Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Glasgow 2017 Remaster / 2CD+DVD

Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Glasgow 2017 Remaster / 2CD+DVD / Black Box
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Live at the SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland 26th June 2017

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“Rainbow colored summer” is finally a climax! It is a release decision of the press series 2nd and 3 rpm of vertex recording!
“2017 RAINBOW” has all three performances, the other day we delivered the first day’s press press 2CD + DVD “STONE FREE FESTIVAL 2017 REMASTER (Black Box 017)”. This week, following that, the ultimate title on the 2nd and 3rd day is made public. Among them, the second day is included in this work. It is a set of 3 live albums & multi camera / shot of “Glasgow Performance on June 26, 2017”. Once in a while, let’s record the position of the show in the schedule.

· June 17: London performance
· June 25: Glasgow Performance 【this work】
· June 28: Birmingham Concert

【Disc 1-2: Remastered Album of Best Recording】
Disk 1-2 that appears first is a full live album that polished the best recording of this day with digital remaster. As a matter of fact, it’s the same recording as the Shades label’s bulletin board “GLASGOW 2017”, but its quality is wrong! Although “GLASGOW 2017” was now a strange sound for three days, I thought that it was “to try” and polished with mastering, it gets better as long as it gets better. Utilizing its “elongation mushrooms” to the utmost, it became a clear sound as if the skin had peeled as much as 10 pieces in total. On top of that, he also adhered to the stiff ringing of the middle and low tone that he had originally. That is exactly dynamic and direct, beautiful sound comparable to the other masterpiece “STONE FREE FESTIVAL 2017 REMASTER”.
Even the engineer who worked was amazed at this improvement. Although it is “digital remaster” in the first place, it is well known that it is not a versatile magic. In general, the myth of “remastered = improving” has already collapsed, and some people think that “remastering = deterioration” due to many scrap remaster boards. But that is also romance. I do not get bad if I properly process it after grasping Kichin and “personality of Odo original sound recording” and “sound emission at the scene”. In this work, the “personality of Daiohon Recording” was indeed “suitable for remastering”. If the bass is completely out of bass, it will not be rich and simply dango recording or burrigari’s bomb sounds will not become a beautiful sound even if mastering it. Needless to say “necessary sounds” are all in advance, we need details enough to pick up extra sound. The Omimoto Master of this work had all of it on the other side of a somewhat cloudy sound. It is somewhat “I thought it was going to be gone”, so I began re – mastering, but what I meant to improve so far … ….
Another “sound emission from the site” is also really important. If you do not know anything about the band and shimmerly “force it out, clear it …”, you will end up with a thick cosmetic monster sound. It is necessary to be conscious of “sound emission from the site” and bring it closer to it. On that point, our shop has chased Ritchie Blackmore up to BLACKMORE’S NIGHT with all-career. After understanding to every corner what kind of sound his stressed caster is spinning, “reproduce the scene at the scene” is reproduced. So, even remarkable remastering is natural (In other words, you can not remast anything because you know “Masu Recording if you change badly”, but as mentioned earlier this work is extremely ” It was for mastering “).

【Disk 3: Multi-camera · Audience】
The third piece that follows is a superb audience shot of full recording. It is a video work that precisely assembled a shredded image that flies to the net. We have already delivered a video collection on gift boards, but that is one that connects images of song units. On the contrary, this work is multi-camera specification whose angle varies finely according to the highlight in the song.
Its appearance is completely different thing. For example “Spotlight Kid” has a huge eyeball and it illuminates the audience with a spotlight from the eyes. It captures the appearance scenes and scenes that illuminate the glitter with the full view of the front, and it shows the closeups of the performances alternately. Because it is a multi camera, it can hold down both sides of “live performance” and “directing” firmly.
Another big one is sound. Although the gift board was sound quality separately for each video, this work uses the best recording that is consistent with the sound. You can enjoy scenes that are not unearthed, such as between songs, through a full story with still images without destroying the mood.

The wonderful thing of “the second day: Glasgow performance” drawn with such quality …. As I have touched it many times, the highlight of this show is “16th Century Greensleeves” and “The Temple Of The King”. The former is only twice following the Birmingham performance in 2016, the latter is a number only for this day even through two years.
Besides, these two songs are not only rare. In the 21st century RAINBOW, Richie’s romanticism which passed through BLACKMORE’S NIGHT is the greatest taste, but these two songs are representative songs of that romantic side. In addition, Heroic Voice of Ronnie Romero singing that world pours the dignity into the melody, it will never get sweet. “2017 RAINBOW” was unique for three days, but with regard to “romance” Glasgow performance is the number one.
Following “STONE FREE FESTIVAL 2017 REMASTER” of the other day, this work of this week & simultaneous release of “BIRMINGHAM 2017 REMASTER (Black Box 021)”. This completes permanent preservation of the best live album / video of 3 days. Please enjoy climax of “rainbow-colored summer” to its fullest!
“虹色の夏”もいよいよクライマックス! 頂点録音のプレス・シリーズ第2弾・第3弾の一挙リリース決定です!!
“2017年のRAINBOW”は全3公演があり、先日はその初日の決定盤プレス2CD+DVD『STONE FREE FESTIVAL 2017 REMASTER(Black Box 017)』をお届けしました。今週は、それに続き、2日目・3日目の究極タイトルを大公開。そのうち、本作に収められているのは2日目。「2017年6月26日グラスゴウ公演」のライヴアルバム&マルチカメラ・ショットの3枚組です。一応、ショウのポジションも日程で記しておきましょう。

