Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Complete Hollywood 1997 / 2CD

Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Complete Hollywood 1997 / 2CD / Black Box
Live at Billboard Live, Hollywood, CA, USA 18th March 1997

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1997, the fate of the hero Ritchie Blackmore, marking his career as an HR guitarist. The finest full live album is newly discovered. Introduced in Permanent Storage Press 2CD.
This week, two of the best live albums of the Doggy White era will be released at the same time, but this work is the second one. A superb audience recording of “Hollywood Concert March 18, 1997”. This show was known for its FM broadcast and was also known as the “90s RAINBOW final sound board.” However, this work is a complete version that is much longer than the FM sound board, and it is also a transcendent sound that has greatly exceeded the sound quality (regardless of the customer record).
Before such quality, the position of the show first. How this show was the final version of “HR Guitarist: Richie”. Let’s look back at the dates back then.

● 1995
“August” Lonely Stranger “released”
・ September 30th-November 4th: Europe # 1 (25 performances)
・ November 11-23: Japan (9 performances)
● 1996
・ June 27-July 7: South America (8 performances)
・ July 21-August 11: Europe # 2 (13 performances)
《Withdrawal from Chuck Burgi → Join John Miseri》
● 1997
・ February 20th-March 19th: North America (18 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ May 31: Denmark (final performance)
《RAINBOW dissolution → BLACK MORE ’S NIGHT start》

This is RAINBOW from the 90’s. We have visited Europe / Japan / South America, but in North America, where HR / HM was extinct, at the end of 1996, “STRANGER IN US ALL” was finally released. The US tour that accompanied it ended in one month. This work is the 17th performance of such “North America” ​​leg. It was the final concert, the 3rd performance since the collapse of RAINBOW.
This work recorded at such a show is a super name recording of “beyond the sound board”. Besides, the conventional FM sound board is not bad, and it is standardized as a press CD “HOLLYWOOD 1997 (Black Box 019)” in our shop. Despite the audience recording, this work has transcended such a masterpiece sound board. Of course, the powerful core without any sense of distance and the delicate details are tremendous, but with that alone, it would not be “exceeded” even if it was “sound board-like.” What really shines is the natural sounding, well-balanced ensemble, and the steadiness of the steadiness. For example, although the conventional FM sound board has a completely zero distance, the essential guitar is retracted, and only the drum and vocal are strangely emphasized. It was too much and the peaks of singing voice and tapping sound were distorted. Until now, it was thought that the site sound was the cause, but as far as I hear this work, the field mix is ​​beautiful (as usual). Perhaps the broadcasting station staff did not understand RAINBOW.
And beyond that sound, the real pleasure of the full show that finally saw the light of day. Let’s organize the set by comparing which song is the first to appear with the FM sound board.

● Parts I could listen to even with the old FM version
・ Purple era: Mistreated (★) / Lazy (★) / Perfect Strangers / Woman From Tokyo (★) / Burn / Smoke On The Water
・ Ronnie era: Long Live Rock’n ‘Roll / Man On The Silver Mountain
・ Graham era: Since You Been Gone
● Part that first appeared this time
・ Ronnie: Temple Of The King
・ Joe era: Spotlight Kid / Difficult To Cure / Maybe Next Time (★) / Street Of Dreams (★)
・ Lonely Stranger: Wolf To The Moon / Still I’m Sad / Black Masquerade / Ariel
・ Others: Greensleeves / Blues / Hey Joe (★)
* Note: The “★” marks are songs that could not be heard on the official “BLACK MASQUERADE”.

