Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow / On Stage Outtakes / 1CDR

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow / On Stage Outtakes / 1CDR / Non label
Taken from the original “On Stage Outtakes” CD(MN54-8905) STEREO SBD

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Daimyo Board “ON STAGE” to say also as the hardest part of the English hard rock. This week, the definitive masterpiece “DEFINITIVE ON STAGE” pursuing the reverse side is renewed and released. For this week’s gift, we prepared a legendary masterpiece title that opened up the path to exploring the back.
That legendary board is “ON STAGE OUTTAKES”. It is a collection of sound boards and takes that were not adopted in the official board while being “ON STAGE” around as its name suggests. And this live album was also a sin which produced a lot of stray lambs. It is a big staple that has been loved by mania since ancient times and whispered to many abundant sound fans, “There is a tremendous treasure behind ON STAGE,” and beat down to the abyss of sound source hell. In the first place, it was impossible to use the official “ON STAGE”. While the music itself depicts the poles of Hard Rock Britain, its truth is a collection of various live performances. Not only in Japan but also in West German tours, it is not only one performance in one song like “Kill The King” or “Still I’m Sad”, nor does it give detailed credit. For that reason, which performances of which performances call rumors and mysteries, making many maniacs lost along the street. If the music was mediocre, if it was a show-through live of one performance, it should have never been lost for decades ….
I derailed by myself. Anyway, I can listen to another version of that historic daimyo board … … It is one piece that has taught widely the charm of such a demon. Three songs in Japan and two songs from West Germany = 5 taken in such a work. It does not cover the regular version “ON STAGE” and one take. Since it is a good opportunity, let’s compare the recording situation of the live recorded each take and the recording situation of the official board “ON STAGE”.

● December 9th: Osaka Health Pension Center
This work: Kill The King, Mistreated, Man On The Silver Mountain
Official: Catch The Rainbow

● September 25: Cologne
This work: Man On The Silver Mountain
Official: Mistreated

● September 29: Munich
This work: Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
Official: Kill The King (latter half)

This is a modern analysis of mania research advanced by modern times. To tell the truth, the original board was credit free (this is also a mess of confusion now) and editing is also sloppy. “Man On The Silver Mountain” ended in the middle of the blues, and sound was flying in “Sixteenth Century Greensleeves”. However, even that was full of mysterious charm. Currently it has finished a musical role by the official “DEUTSCHLAND TOURNEE 1976” and cozy tape “HERITAGE (Rising Arrow – 035)” etc, but the real value of this work is not there. While listening to each song one song surprisingly, “It is really different from ON STAGE!”, I pulled out the excitement of “You should have more!” Besides, it is still not fading. That shocking shock, the secret joy that comes close to me is a piece that will be revitalized with the legendary sound.
The truth of the Daimyo Edition “ON STAGE”. The search has progressed to the breathtaking place and even the legendary Nippon Budokan can now be listened to through “DEFINITIVE ON STAGE: REMASTERED EDITION”. It is a gift that mania’s craving for more than 40 years has been able to achieve. It is the responsibility of this work that taught the entrance of the devil, although it was the wonderfulness of “ON STAGE” that motivated that impulse. Because it is this monumental week, it is a devil live album that you would like to look back on.

英国ハードロックの極みとも言うべき大名盤『ON STAGE』。今週は、その裏側を追及した決定的な名作『DEFINITIVE ON STAGE』がリニューアル・リリースされます。そんな今週のギフトには、裏探索への道を拓いた伝説の名作タイトルをご用意しました。
その伝説盤とは『ON STAGE OUTTAKES』。その名の通り『ON STAGE』周辺でありながら、公式盤には採用されなかったサウンドボード・テイクを集成したもの。そして、このライヴアルバムは迷える子羊を大量に生み出した罪なる1枚でもありました。古くからマニアに愛されてきた大定番であり、数多くの健全なファンに「ON STAGEの裏には凄い秘宝がある」と囁き、音源地獄の深淵へと叩き落とした。そもそも、公式の『ON STAGE』がいけなかった。音楽自体は英国ハードロックの極地を描いていながら、その真実はさまざまなライヴの寄せ集め。日本公演だけでなく、西ドイツ・ツアーも交えて組まれ、しかも「Kill The King」や「Still I’m Sad」のように1曲内でも1公演とは限らず、詳しいクレジットもしない。そのため、どの公演のどのテイクなのかが噂と謎を呼び、幾多のマニアを路頭に迷わせた。もし音楽が凡庸であったなら、もし1公演の通しライヴであったなら、何十年も迷い続けることなどなかったはずなのに……。
思わず脱線してしまいました。ともあれ、あの歴史的な大名盤の別バージョンが聴ける……そんな悪魔の魅力を広く教えてしまった1枚なのです。そんな本作に収められているのは日本3曲+西ドイツ2曲=5テイク。正規版『ON STAGE』と1テイクも被っていません。良い機会ですので、各テイクが録音されたライヴと、公式盤『ON STAGE』の収録状況を比較してみましょう。

本作:Kill The King、Mistreated、Man On The Silver Mountain
公式:Catch The Rainbow

本作:Man On The Silver Mountain

本作:Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
公式:Kill The King(後半)

以上がマニアによるリサーチの進んだ現代の解析。実のところ、オリジナル盤はクレジットもいい加減(これがまた現在でも混乱のタネだったりします)でしたし、編集も雑。「Man On The Silver Mountain」がブルースの途中で終わってしまったり、「Sixteenth Century Greensleeves」で音が飛んでいたり。しかし、それさえもがミステリアスな魅力に満ちていました。現在となっては公式の『DEUTSCHLAND TOURNEE 1976』やコージー・テープの『HERITAGE(Rising Arrow-035)』等によって音楽的な役目を終えてはいますが、本作の真価はそこではない。1曲1曲聴き進めながら「本当にON STAGEと違う!」という驚き、「もっとあるはず!」というワクワク感を引きだした。しかも、それが今なお色あせていない。あの突き上げるような衝撃、秘密に迫った喜びが“伝説の音”と共に正鵠に甦ってくる1枚なのです。
大名盤『ON STAGE』の真実。その探索は佳境まで進み、伝説の日本武道館でさえ『DEFINITIVE ON STAGE: REMASTERED EDITION』で通して聴けるようになりました。まさに40年以上に及ぶマニアの渇望が成し得た賜です。それだけの衝動を突き動かしてきたのは『ON STAGE』の素晴らしさ故ですが、魔の入り口を教えてしまった本作の責任でもある。記念碑的な今週だからこそ、ぜひとも振り返っていただきたい悪魔のライヴアルバムなのです。

1. Kill The King (Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 9th December 1976)
2. Man On The Silver Mountain (Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 9th December 1976)
3. Mistreated (Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 9th December 1976)
4. Man On The Silver Mountain (Sporthalle Cologne Germany 25th September 1976)
5. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves (Circus Krone, Munich, Germany 29th September 1976)

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