Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Loreley 2016 Video Archives / 2DVD

Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Loreley 2016 Video Archives / 2DVD / Black Box

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Freilichtbuhne Loreley, Sankt Goarshausen, Germany 17th June 2016. NTSC


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RAINBOW revival that became the 2016 maximum of impact. The ultimate and original image is appeared in the press DVD!
The first day of Lorelei, the second day bietigheim-bissingen, Day 3 Birmingham. Of the three of the show, it was the most special is probably also the first day of Lorelei performances. Honestly, the third day Birmingham is the most popular taste of the performance of the can and set list. However, Richie himself seemed satisfied with the current revival show, have expressed the intention to continue, is not likely to be born is still great performance of repeated Bakazu was higher. However, 19 years “the moment of the resurrection” was realized through a very long time because, earlier in alone with Lorelei performance even once even after. This work is such the decision version that is two sets put the finest video only in the “2016 June 17, Lorelei” of “only once in history”.

[Disc 1: Original video by Japanese] First, the appearance has not been around anywhere else to, the original image of only this work. Carry your feet on the Lorelei in order to witness a certain Japanese “Richie Resurrection”, the video, which was recorded all the sights that I saw in his eyes. Entrusted the original master from the photographer himself, this time, it became the world’s first public.
Of course, if a bad image of valuable only, not in the press DVD of permanent preservation. Its quality is also great finest quality goods. Stage left, we have taken from Richie closer to the position, many of the great scene from the panoramic view of the stage to the angle that I stopped with a jerk is drawn plenty. A little distance like there was, Omoikkiri draw and out reflects a fantastic sense of seven colors of the rainbow across the evening sky, boldly to zoom when approaching Ritchie of the West up to the full screen. There is also a fact that the cone-shaped to recessed venue, you to view full 21st century RAINBOW spread shield zero. In “Man On The Silver Mountain” “Perfect Strangers,” “Black Night” middle of each song, but there is a shooting leakage (moment of the present), it also has beautiful cross-fade, it has been carefully finished.
And, great also its image quality and sound quality. It is vivid visual beauty of the latest digital equipment is one of the best, even resurrection RAINBOW, more in shock of the sound. Far from not lose in the video, high-quality sound that surpasses in much. So far, also has been to introduce a number of live albums, great clear of contesting the 1-second place among them, another dimension of the direct sense of the sense of distance of the video, even if raised in the grand surrounding that does not interfere with the musical tone audience …… that all is’s the name recording of top class, even for three days.
Only the best moment of this video In addition, the curtain scene. “Land Of Hope And Glory” is just overlooking the blaring venue, very ferocious field sensation to become “one of the crowd”. Ya Richie has appeared in such, at once venue Popple, emotion was Japanese is heard. “Wu, tears,” “I great” …. In addition, “Over The Rainbow” Dorothy begins to speak in and “dangerous, Yaba Iyo ……”. Rather than a conversation, almost muttering, I whisper leaking involuntarily, the screen followed by the word go closer to the Gugutsu and Ritchie in the “Highway Star”. This is another, ridiculously come to synchro to emotion. If, If we had been in place, definitely had muttered the same thing, I had elaborate an eye on the same scenery. And, it had been holding the inner corner of the eye. And, it was colored by a grand fireworks display “Smoke On The Water”! If I look up at the sky spread spectacle, singing a large crowd of the whole audience if overlooking the audience, Ritchie stands if staring at the stage. That all of sight get baked in the chest.
So, the audience the video is not a “camera in the audience” the mere. Feeling that rush of precisely because being there, proud feelings, are attracted gaze is projected all in sight. Precisely because mirror the their hearts, “imagery”, bleeding is impressed with ferocious realism. This disk 1, the real thrill of such audience the video, it makes me taste in no more site.

[Disc 2: multi-camera video of overseas mania edit] Disc 2 of behalf is a large masterpiece multi-camera audience of that is loved all over the world. Bonus title also in our shop “LORELEY 2016 VIDEO: COMPLETE” Introducing the thing but as, became a press of the permanent preservation specifications here. I think that already many people that have seen, but the visual beauty is gorgeous to Koamania overseas made full use of a myriad of angles. Raking all kinds of video that overflows to the net, let alone one song, switch the attractions even within one phrase from the next to the next. If it and if there is felt likely panoramic view to the smell of the venue, appeared almost to Richie looks windup like a pro shot. Absolutely part I do not find the video is connected by image CG of Hollywood movie beams, are you finish in the finest image of Lorelei performances.
Its maturity is (naturally you, but because I have to sift through the myriad of video) disk 1 or more. Because indeed audience natural and was cut many “official place” and I hard to say, spectacular of precisely because colorful angle is comparable even to the pro shot. Further use the name recordings sound was also carefully selected. Beautifully listening, perfection of fun watching preeminent. On top of that, I 100% natural audience material So reality is also the highest of the gem.