・6月25日:グラスゴウ公演 【本作】

まず登場するディスク1-2は、この日のベスト録音をデジタル・リマスターで磨き上げたフル・ライヴアルバムです。実のところ、Shadesレーベルの速報盤『GLASGOW 2017』と同じ録音なのですが、そのクオリティは段違い! 『GLASGOW 2017』は3日間でも今イチなサウンドではあったのですが、“試しに”と思ってマスタリングで磨いてみると、あれよあれよという間にドンドン良くなる。その「伸びしろ」を最大限に活かしたところ、薄皮がまとめて10枚くらい剥がれたようなクリア・サウンドになった。その上で、もともと持っていた中低音の逞しい鳴りも堅持。それこそ、先日の傑作『STONE FREE FESTIVAL 2017 REMASTER』に匹敵するほどダイナミック、かつダイレクトな美音に仕上がったのです。
もう1つの「現場の出音」も、実は重要。バンドを何も知らずに闇雲に「迫力出して、クリアにして……」加工していくと、結局は厚化粧の化け物サウンドになってしまう。「現場の出音」を意識し、そこに近づけていく必要があるのです。その点、当店はリッチー・ブラックモアをBLACKMORE’S NIGHTに至るまで、オールキャリアで追いかけてきました。彼のストラストキャスターがどんな音を紡ぐのか、隅々まで理解した上で「現場の出音」を再現する。だから大幅なリマスタリングでも自然なのです(逆を言うと「下手に変えたらマズい録音」も分かるので、何でもかんでもリマスタリングすることも出来ないのですが、先述の通り本作は極めて「リマスタリング向き」だったわけです)。

その見応えは完全に別物。例えば「Spotlight Kid」は巨大な目玉が降りてきて、瞳からスポットライトで観客を照らす。その登場シーンやグリグリと照らすシーンを正面の全景で捉え、演奏の接写と交互に見せてくれる。マルチカメラだからこそ“生演奏”・“演出”の両面をしっかりと押さえられるわけです。

そんなクオリティで描かれる「2日目:グラスゴウ公演」の素晴らしい事……。これまで何度も触れてきたように、このショウの目玉は何と言っても「16th Century Greensleeves」と「The Temple Of The King」。前者は2016年バーミンガム公演に続いて2回だけ、後者は2年通しでもこの日だけのナンバーです。
しかも、この2曲は単に珍しいだけではない。21世紀RAINBOWは、BLACKMORE’S NIGHTを経たリッチーのロマンティズムこそが最大の旨みなわけですが、この2曲はそのロマンティック・サイドの代表曲。さらに、その世界を歌うロニー・ロメロのヒロイック・ヴォイスがメロディに凛々しさを注ぎ込み、決して甘ったるくならない。“2017年のRAINBOW”は3日間とも個性的でしたが、こと“ロマン”に関してはグラスゴウ公演こそがナンバー1なのです。
先日の『STONE FREE FESTIVAL 2017 REMASTER』に続き、今週の本作&『BIRMINGHAM 2017 REMASTER(Black Box 021)』の同時リリース。これで3日間の極上ライヴアルバム・映像の永久保存完了です。“虹色の夏”のクライマックス、存分にお楽しみください!
Disc 1 (67: 04)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender
5. Mistreated 6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man On The Silver Mountain
8. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 9. Soldier Of Fortune 10. Perfect Strangers
11. Difficult To Cure incl. Bass & Keyboard Solo

Disc 2 (63: 31)
1. Intro. 2. All Night Long 3. Child In Time 4. Stargazer 5. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
6. Burn 7. Guitar Intro. 8. Black Night incl. Drum Solo 9. The Temple Of The King
10. Smoke On The Water

DVD (124: 26)
1. Land of Hope and Glory 2. Over the Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender
5. Mistreated 6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man on the Silver Mountain
8. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 9. Soldier of Fortune 10. Perfect Strangers
11. Difficult to Cure incl. Bass and Keyboard Solo 12. All Night Long
13. Child in Time 14. Stargazer 15. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 16. Burn
17. Black Night incl. Drum Solo 18. The Temple of the King 19. Smoke on the Water

COLOR NTSC Approx. 124 min.
Black Box 020

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