Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Passau 1996 / 2CD

Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Passau 1996 / 2CD / Black Box
Live at Nibelungenhalle, Passau, Germany 26th July 1996


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RAINBOW in the 90’s, the last era when Ritchie Blackmore was through hard rock. The new masterpiece is a new excavation.
This week, two of the best live albums from the Doggy White era will be released at the same time, but this is the first of them. It is a transcendent audience recording of “July 26, 1996 Passau performance”. The biggest point of this work is that it’s a super-superb sound that is “what is the audience !?”, but first of all, the position of the show. RAINBOW in the 90’s was the only work “STRANGER IN US ALL”, but the live activity lasted for three years and there were member changes. Let’s start from that step.

● 1995
“August” Lonely Stranger “released”
・ September 30th-November 4th: Europe # 1 (25 performances)
・ November 11-23: Japan (9 performances)
● 1996
・ June 27-July 7: South America (8 performances)
・ July 21-August 11: Europe # 2 (13 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
《Withdrawal from Chuck Burgi → Join John Miseri》
● 1997
・ February 20th-March 19th: North America (18 performances)
・ May 31: Denmark (final performance)
《RAINBOW dissolution → BLACK MORE ’S NIGHT start》

This is RAINBOW from the 90’s. The album, visit to Japan, and the official footage were all “1995”, but in the summer of 1996, the second part of the tour was held. The Passau performance of this work was the third performance of “Europe # 2”, which is the second lap of Germany.
Although such a show had been recorded for a long time, this work is a different new excavation master. It was released by the recorder himself most recently. Moreover, the sound is amazing. According to Taper’s words, “I recorded right in front of the mixing desk”, but it makes me want to say “Isn’t it really” directly connected “rather than” before “the mixing desk?” After all, there is no sense of distance in all the sounds, and the guitar, vocals and bass are closely attached. If the core is very thick, the details are vivid even in the minute parts, the drum moves a little while turning with a terrible crispness, and the keyboard is super clear up to one grain of brilliant sound effect.
This feeling of close contact comes more nicely when people say that they are “in front of the PA” rather than “in front of the table”. However, the deep bass that is likely to break in front of the PA is also brilliant, and the balance of each instrument is finely balanced. It’s a superb sound with a bare “super” sound board.
The sound that is drawn is a super-perfect full show that is said to be the best show candidate No. 1 in the 90’s RAINBOW. The set is also different from 1995, so let’s organize it while comparing it with the official version “BLACK MASQUERADE”.

● PURPLE number (4 songs)
・ Second / Fifth Perfect Strangers / Smoke On The Water
・ Third term: Mistreated (★) / Burn
RAINBOW Classics (5 songs)
・ Ronnie era: Long Live Rock’n ‘Roll / Man On The Silver Mountain
・ Graham era: Since You Been Gone
・ Joe era: Difficult To Cure / Maybe Next Time (★)
● Lonely Stranger (5 songs)
・ Wolf To The Moon / Still I’m Sad / Temple Of The King / Black Masquerade / Ariel
* Note: The “★” marks are songs that could not be heard on the official “BLACK MASQUERADE”.

… And this is how it looks. The opening color that followed “Over The Rainbow” was “Long Live Rock’n ‘Roll” instead of “Spotlight Kid”. The selection from “Lonely Stranger” has decreased, and instead “Mistreated” and “Maybe Next Time” have been incorporated, making it an even more comprehensive set of Blackmore Music.
And, more than that, it’s the best performance! As mentioned above, this work is a show that has just returned to Europe for the first time in a year, but whether it is the triumphal feeling, the tension is rising due to the enthusiasm of South America just before, anyway Doggy and Richie are motivated. In particular, Duggy is very vocal and if the shout is terrible, rich turning is enough. Richie’s well-developed phrases are colorful and cutting has momentum. In this work, even such minute parts can be felt firmly.

