Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Hollywood 1997 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Hollywood 1997 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Black Box
Translated Text:
Live at Billboard Live, Hollywood, CA. USA 18th March 1997 STEREO SBD Plus Bonus CDR “HOLLYWOOD 1997: VERSION 2”


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Rock guitarist, Richie Blackmore The last stereo sound board has come to be a long version. Ritchie returned to rock at RAINBOW even in the 21st century, but its core business is BLACKMORE’S NIGHT to the last. I was living in rock and breathing into rock until the 90’s reorganization RAINBOW. This
work is a stereo sound board which is the end of that period.
Such a work included in “Hollywood performance on March 18, 1997”. Let’s see how long this show is in the beginning, in the activity history of RAINBOW restructuring.

“August 1995” STRANGER IN US ALL “released”
· September 30 – 1995 – November 4: Europe # 1 (25 performances)
· November 11 – 23, 1995: Japan (9 shows)
After 7 months –
· June 27, 1996 – July 7: South America (8 shows)
· July 21 – 1996 – August 11: European # 2 (13 performances)
“Withdrawal from Chuck · Bargi → Joan Michelle joining”
· February 20th – March 19th 1997: North America (18 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· May 31, 1997: Denmark (final performance)
“RAINBOW dissolution → BLACKMORE’S NIGHT start”

This is the trip to BLACKMORE’S NIGHT start after leaving DEEP PURPLE. Although it was a road life of 1 year and 8 months from “STRANGER IN US ALL” release, the Hollywood performance of this work is the 17th performances of “North America” ​​which is the final stage. In other words, it is a concert
that corresponds to the third show from the end.
This show was also radio broadcast at that time and has been loved as a masterpiece of BONDAGE label “SECOND NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD”. However, recently a master of different broadcasts has appeared. However, when this new master is long, it is not. Although “Woman From Tokyo” and “Smoke On
The Water” that were not on the previous episodes are included, conversely 10 or more “Mistreated” is missing, the order of the songs is also unpleasant. So we used the two broadcasts, the longest version which made the order of the songs to the actual show street … … this is it.
The quality of such a work is also a vivid FM album of the program DJ that enters from the beginning. It is the finest stereo sound board, even if the recording is directly connected to the brain, the mix is ​​also the highest quality professional specification. I wrote that “DJ will also enter” earlier, but there is
nothing like something like songs like South America or Northern European broadcasting. The new master is two more songs “Woman From Tokyo” and “Smoke On The Water”. Although it has different feel and feel here, I adjusted it with mastering to minimize discomfort and finished it seamlessly for
Richie at the end of the rock era drawn with such a stereo soundboard …… How cool, how cool. Even now it will let you hear the unchanging flash and beautiful tone, but in this work the phrase freely manipulates tough beats and dominates the entire concert. More than anything, the manner of playing,
the way Nori is completely different. It is exactly that “Richie” that decides the phrase of Bissibashi and Kime. Even if you play romantically, “Tikara” will stay in the sound, and the dynamism of the culm that has shaken off will rush with tremendous force. Since “IN ROCK”, the active feeling of Bari Bali
living in hard rock line for 27 years is dazzling.

About 10 songs even though it is a long length. Although it is an incomplete version of the show, its contents are dense. It is 58 minutes of bliss to be pushed directly into the brain’s muscles as a rock guitarist.
After these two shows, RAINBOW was dissolved. Ritchie I left the lock for a long 19 years. Of course, the beauty world of BLACKMORE ‘S NIGHT is also difficult to replace, but what we loved was Rocky Rockie. It is one piece that reminds me. This is the epitome where the genius “rock” guitarist Richie
Blackmore finally arrived. It is a live album that tastes its appearance with rock top stereo soundboard. Now, please!

ロックギタリスト、リッチー・ブラックモア最後のステレオ・サウンドボードが長尺版になって登場です。リッチーは21世紀の現在もRAINBOWでロックに回帰しましたが、その本業はあくまでもBLACKMORE’S NIGHT。ロックに生き、ロックに呼吸していたのは、90年代の再編RAINBOWまででした。本作

