Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Birmingham 2017 Remaster / 2CD+DVD

Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Birmingham 2017 Remaster / 2CD+DVD / Black Box
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Live at Genting Arena, Birmingham, UK 28th June 2017

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“RAINBOW of 2017”, a perpetual preservation press title to become a perfect appearance! “Burning” is “Birmingham performance on 28th June 2017”. Last Birmingham performance was the best possible show before last year’s revival, but this year the final performance is Birmingham. Moreover, it is the masterpiece of “BEST OF BEST” which is the most memorial and high quality!
Such a work is a set of 3 set which sets the best two-piece live album and audience shot DVD. It is a set of three in the same format as the first day “STONE FREE FESTIVAL 2017 REMASTER (Black Box 017)” and the second day “GLASGOW 2017 REMASTER (Black Box 020)”. As it is now, let’s also write the position of the show.

· June 17: London performance
· June 25: Glasgow performance
· June 28: Birmingham performance 【this work】

【Disc 1-2: Remastered Album of Best Recording】
Disk 1-2 is “2017 RAINBOW” the strongest and the best live album 2 sets. This is another one that refined the same recording as the fastest report board “BIRMINGHAM 2017 (Shades 756)” with digital remaster. That quality is transcendental. “STONE FREE FESTIVAL 2017 REMASTER” “GLASGOW 2017 REMASTER” was the mastering of “raising the bottom” to greatly improve good sound as it is, but here is super high quality from the original. I entered the fine and entered the fine to wash out the defects and polished “mastering” of the “searching” was given.
Specifically, the main modification point is bass. Even at the time of the fastest board, I thought that there was a high quality and a hand addition, and if I scrutinized well well, there was a difficulty in banging and balancing the bass. So we organized the center of gravity and adjusted the balance with the whole. Of course, it was not just playing with the bass, but we are arranging everything on one point focused on the best “ideal image”. Nevertheless, all in all it has to do fine-tuning, but the impression still changes considerably. Especially conspicuous is still bass, the sound of the bass drum is lively and the entire drumming is clear. “21st century RAINBOW” tends to be said to be not very rocky, but it has been reborn into a tough sound that is strong and strong. Of course, there is absolutely no unnecessary money to raise the sound pressure forcibly. Richie’s trekking tone and Ronnie Romero’s dignified powerful voice are also beautifully arranged without crushing even a few details, maximizing the reality that the original sound source was sucking.
The show drawn with such sound is the most memorial night in “21st century RAINBOW”. The main point is “Carry On … Jon”. Although I have already introduced many times, this song is the number that is included in “DANCER AND THE MOON” of BLACKMORE ‘S NIGHT, and “Jon” is the late John Road. A tribute song that touched his death and spelled that feeling as an instrument. As a matter of fact, BLACKMORE ‘S NIGHT is a very rare number that has only been played by Hong. Moreover, it is full phrase for about 6 minutes, not a phrase which was thought. The original was an instrument that cried to cry in the electric, but this day I arrange it acoustically, a more painful and sad phrase will penetrate my mind. Keyboard solo also enters the middle stage, and Jens Johansson also plays an organ like that dedicated to John. Ritche, who went back to rock, dedicated to the ally who walked together “Road way” …… It is a live album that you can listen to the most impressive performance in the “21st century RAINBOW” with the most beautiful real raw sound.

【Disk 3: Superb Audience Shot】
Disk 3 is an audience shot that allows you to experience such impressive shows from the top seats. This also upgraded the video introduced in the gift board “BIRMINGHAM 2017: THE VIDEO”. Those who saw the gift board think that they come with pins, but this is the best shot even in “2017 RAINBOW”. It is the best angle that I took from the third row in front of the stage (Jens side) and I can see it with zero obstructions. Moreover, the image quality is wonderful. Although it was possible to make the multi-camera specification by screwing the image overflowing over the net, it was only a sense of incongruity when inserting any kind of image into the image quality which was too beautiful. In this work, we respected “beautiful picture quality” & “experience feeling of the top seats”, I dared to leave it as a dog (Did you miss the shooting “Since You Been Gone” and “Man On The Silver Mountain” complemented by another angle The point, the keyboard solo, the point where there is a cut in the drum solo are the same as the gift board).
So, what is upgrading from the gift board is sound. The sound of the gift board was a microphone recording attached to the camera, and it was losing the best spectacle. This work synchronizes the same superb sound as disk 1-2. I finished it as one of “Best Shot + Best Sound”.

