Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Definitively Loreley 2016 / 2CD

Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Definitively Loreley 2016 / 2CD / Black Box

Translated Text:
Freilichtbuhne Loreley, Sankt Goarshausen, Germany 17th June 2016

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Only three performances in the 21st century global revival newborn RAINBOW. Is Ketteiban appeared under the new master of the first day! Of course, from its first day, “June 17, 2016 Lorelei performance”. It is also is live that reported in the press 2CD “LORELEY 2016 (Black Box 003),” the other day, this time complete another recording. “LORELEY 2016”, which was a live album that was polished to a press-class masters slightly sense of distance in a vivid mastering, the new master appeared late was a press grade roar to direct even leave Rokurippanashi was I! That should be it, recording who was this new master in mono was not a free person. In fact, it works with the same taper as the disk 1 and 2 of that bestowed a very popular been released last week “BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016 (Black Box 004)”. …… And, I say it is easy if you just, I think in many people to be confused only to the increasing number of recording the number. Here once, let’s organize.

● 6, May 17, 2016 Germany: Lorelei performance
→ Recorder 1: “LORELEY 2016”
→ ★ Recorder 2: [this work]

● 6 May 18, 2016 Germany: bietigheim-bissingen performances
→ ★ Recorder 1: “BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016” DISC 1-2
(Or, 2-Disc Standard Edition “BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016”)
→ Recorder 2: “BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016” DISC 3-4

● 6 May 25, 2016 United Kingdom: Birmingham performance
→ Recorder 1: “LIVE IN BIRMINGHAM 2016 (gift)”
→ Recorder 2: “BIRMINGHAM 2016”
→ Recorder 3: “BIRMINGHAM 2016 ORIGINAL MASTER (gift)”

More than audience recording of full that have appeared now. Among the above-mentioned “★” with those from the same recording house. This week, but on the second day, “RECORDER 1” is also appeared as a 2-Disc Standard Edition “BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016”, at the same this work’s the brothers work. There is only a brother work, the sound of this work is fairly close to that masterpiece recording. Direct musical tone in the thick, dense separation, sound of beautiful guitar, and even more passionate audience cheering …. Even in the original sound of Rokurippanashi I was enough to press class, more than brother recording exists, similar digital mastering also carried out. Treble of missing the good, the hand was added to the sound of bass, was appointed to the same texture as “BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016 (2 Disc)”. As a result, while the arrangement in most of had been said that high-quality sound in three days “BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016 (2 Disc)”, slightly lead. It was finished in the best sound of the nascent RAINBOW at the moment.
Such first day of the performance …… drawn by the sound of “even three-day best” is, it is difficult to say the best. As also it has been reported up to now, to the Ritchie Blackmore went back the “lock of the glue” in the 1 performance 1 performance, is on the first day without a song called “this day only!”, Only the base of the set list. There is also a fumble feeling to play, including “Highway Star” at the beginning, in the song there is a decided phrase that was tightly like a “Spotlight Kid,” “Child In Time” would make you noticeable awkwardness. Honestly, I wrote what has been recommended to have, I would no longer know what does not (laughs), this is certainly what is the truth of no two the first day. RAINBOW is went to sleep “May 31, 1997 Denmark performances (Note” MAYBE NEXT TIME: FINAL CONCERT (Shades 195) “You can enjoy)” Since then, two weeks and three days 19 years. Speaking of “19 years”, it is the same amount of length from “SHADES OF DEEP PURPLE” up to “THE HOUSE OF BLUE LIGHT”. It only of the “Mistreated” is Richie that came back over the time, the “Catch The Rainbow”, play “Stargazer”. And, the moment peering eyes and ears to the moment, enthusiastic, there is a breath of the audience that make someone’s heart beat faster, “What’s the next song!?”. Exactly, you two sheets set to be a historical document itself.

Now white to continue the lock Richie, white to stop the other, Keru weights and feelings Haji of “19 years” live would not again. Happened in the space, name recordings fully captured by the best sound, even three days. Good even if the collection as a work of the same recording artist with a “BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016 (2 Disc)”, good also revel in beautiful sound of vertex, good also witness the historic moment. Finally realized, “rock Ritchie Blackmore”. And tired of waiting waiting waiting, I could not give up trying to give up. One of the best sound that I would like you to listen to what such to you. This weekend, will be delivered to your hand.