Anyway, it is a masterpiece with ridiculous high quality sound and great performance. To be honest, I haven’t heard about the quality and performance up to this point in 1996 … or is it one of the top RAINBOW totals in the 90s? That is the live album that should be listened to after the official edition of “BLACK MASQUERADE”, and in 1996 it will be a full live album that will reign at the top. Please enjoy the new name board, Permanent Preservation Press 2CD.

★ Ultra-high quality recordings that will surprise you when you first debut! !!


今週はドゥギー・ホワイト時代の極上ライヴアルバムが2作同時リリースとなりますが、本作はその第1弾。「1996年7月26日パッサウ公演」の超絶級オーディエンス録音です。本作最大のポイントは「これのどこがオーディエンス!?」とド肝を抜かれる超極上サウンドにあるわけですが、まずはショウのポジション。90年代のRAINBOWは作品こそ『STRANGER IN US ALL』だけでしたが、ライヴ活動は足かけ3年に及び、メンバーチェンジもありました。その歩みから始めましょう。

・7月21日-8月11日:欧州#2(13公演) ←★ココ★

そんなサウンドで描かれるのは、90年代RAINBOWでもベスト・ショウ候補No.1とも言われる超・絶好調なフルショウ。セットも1995年とは異なりますので、ここで公式盤『BLACK MASQUERADE』と比較しながら整理してみましょう。

・第2期/第5期Perfect Strangers/Smoke On The Water
・ロニー時代:Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll/Man On The Silver Mountain
・グラハム時代:Since You Been Gone
・ジョー時代:Difficult To Cure/Maybe Next Time(★)
・Wolf To The Moon/Still I’m Sad/Temple Of The King/Black Masquerade/Ariel
※注:「★」印は公式盤『BLACK MASQUERADE』で聴けなかった曲。

……と、このようになっています。「Over The Rainbow」に続くオープニングが「Spotlight Kid」ではなく「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」というだけで1996年カラーが濃厚なのですが、配分も変化。『孤高のストレンジャー』からのセレクトが減り、代わって「Mistreated」や「Maybe Next Time」が盛り込まれ、より一層ブラックモア・ミュージックの集大成的なセットになっています。
そして、それ以上なのが絶好調な演奏ぶり! 前述のように本作は1年ぶりに欧州に帰還したばかりのショウなのですが、その凱旋感なのか、直前の南米の熱狂でテンションが上がっているのか、とにかくドゥギーもリッチーもやる気まんまん。特にドゥギーはよく声が出ていてシャウトも凄絶なら豊かな節回しも気迫十分。リッチーも湧き出すフレーズがえらくカラフルで、カッティングにも勢いがある。本作は、そんな微細部までもがしっかりと感じられるのです。

とにかく、とんでもない高音質&大熱演が揃った名盤です。正直なところ、1996年でここまでのクオリティも演奏ぶりも聴いたことがない……と言いますか、90年代RAINBOWトータルでもトップ・クラスです。それこそ公式盤『BLACK MASQUERADE』の次に聴くべきライヴアルバムであり、1996年なら頂点に君臨するであろうフル・ライヴアルバム。まさに新名盤、どうぞ永久保存プレス2CDでじっくりとご堪能ください。



Disc 1 (40:05)
1. Over The Rainbow
2. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
3. Mistreated
4. Wolf To The Moon
5. Difficult To Cure
6. Keyboards Solo
7. Still I’m Sad
8. Drums Solo
9. Man On The Silver Mountain

Disc 2 (47:00)
1. Temple Of The King
2. Black Masquerade
3. Ariel
4. Since You Been Gone
5. Perfect Strangers
6. Burn
7. Maybe Next Time
8. Smoke On The Water
9. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – lead guitar
Doogie White – lead vocals
Greg Smith – bass, backing vocals
Paul Morris – keyboards
Chuck Burgi – drums
Candice Night – backing vocals

Black Box 032

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