Ritchie Blacmores Rainbow / Definitive Berlin 2018 / 2CD

Ritchie Blacmores Rainbow / Definitive Berlin 2018 / 2CD / Black Box

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Live at Velodrom, Berlin, Germany 18th April 2018

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This year’s …… No, it was the biggest harvest day of the 21st century RAINBOW “Berlin performance on April 18, 2018”. Ultra superficially live album that explores its vertex is appearing in permanent preservation press 2CD. Although Berlin performance where many high-quality live albums / video works have already appeared already, its “apex” was at a further height. That’s it. It is the top audience album that we pursued pursuit.
Let’s begin with organizing sound source information. Among the recordings born from the Berlin performance, there are three types of superb levels. In our shop, we have reported on three work “LIVE IN BERLIN 2018 (Shades 907)” “LIVE IN BERLIN 2018: DEFINITIVE MASTER (Shades 917)” “BERLIN 2018 (Black Box 026)”. The breakdown is …

· Source 1: DVD audio of “LIVE IN BERLIN 2018” “BERLIN 2018”
· Source 2: 2 CD of “BERLIN 2018”
· Source 3: “DEFINITIVE MASTER” & this work

…… and it looks like this. “Source 1” and “Source 2” are permanently stored and pressed as “BERLIN 2018” (Source 1 is the sound of DVD). This work is the only “Source 3” that remained. It is a superb recording in the very best that appeared as “LIVE IN BERLIN 2018: DEFINITIVE MASTER”. Of course, I did not press “DEFINITIVE MASTER” altogether. The decision board that pulls out the possibility that the recording itself possessed with meticulous remastering to the utmost, and further upgraded. It is exactly the live album which is the vertex in the vertex.
The upgrade is the point, but first of all it is arguing in the first place. If I tried to make words of the individuality of three kinds of recording … …

· Source 1: Natural recording which can feel the whole hole
· Source 2: Brilliant colorful recording of edges
· Source 3: Direct recording with no sense of distance

…… It is such a feeling. The best thing to say in the original sound is “Transparent 2” of clear transparency. In the 3-disc set “BERLIN 2018”, I polished its vividness and pressed it. However, there was a slight distance to the performance which emerged from a sense of intense clear air. On the other hand, “Source 3” was more like a sound board. Recording by worldwide master “wb”, a phenomenal zero distance sound was realized. However, the weakness of this “Source 3” is somewhat muzzled ringing (especially vocals). Even though there was a sense of close contact with a class deeply, it was also a sound that could be felt now with basking feeling when hearing it.
And this work that improved all that powerfully. The aim of mastering is “goodness of missing” which makes direct feeling refreshed. Originally the tone quality itself is wonderful enough, adjustment of the total balance, not adjusting pin range tone range. Of course, not cutting off the sounds of the original sound, the atmosphere adheres to the utmost. On top of that the vocals came out clearly, and the sound of the ensemble as a whole and the sound pressure balance of each musical instruments was also beautifully arranged.
The sound that is completed in this way can only be called ‘Official grade audience’. The punchy feeling of the core is enormous, and the detailed detail can fully draw all the notes. Although it is a transparent feeling shining in crystal clear, rich natural sounds are dwelling on the core of the musical sound itself. And, more than anything, the sense of zero distance that could not be achieved with “Source 1 & 2”. In other 2 sound sources, no matter how hard you master by mastering, the sense of distance by position will not change. However, in this work Ronnie Romero, which had been singing far and farther away from the guitar, also appeared in front of the guitar and filled with the beauty that the ensemble was in perfect form. That’s exactly what you can taste like ultra superb sounds that hide audience recordings and pass through official releases.

Whether the official live album will be born in 2018 as well as “LIVE IN GERMANY” and “LIVE IN BIRMINGHAM” in 2016, “MEMORIES IN ROCK II” in 2017. I do not know yet. If it did not happen, it will definitely be the official substitution for this work. It is an ultra-superb live album that boasts the ultimate quality so much, and it is a 2-disc set that has polished all the power of a superb article of sound, because world-class masterpiece recorded. It is the inscription of the inscription that will continue to symbolize the year 2018 RAINBOW.