And Wankame full video of the Japanese shooting to become the world’s first public, large masterpiece of even multi-camera editing to admit the world. The imagery by synchro good also to experience the site, good even as possible immersed as a music video work. Gorgeous set of large masterpiece video twice is not “in the 19 years since first night” can be any more without experience. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.


もちろん、貴重なだけのダメ映像であれば、永久保存のプレスDVDにはしない。そのクオリティも素晴らしい極上品。ステージ左側、リッチー寄りのポジションから撮影しており、ステージの全景からグッと寄ったアングルまで素晴らしいシーンの数々がたっぷりと描かれる。やや距離があったようで、思いっきり引くと夕暮れの空に七色の虹が架かる幻想感を映しだし、果敢にズームするとリッチーのウェストアップが画面いっぱいまで迫る。すり鉢状に窪んだ会場ということもあり、遮蔽物ゼロで視界いっぱいに21世紀RAINBOWが広がるのです。「Man On The Silver Mountain」「Perfect Strangers」「Black Night」各曲の中盤では、(ホンの一瞬の)撮影漏れがありますが、それも綺麗にクロスフェイドしており、丁寧に仕上げられています。
さらにこの映像だけの最高の瞬間は、開演シーン。「Land Of Hope And Glory」が鳴り響く会場を見渡すだけで、まさに“観客の1人”になる猛烈な現場感覚。そんな中でリッチーが登場するや、一気に会場が沸き立ち、感極まった日本語が聞こえてくる。「うー、涙が」「凄いよ」……。さらに「Over The Rainbow」でドロシーが語り出すや「ヤバい、ヤバいよ……」。会話というよりは、ほぼつぶやき、思わず漏れた囁きなのですが、その言葉に続いて「Highway Star」でググッとリッチーに寄っていく画面。これがもう、とんでもなく感情にシンクロしてくる。もし、その場にいたら、間違いなく同じ事をつぶやいていた、同じ景色に目を凝らしていた。そして、目頭を押さえていた。そして、盛大な打ち上げ花火に彩られた「Smoke On The Water」! 空を見上げればスペクタクルが広がり、客席を見渡せば満場の大観衆が歌い、ステージを凝視すればリッチーがたたずむ。その総ての光景が胸に焼きつく。

代わってのディスク2は、全世界で愛されている大傑作のマルチカメラ・オーディエンスです。当店でもボーナス・タイトル『LORELEY 2016 VIDEO: COMPLETE』としてご紹介したものですが、ここに永久保存仕様のプレス化となりました。すでにご覧になった方も多いと思いますが、海外のコアマニアが無数のアングルを駆使した映像美は豪華絢爛。ネットに溢れたありとあらゆる映像をかき集め、1曲どころか、1フレーズ内でも見どころを次から次へと切り替える。会場の匂いまで感じられそうな全景があるかと思えば、まるでプロショットのようなリッチーの表情ドアップまで登場する。どうしても映像が見つからないパートはハリウッド映画ばりのイメージCGで繋ぎ、ローレライ公演の最高級映像に仕上げているのです。

Disc 1
Original Single Camera synced with the best quality audio(from Original Masters)

1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Highway Star 4. Spotlight Kid 5. Mistreated
6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Catch The Rainbow 9. Difficult To Cure
10. Band Introduction 11. Perfect Strangers 12. Child In Time 13. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
14. Stargazer 15. Black Night 16. Smoke On The Water

COLOUR NTSC Approx.115min.

Disc 2
Multi Camera Mix

1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Highway Star 4. Spotlight Kid 5. Mistreated
6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Catch The Rainbow 9. Difficult To Cure
10. Band Introduction 11. Perfect Strangers 12. Child In Time 13. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
14. Stargazer 15. Black Night 16. Smoke On The Water

COLOUR NTSC Approx.115min.

COLOUR NTSC Approx.230min. (トータル)

Black Box 009
Black Box 009

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