21世紀の地球に3公演だけ復活した新生RAINBOW。その初日の新マスターによる決定盤が登場です! もちろん、その初日とは「2016年6月17日ローレライ公演」。先日もプレス2CD『LORELEY 2016(Black Box 003)』でレポートしたライヴですが、今回は完全な別録音。『LORELEY 2016』は、わずかに距離感のあるマスターをビビッドなマスタリングでプレス級にまで磨き上げたライヴアルバムでしたが、遅れて登場した新マスターは録りっぱなしのままでもダイレクトに轟くプレス級だったのです! それもそのはず、この新マスターをモノにした録音家はただ者ではなかった。実は、先週リリースされて大好評を賜った『BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016(Black Box 004)』のディスク1・2と同じテーパーのよる作品なのです。……と、言うだけならカンタンですが、録音数が増えてきただけに混乱される方も多いのではないでしょうか。ここで一度、整理してみましょう。

→Recorder 1:『LORELEY 2016』
→★Recorder 2:【本作】

→★Recorder 1:『BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016』DISC 1-2
(または、2枚組スタンダード版『BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016』)

→Recorder 1:『LIVE IN BIRMINGHAM 2016(ギフト)』
→Recorder 2:『BIRMINGHAM 2016』
→Recorder 3:『BIRMINGHAM 2016 ORIGINAL MASTER(ギフト)』

以上が現在登場しているフルのオーディエンス録音。上記のうち「★」付きが同じ録音家によるもの。今週は、2日目の「RECORDER 1」が2枚組スタンダード版『BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016』としても登場しますが、それと本作が兄弟作なのです。兄弟作だけあって、本作のサウンドはあの傑作録音にかなり近い。極太でダイレクトな楽音、緻密な分離、美しいギターの鳴り、さらには情熱的な観客の声援……。録りっぱなしの原音でも十分にプレス級だったのですが、兄弟録音が存在する以上は、同様のデジタル・マスタリングも実施。高音の抜けの良さ、低音の鳴りに手を加え、『BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016(2枚組)』と同等の質感に整えました。その結果、3日間で一番の高音質と言われていた『BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016(2枚組)』に並びつつ、わずかにリード。現時点で新生RAINBOWのベスト・サウンドに仕上がったのです。
そんな“3日間でもベスト”のサウンドで描かれる初日のパフォーマンス……は、ベストとは言い難い。今までもレポートしてきた通り、リッチー・ブラックモアは1公演1公演で“ロックのノリ”を取り戻していきましたし、初日には“この日だけ!”という曲もなく、基本のセットリストだけ。演奏には手探り感もあり、冒頭の「Highway Star」をはじめ、「Spotlight Kid」「Child In Time」のようにキッチリとした決めフレーズがある曲では、ぎこちなさが目立ってしまいます。正直なところ、書いていてお薦めしてるのか、してないのか分からなくなってしまうのですが(笑)、これこそが2つとない初日の真実なのは確か。RAINBOWが眠りに就いた“1997年5月31日デンマーク公演(注『MAYBE NEXT TIME: FINAL CONCERT(Shades 195)』でお楽しみいただけます)”以来、19年2週間と3日。“19年”と言えば、『SHADES OF DEEP PURPLE』から『THE HOUSE OF BLUE LIGHT』に至るまでと同じだけの長さです。それだけの時間を超えて還ってきたリッチーが「Mistreated」を、「Catch The Rainbow」を、「Stargazer」弾く。そして、その一瞬一瞬に目と耳を凝らし、熱狂し、「次の曲は何だ!?」と胸をときめかせる観客の息づかいがある。まさに、歴史ドキュメントそのものとなる2枚組なのです。

これからリッチーがロックを続けるにしろ、もう止めるにしろ、“19年”の重みと想いがハジけるライヴは二度とないでしょう。その空間に居合わせ、3日間でも最高のサウンドで捉えきった名録音。『BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN 2016(2枚組)』と共に同一録音家の作品としてコレクションしても良し、頂点の美麗サウンドに酔いしれるも良し、歴史的瞬間に立ち会うも良し。ついに実現した、“ロックなリッチー・ブラックモア”。待ちに待って待ちくたびれて、あきらめようとしてもあきらめきれなかった。そんなあなたにこそ聴いていただきたい極上サウンドの1本。今週末、お手元へお届けいたします。


Disc 1 (58:02)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Highway Star 4. Spotlight Kid
5. Mistreated 6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Catch The Rainbow
9. Difficult To Cure incl. Drum, Bass & Keyboard Solo

Disc 2 (57:45)
1. Band Introduction 2. Perfect Strangers 3. Child In Time 4. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
5. Stargazer 6. Black Night 7. Smoke On The Water

Black Box 007

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