まずは、音源情報の整理から始めましょう。ベルリン公演から生まれた録音のうち、極上レベルは3種類。当店では、これまでに3作『LIVE IN BERLIN 2018(Shades 907)』『LIVE IN BERLIN 2018: DEFINITIVE MASTER(Shades 917)』『BERLIN 2018(Black Box 026)』でレポートしてきました。その内訳は……

・Source 1:『LIVE IN BERLIN 2018』『BERLIN 2018』のDVD音声
・Source 2:『BERLIN 2018』の2CD

……と、このようになっています。「Source 1」と「Source 2」は『BERLIN 2018』として永久保存プレス化済み(Source 1はDVDの音声)。本作は、唯一残っていた「Source 3」。『LIVE IN BERLIN 2018: DEFINITIVE MASTER』として登場した極上中の極上録音なのです。もちろん、『DEFINITIVE MASTER』をそっくりプレスしたわけではありません。細心のリマスタリングで録音そのものが持っていた可能性を最大限に引き出し、更なるアップグレードを果たした決定盤。まさに頂点の中の頂点たるライヴアルバムなのです。

・Source 1:ホール全体を感じられるナチュラル録音
・Source 2:エッジの鮮やかなカラフル録音
・Source 3:距離感がまるでないダイレクト録音

……こんな感じでしょうか。原音で言うなら一番なのは透き通った鮮やかさの「Source 2」。3枚組『BERLIN 2018』では、その鮮やかさに磨きをかけてプレス化致しました。しかし、激クリアな空気感から浮かび上がる演奏には、若干の距離があった。それに対し、よりサウンドボード的だったのは「Source 3」。世界的な名手「wb」による録音で、驚異的なゼロ距離サウンドが実現していたのです。ただしこの「Source 3」の弱みは、ややくぐもった鳴り(特にヴォーカル)。せっかくド級の密着感があるのに、パッと聴いたときの籠もり感で今ひとつに感じかねないサウンドでもあったのです。
そうして完成したサウンドは、「オフィシャル級オーディエンス」とでも呼ぶしかない。芯の骨太感は絶大で、超詳細なディテールは全ノートを完全に描ききる。クリスタル・クリアに輝く透明感でありながら、楽音の芯そのものにリッチで自然な鳴りが宿っているのです。そして、何より「Source 1&2」では成し得なかったゼロ距離感。他2音源ではいかにマスタリングで磨こうと、ポジションによる距離感は変わりようがありません。しかし、本作ではギターよりも遠く遠く離れたところで歌っていたようなロニー・ロメロもグイッと前に出てきて、アンサンブルが完全形になったような美しさを湛えている。それこそ、オーディエンス録音なのを隠して公式リリースしても通るような超・極上サウンドがたっぷりと味わえるのです。

2016年の『LIVE IN GERMANY』や『LIVE IN BIRMINGHAM』、2017年の『MEMORIES IN ROCK II』のように、2018年からも公式ライヴアルバムが誕生するのかどうか。それはまだ分かりません。もし、実現しなかったとしてたら、その公式代わりになるのは間違いなく本作です。それほどまでに究極的なクオリティを誇る超・極上のライヴアルバムであり、世界的名手が録音したからこその絶品サウンドを全力で磨き上げた2枚組。2018年のRAINBOWを象徴し続けて行くであろう、銘品の銘品です。


Disc 1 (68:48)
1. Land of Hope and Glory 2. Over the Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender 5. Mistreated
6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man on the Silver Mountain 8. Perfect Strangers
9. Soldier of Fortune 10. Black Night 11. Difficult To Cure (incl. Keyboard Solo)

Disc 2 (52:50)
1. All Night Long 2. Child in Time 3. Stargazer 4. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
5. Smoke on the Water 6. Burn

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitars Ronnie Romero – Vocals Bob Nouveau – Bass
Jens Johansson – Keyboards David Keith – Drums Candice Night – Backing Vocals
Lady Lynn – Backing Vocals

Black Box 027

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