardour 127

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