《1995年8月『STRANGER IN US ALL』発売》
・1997年2月20日-3月19日:北米(18公演) ←★ココ★

これがDEEP PURPLE脱退後、BLACKMORE’S NIGHT始動までの歩みです。『STRANGER IN US ALL』リリースから1年8ヶ月のロード生活だったわけですが、本作のハリウッド公演はその最終盤にあたる「北米」の17公演目。つまり、最後から3公演目にあたるコンサートなのです。
このショウは当時ラジオ放送もされ、BONDAGEレーベルの名作『SECOND NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD』としても愛されてきました。ところが、最近になって既発とは別放送のマスターが登場したのです。しかし、この新マスターが長尺というと、さにあらず。既発にはなかった「Woman From Tokyo」
「Smoke On The Water」が収録されているものの、逆に10以上の「Mistreated」が欠けており、曲順もムチャクチャ。そこで2つの放送を駆使し、曲順も実際のショウ通りにした最長版……それが本作なのです。
From Tokyo」「Smoke On The Water」の追加2曲。ここのみやや感触が異なるものの、違和感を最小限に抑えるマスタリングで調整し、シームレスにお楽しみ頂けるよう仕上げました。
ッシビシとキメのフレーズを決めまくる姿は、まさに“あのリッチー”。ロマンティックに弾いても音に“チカラ”が宿り、振り切った絶頂のダイナミズムが凄まじい迫力で押し寄せる。『IN ROCK』以来、27年に渡ってハードロック一筋で生きてきたバリバリの現役感が眩しく輝いているのです。

この2公演後、RAINBOWは解散。リッチー19年の長きにわたってロックから去ってしまいました。もちろん、BLACKMORE’S NIGHTの美世界も代え難いものではありますが、私たちが愛したのはロックなリッチーだった。それを思い出させてくれる1枚です。これこそ天才“ロック”ギタリスト、リッチー・

1. Intro. 2. Long Live Rock’n Roll incl. Black Night 3. Mistreated 4. Man On The Silver Mountain
5. Woman From Tokyo 6. Lazy 7. Since You Been Gone 8. Perfect Strangers 9. Burn
10. Street Of Dreams 11. Smoke On The Water 12. Outro.


Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Doogie White – Vocals Greg Smith – Bass Paul Morris – Keyboards
John Miceli – Drums Candice Night – Vocals

Black Box 019

Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Hollywood 1997 Version 2 / 1Bonus CDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Billboard Live, Hollywood, CA. USA 18th March 1997 STEREO SBD

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Richie Blackmore who was living in rock and breathing rock. The main press CD is a stereo sound board album that permanently preserved its last glow. Although I mentioned in that commentary, what triggered the birth of a masterpiece was new discovery of another broadcasting master different from
the previous episode. So I will give you a live album containing the entire excitement what the new excavation was for the bonus.
That is why in this work is the same as the main press press CD “March 18, 1997 Hollywood performance”. That is another broadcast version. In the main press CD, most of them are already broadcast, 2 songs “Woman From Tokyo”, “Smoke On The Water” and a new master are used only with very few
lacks. In contrast, this work contains the entire broadcast. The quality is furiously clear and super vivid sound board to the detail. Depending on the songs, although there is a fairly noisy feeling, the “sense of direct desk in desk” which is more vivid than that of the past is also vivid.
In fact, this direct feeling is the taste of this work. It contains songs overlapping with the previously broadcasted, but this sounds completely different. Previously broadcast was quite an official mix-style mix, but this is wildly rough. The vocal and cheers are also mixed heavily, and drumming is also a
powerful sound that jumps like biting. Of course, Ritchie’s guitar is not retracted, it’s brilliant to go through that ensemble.
When drawn with that sound, “Rocky” Richie ‘s wild – digit is more brilliant. The intense drum inspires Ritchie, and Dougy · White’s vocals are also challenging richie. While taking all of them from a straight side, Ritchei lightly controls and freely manipulates … …. The fundamental mechanics are
completely different from the current “Richie supported by the band”. There is a “rock sorcerer” who is going to be danced at will as far as he is listening.

To be honest, it is another broadcast that quality does not reach previously broadcasted. However, this new press CD was also born because this different broadcast was newly discovered. It is a monumental sound board album to commemorate its birth. “Another one” sound board that will blow into the
brain’s miso “Rocky Richie Blackmore”. Please enjoy it along with this press CD.

と言うわけで、本作に収められているのは本編プレスCDと同じ「1997年3月18日ハリウッド公演」。その別放送バージョンです。本編プレスCDでは、大部分が既発放送であり、2曲「Woman From Tokyo」「Smoke On The Water」と、極わずかな欠けの補填でのみ新マスターを使用。それに対し


1. Smoke On The Water 2. Street Of Dreams 3. Long Live Rock’n Roll 4. Man On The Silver Mountain
5. Lazy 6. Since You Been Gone 7. Perfect Strangers 8. Woman From Tokyo 9. Burn 10. Outro

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