Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow / Stone Free Festival 2017 Remaster / 2CD+1DVD

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow / Stone Free Festival 2017 Remaster / 2CD+1DVD / Black Box
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Live at the O2 Arena, London, UK 17th June 2017.

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The “RAINBOW of 2017” which has been heating soon. A supreme live set that preserves the highest peak record of that first day forever!
RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW which ended all 3 schedule which had already been scheduled and which was also talking about this year. We released a full news release at our shop and gave great feedback from everyone. Next to the breaking news, it will permanently save you repeatedly and forever. The press title comes in.
It is contained in such a work “June 17, 2017: London performance”. It is a 3-disc set that arranged Best Recording Live Album on Disk 1-2, Super Multi-Camera Audience shot on Disk 3. Let’s confirm the position of this London performance once again now.

· June 17: London performance [this work] · June 22: Manchester Performance (Canceled)
· June 25: Glasgow performance
· June 28: Birmingham Concert
· July 30 – August 19: Europe (9 shows)

【Disk 1-2: Live Album (Remaster)】
This is the live schedule of 2017 which is published to date. RAINBOW has only 3 performances, and now Ritchie is cultivating a keen interest towards the core tour BLACKMORE’S NIGHT tour. This work is the first day of such RAINBOW.
First of all, a full live album 2 pcs. It was remastered the same recording as “STONE FREE FESTIVAL 2017 (Shades 751)” released. That quality is like a different sound source! Although it was rich and good recording from the beginning, cloudiness was felt somewhat also in the air feeling. In this work, the clouds are sunny and the sounds that the performance and singing voice come out before the gig. The sense of air comes through crystal clear, and the musical sound core is struck in front of you. The direct feeling that you hear even in almost a different position has been reborn as a gem that is suitable for calling “a sound board”.
Of course, it is not forced sound pressure remaster. Our shop has released hundreds of Richey · Blackmore’s all carriers from DEEP PURPLE to BLACK MORE ‘S NIGHT and has kept going out with that tone. Mobilizing all its knowledge and experience, but while making the most of the “sound” of the original recording was focused on the reproduction of “sound that was really ringing.” And it is great that it was a live recording. Not the magic of the universal to say the modern technology of re-master, depending on the personality of the original recording not good compatibility with remastered, if leakage recording does not improve even if luck, the potential to get better beyond recognition in reverse There is also a secret recording. This work is the latter.
Well, the first day of “2017 RAINBOW” drawn with that sound. This is also a special show for the last 3 days! I was amazed at the newly released ‘I Surrender’, ‘All Night Long’ and the stage directorial in the preliminary report release, but now the points have also become clear with the completion of the three performances. The maximum · the best scene is definitely “Still I’m Sad”! In the 21st century RAINBOW performed 6 performances totaling 2016 and 2017, “Still I’m Sad” is only once on this day. This work is also the best record of that one time.
Moreover, not only preciousness but also content is wonderful. Although I was playing in the Dougie · White era as well, Ronnie Romero is a better actor. In a wild voice quality and powerful singing, interlaced exquisitely with romantic utterances, which intertwine with Richie’s glittering tone …. This heroic yet fantasy world is definitely the one since Ronnie James Dio. Last year, Romero said “I would like to introduce new talent to everyone”, but Romero is certainly not a metal singer of all.
And Richie who regained confidence after last year’s success is also wonderful. When we released the preliminary report, I introduced “I’m looking forward to how much it will get better”, but it seems that this first day is the best. Of course, songs / phrase unit flashing / refreshing trends may be higher on days 2 and 3, but the overall feeling of tension on the first day is felt, and it is tight. Although the sound of this work is too good, it may sound like shining until the performance … ….

【Disk 3: Multi-camera · Audience】
And on Disk 3, we prepared a superb audience shot to witness such a famous performance. I have also introduced pictures with a gift board so far, but this disc is a multi-camera specification of another thing. That quality is superb. It gathers all kinds of images that flies to the net and has assembled it by scrutinizing both aspects of quality and attractions. Of course, it is not a song unit but a splendid video work that switches angles even for one phrase or one measure. Multi-camera specifications for “Angle is ○○” is why it can not be said, but the quality of the unique latest digital in the ultra-vivid, professional shot beams is led to the best of the close-up. On top of that, I am holding firmly the image production of huge screens.
That action of Richie drawn with that quality, the heroic appearance of Romero, the huge eyeball of “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES”, the appearance of Ronnie Dio of the past day … …. Everything is a must-see, but since it’s the first day, the highlight is “Since You Been Gone”. You can see a collaboration with the original author Las Ballard. It is valuable just to say “moving rasters”, but it can be seen with plenty of close-up multi-camera. Riche that plays sharply with Ras and socializing Romero, “Rakuchi I do not care about” and also plays it out frantically is also an interesting scene.