“21st century RAINBOW”, even the best recording of number one, the finest shot. Although Omoto’s “high growth” is also small because of super high quality, the ground is advanced, and the vertex which raised further from there is a high point. Definitely “21st century RAINBOW” is also the strongest live set. A press title that permanently preserves the glow of its eyes. “Rainbow-colored summer” a perfect record. Please, please pay it to your collection shelf.
“2017年のRAINBOW”、真打ちとなる永久保存プレス・タイトルが登場です! その“真打ち”とは「2017年6月28日バーミンガム公演」。昨年の復活時にも最終バーミンガム公演がもっとも出来の良いベスト・ショウとなりましたが、今年も最終公演はバーミンガム。しかも、もっともメモリアルでハイクオリティな“BEST OF BEST”の大傑作です!
そんな本作は、極上の2枚組ライヴアルバムとオーディエンス・ショットDVDをセットした3枚組。これまで初日『STONE FREE FESTIVAL 2017 REMASTER(Black Box 017)』や2日目『GLASGOW 2017 REMASTER(Black Box 020)』と同じフォーマットによる3枚組です。今さらではありますが、ショウのポジションも記しておきましょう。

・6月28日:バーミンガム公演 【本作】

ディスク1-2は“2017年RAINBOW”最強・最高のライヴアルバム2枚組。これまた最速レポート盤『BIRMINGHAM 2017(Shades 756)』と同じ録音をデジタル・リマスターで磨き上げたものです。そのクオリティは超絶。『STONE FREE FESTIVAL 2017 REMASTER』『GLASGOW 2017 REMASTER』は、それなりに良好なサウンドを大幅に向上させる「底上げ」のマスタリングでしたが、こちらは元から超・高音質。微に入り細に入って欠点を洗い出しては磨き上げる「究め」のマスタリングを施しました。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウは、“21世紀RAINBOW”でもっともメモリアルな一夜。その要は何と言っても「Carry On… Jon」です。すでに何度もご紹介していますが、この曲はBLACKMORE’S NIGHTの『DANCER AND THE MOON』に収録されているナンバーで、「Jon」とは故ジョン・ロードのこと。彼の訃報に触れ、その想いをインストに綴ったトリビュート曲。実のところ、当のBLACKMORE’S NIGHTでもホンの数回しか演奏していない激レアナンバーなのです。しかも、思いつきのフレーズではなく、約6分に渡ってフル演奏。オリジナルはエレクトリックで泣きに泣くインストでしたが、この日はアコースティックにアレンジしており、一層切なく、もの悲しいフレーズが心に染み渡るのです。中盤にはキーボードソロも入り、そこでもイェンス・ヨハンソンがジョンに捧げるようなオルガンを奏でる。ロックに回帰したリッチーが、“ロックの道”を共に歩んだ盟友に捧げる美旋律……。“21世紀RAINBOW”でもっとも感動的な演奏を、もっとも美しい本生サウンドで聴けるライヴアルバムなのです。

ディスク3は、そんな感動的なショウを極上席から体験できるオーディエンス・ショットです。こちらもギフト盤『BIRMINGHAM 2017: THE VIDEO』でご紹介した映像をアップグレードしたもの。ギフト盤をご覧になった方はピンと来ると思いますが、これは“2017年RAINBOW”でも最高のショット。ステージ左側(イェンス側)の前方3列目くらいから撮影しており、しかも遮蔽物ゼロで見渡せる極上アングルなのです。しかも、画質が素晴らしい。ネットに溢れる映像をムリヤリねじ込んでマルチカメラ仕様にすることもできましたが、あまりに美しい画質にどんな映像を差し込んでも違和感にしかならなかった。本作では“美麗な画質”&“極上席の体験感”を大切にし、あえてワンカメのままにしました(撮影漏れの「Since You Been Gone」「Man On The Silver Mountain」は別アングルで補完してある点、鍵盤ソロ、ドラムソロにカットがある点もギフト盤と同じです)。

Disc 1 (67: 04)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender
5. Mistreated 6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man On The Silver Mountain incl. Woman From Tokyo
8. Soldier Of Fortune 9. Perfect Strangers 10. Difficult To Cure incl. Bass & Keyboard Solo
11. All Night Long

Disc 2 (74: 18)
1. Child In Time 2. Stargazer 3. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 4. Blues 5. Lazy
6. Catch The Rainbow 7. Black Night incl. Drum Solo 8. Carry On … Jon
9. Burn 10. Smoke On The Water

DVD (124: 27)
1. Land of Hope and Glory 2. Over the Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender
5. Mistreated 6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man on the Silver Mountain
8. Soldier of Fortune 9. Perfect Strangers 10. Difficult to Cure 11. All Night Long
12. Child in Time 13. Stargazer 14. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 15. Blues / Lazy
16. Catch the Rainbow 17. Black Night 18. Carry On … Jon 19. Burn
20. Smoke on the Water

COLOR NTSC Approx. 125 min.

Black Box 021

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