… And this is how it looks. The sound board version was biased towards the DEEP PURPLE and Ronnie & Graham eras (I don’t understand after all), but this work is full of numbers and new songs from the Joe era. It’s similar to the set from the final Danish performance, but with a wider and more colorful show.
And the performance that spells such a set is the last shine of the HR era. As a matter of fact, a rather relaxed performance has a ferocious passion! It’s not like that, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel like doing it. As mentioned above, the mood of playing songs of all eras is very good, and large choruses frequently occur. It seems that Ritchie is looking at the venue in a groove with a groove rather than a sharp one and looking happily. It may be an American show.
After this show, RAINBOW collapsed after two performances. Ritchie wasn’t a “HR guitarist”, though he was back in 19 years. Of course, the sense of spinning fascinating phrases with acoustic guitars is still strong, but the electric-burning Ritchie disappeared in 1997. A new name board that allows you to enjoy the full show of such a final board with the best sound beyond the sound board. We hope you enjoy it with our Permanent Storage Press 2CD!


・2月20日-3月19日:北米(18公演) ←★ココ★

これが90年代のRAINBOW。欧州/日本/南米と巡ってきたわけですが、HR/HM絶滅期の北米は1996年末になってようやく『STRANGER IN US ALL』がリリース。それに伴って行われた米国ツアーも正味1ヶ月でアッサリ終了してしまいました。本作はそんな「北米」レッグの17公演目。RAINBOW崩壊から数えて3公演目という最終盤のコンサートでした。
そんなショウで記録された本作は、まさに「サウンドボード超え」の超・名録音。別に従来のFMサウンドボードが悪いわけではなく、当店でもプレスCD『HOLLYWOOD 1997(Black Box 019)』として定番化するほど。本作は、オーディエンス録音にも関わらず、そんな傑作サウンドボードを超越してしまっているのです。もちろん、距離感のない力強い芯や細やかなディテールも絶大ですが、それだけなら「サウンドボード並」ではあっても「超え」にはならない。真に素晴らしいのは、自然な鳴りと均整の取れたアンサンブル、そしてビシッと不動の安定感でしょうか。例えば、従来FMサウンドボードは完全ゼロ距離のド密着ではあるものの、肝心のギターが引っ込んでいてドラムとヴォーカルだけが妙に強調。あまりに出すぎて、歌声と打音のピークも歪んでいました。これまでは現場音が原因とも思われてきたわけですが、本作を聞く限り現場ミックスは(通常通りに)美しい。恐らくは、放送局側スタッフにRAINBOWへの理解がなかったのかも知れません。

・パープル時代:Mistreated(★)/Lazy(★)/Perfect Strangers/Woman From Tokyo(★)/Burn/Smoke On The Water
・ロニー時代:Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll/Man On The Silver Mountain
・グラハム時代:Since You Been Gone
・ロニー時代:Temple Of The King
・ジョー時代:Spotlight Kid/Difficult To Cure/Maybe Next Time(★)/Street Of Dreams(★)
・孤高のストレンジャー:Wolf To The Moon/Still I’m Sad/Black Masquerade/Ariel
・その他:Greensleeves/Blues/Hey Joe(★)
※注:「★」印は公式盤『BLACK MASQUERADE』で聴けなかった曲。

……と、このようになっています。サウンドボード版はDEEP PURPLEやロニー&グラハム時代に偏りまくっていた(やっぱり理解がないですね)わけですが、本作はジョー時代のナンバーや新曲も盛りだくさん。最終デンマーク公演のセットに似ていながら、さらに幅広くカラフルなショウになっています。


Disc 1 (60:15)
1. Over The Rainbow
2. Spotlight Kid
3. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
4. Misrtreated
5. Wolf To The Moon
6. Difficult To Cure
7. Keyboards Solo
8. Still I’m Sad
9. Bass Solo
10. Drums Solo
11. Man On The Silver Mountain

Disc 2 (72:46)
1. Trad Song / Greensleeves
2. Temple Of The King
3. Black Masquerade
4. Blues
5. Ariel
6. Lazy
7. Since You Been Gone
8. Perfect Strangers
9. Maybe Next Time
10. Woman From Tokyo
11. Hey O.J (Hey Joe)
12. Burn
13. Smoke On The Water
14. Street Of Dreams

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar
Doogie White – Vocals
Greg Smith – Bass, Backing Vocals
Paul Morris – Keyboards
John Miceli – Drums
Candice Night – Backing Vocals

Black Box 033

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