The one and only “Still I’m Sad” is also delicious, the calling voice of the 21st century RAINBOW number 1 “The first day of 2017”. It is one book that permanently saves its performance with a live album of the finest quality and a multi camera shot. This is the world where the originator of the English hard rock arrived. Please do try it over and over again and again again and again!
すでに予定されていた3公演をすべて終了し、今年も話題をかっさらったRITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW。当店でも全公演を速報リリースし、皆さまからも大反響を賜りました。速報の次は、繰り返しいつまでも楽しむ永久保存。プレス・タイトルの出番です。

・6月17日:ロンドン公演 【本作】

これが現在までに公表されている2017年のライヴスケジュール。RAINBOWは3公演のみで、現在リッチーは本業BLACKMORE’S NIGHTのツアーに向けて鋭気を養っています。本作は、そんなRAINBOWの初日です。
まずはフル・ライヴアルバム2枚組。速報リリースした『STONE FREE FESTIVAL 2017(Shades 751)』と同じ録音をリマスターしたものです。そのクオリティは、まるで別音源! 元からリッチで良好な録音ではありましたが、空気感にやや曇りも感じられました。本作ではその曇りがサッと晴れ、演奏と歌声がグイッと前に出てくるサウンド。空気感はクリスタル・クリアに透き通り、楽音芯が目の前に突きつけられる。ほとんど別ポジションにさえ聞こえるダイレクト感は、「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶに相応しい逸品に生まれ変わっています。
もちろん、無理矢理な音圧リマスターではありません。当店は長年、DEEP PURPLEからBLACKMORE’S NIGHTまでリッチー・ブラックモアの全キャリアを何百とリリースしており、そのトーンと付き合い続けてきました。その知識と経験を総動員し、オリジナル録音の“鳴り”を最大限に活かしつつ「本当に鳴っていた音」の再現に注力したのです。そして、それが活きる録音だったことも大きい。現代技術のリマスターとは言っても万能の魔法ではなく、元録音の個性によってはリマスターとの相性が良くなく、どうがんばっても向上しない録音もれば、逆に見違えるほど良くなる潜在力を秘めた録音もある。本作は後者なのです。
さて、そのサウンドで描かれる“2017年のRAINBOW”の初日。これがまた、今回の3日間でもスペシャルなショウ! 速報リリースでは新登場した「I Surrender」「All Night Long」やステージ演出に驚きましたが、3公演を終えた今ではポイントもハッキリとしました。最大・最高のシーンは、間違いなく「Still I’m Sad」! 21世紀RAINBOWは2016年・2017年と合計6公演を行ったわけですが、「Still I’m Sad」はこの日一度きり。本作は、その1回限りの最高峰記録でもあるのです。

そのクオリティで描かれるリッチーのあのアクション、ロメロのヒロイックな佇まい、『STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES』の巨大な目玉、在りし日のロニー・ディオの姿……。そのすべてが必見ですが、初日だからこその見どころは「Since You Been Gone」でしょう。原作者であるラス・バラードとの共演が見られるのです。“動くラス”というだけでも貴重ですが、それを接写もたっぷりなマルチカメラで見られる。ラスと肩を組んではしゃぐ社交的なロメロ、「我関せず」とばかりに淡々と弾くリッチーも面白いシーンです。

唯一無二の「Still I’m Sad」も美味しく、21世紀RAINBOWナンバー1の呼び声高い“2017年の初日”。その名演を極上クオリティのライヴアルバムとマルチカメラ・ショットで永久保存する1本です。これぞ、英国ハードロックのオリジネイターがたどり着いた世界。ぜひ、何度でも何度でも繰り返して味わい尽くしてください!

Disc 1 (65:01)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender 5. Mistreated
6. Introduction of Russ Ballard 7. Since You Been Gone (with Russ Ballard)
8. Man On The Silver Mountain incl. Woman From Tokyo 9. Soldier Of Fortune 10. All Night Long
11. Difficult To Cure incl. Keyboard Solo 12. Child In Time

Disc 2 (49:49)
1. Intro. 2. Stargazer 3. Still I’m Sad incl. Drum Solo 4. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
5. Black Night 6. Burn 7. Catch the Rainbow 8. Smoke On The Water

Live at the O2 Arena, London, UK 17th June 2017

1. Land of Hope and Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender 5. Mistreated
6. Since You Been Gone (with Russ Ballard) 7. Man on the Silver Mountain 8. Soldier of Fortune
9. All Night Long 10. Difficult To Cure 11. Child in Time 12. Stargazer 13. Still I’m Sad
14. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 15. Black Night 16. Burn 17. Catch the Rainbow 18. Smoke on the Water

COLOUR NTSC Approx.114min.

Black Box 017

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