Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Sweden Rock Festival 2019 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Sweden Rock Festival 2019 / 2CD / Black Box 028
Sweden Rock Festival, Solversborg, Sweden 8th June 2019 plus Bonus DVDR “Sweden Rock Festival 2019: The Video”

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A super live album will be released, which will be “the best masterpiece of the fourth year”. It is a release decision with perpetual preservation press 2CD.
The masterpiece is “Jul 08 2019: Selvesborg Performance”. It is a full audience recording when it appeared in the very famous festival “SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL” of Europe. This show also introduces the CD-R edition of the same title from the Shades label, but this work is neither a copy nor a remaster. It is a completely separate recording, and it is a super-super board of completely different dimensions. Also this week, “LIVE IN MUNICH 2019 (Shades 1064)” will be released simultaneously. First of all, let’s confirm the show position on the 2019 schedule.

・ June 6: Hyubinka performance
・ June 8: Performance at Selvesborg [This work] ・ June 12 “LIVE IN MUNICH 2019”
・ June 15: Performed in Malaga

The 21st Century RAINBOW has performed several performances each year since the resurgence of 2016, and all four of the above-mentioned performances in 2019. Every year, I have put most of the shows into a live album with the highest quality, but somehow the excavation situation is not good this year. Even though the final show has already been completed, only two shows have a full recording. And this work is a masterless transcendent master among them, and those mania in the world admit to the same sound as “the top recording of 2019”. It can not be said that there is a possibility that the excavation situation will be dramatically improved in the future, but as far as the current situation is concerned, a record beyond this work will probably not appear.
Such this work is the very best sound with “super”. Compared to the Shades label board released earlier … Wonderful also become stupid. No, the Shades board was also a masterpiece audience recording more than usual, but the horizon to stand is completely different. The sound that used the famous machine “Schopes MK41” that the world’s record makers admit is just clear on. The strat sound has a sense of distance and the core jumps in, and the sound is satirical and glossy. Even if Ronnie Romero’s voice is super tight, it’s not only a single word of lyrics but also a single syllable nuance. I searched for evidence of Odins with all my strength, and finally I thought it was “I think there’s a slight sense of bouiboboa in the sound of the bass …” so it’s a name recording that is so far away from the customer record.
Collectors all over the world are strikingly colored to such a sound, but this work is brushing up such original sound further. We have fine-tuned over the whole range and whole range, but it is the bass that feels the most difference. I mentioned the only sense of customer record as “the base’s feeling of bois bois”, but that has also been thoroughly improved. The wonder is obvious. The details of the outline and the texture are completely different. When I analyze it carefully, a solid core is carved in the sound of bloated heavy bass, and the vibes was left in detail. In this work, I picked up the delicate vive, separated it after suppressing boar boar ringing, and let only the core float. As a result, the bass is not only squeezing the line, but also the vibe of one note and one note spinning the melody. It succeeded in drawing a rhythmic unit that was delicate enough to feel the vibration of the strings, and danced violently.
That’s why the sound that has been beaten brings out the potential of the original sound to the limit. Originally the base was apart from the audience, but the base has also been improved, and the overall work has been well-balanced, as if it were a soundboard. It is not the roughness of the excavated material, but has realized the quality that I think that it is FM broadcast or official board.

You won’t have to talk a lot about the show depicted in that sound. This year’s fixed set list (except that “Carry On … Jon” was added to the Munich show). The Strato Sound is the best of Blackmore’s best, and Ronnie Romero is a heroic show. If there is no change in the set, the most important thing is the sound. This work is a vertex live album of the ultimate quality that becomes the answer. It is hard to think that this year will be official, and perhaps this is one of the top 2019 RAINBOW tips. It is an imposing appearance in the permanent preservation press 2CD which leaves its radiance permanently.

(Remastered note)
★ Although super high-quality sound has been eased to make it easier to listen by easing the pitch range of the bass.

その最高傑作に収められているのは「2019年6月8日:セルヴェスボリ公演」。ヨーロッパの超有名フェス“SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL”に出演した際のフル・オーディエンス録音です。このショウはShadesレーベルから同タイトルのCD-R盤もご紹介しておりますが、本作はそのコピーでもリマスター再発でもありません。まったくの別録音であり、完全に次元の異なる超極上盤なのです。また、今週は『LIVE IN MUNICH 2019(Shades 1064)』も同時リリースとなる。まずは、2019年の日程でショウのポジションを確かめておきましょう。

・6月8日:セルヴェスボリ公演 【本作】
・6月12日『LIVE IN MUNICH 2019』

そんな本作は、まさに「超」の付く極上サウンド。先にリリースされたShadesレーベル盤と比べ……るのもバカらしくなる素晴らしさ。いえ、Shades盤も普通以上の傑作オーディエンス録音ではあったのですが、立つ地平がまったく異なる。世界の録音家たちが認める名機「Schopes MK41」を使用したサウンドは、とにかくオンでクリア。ストラト・サウンドは距離感もなく芯が飛びこみ、鳴りも色気たっぷりで艶っ艶。ロニー・ロメロの歌声にしても超タイトで歌詞の1語1語どころか1音節のニュアンスまで克明ですし、客録らしさが出やすいスネアも極太。全力でオーディンスの証拠を探し、やっと「ベースの鳴りにややボワボワ感があるかな……」と思うほど客録離れした名録音なのです。

そのサウンドで描かれるショウについては多くを語る必要もないでしょう。今年は(ミュンヘン公演に「Carry On… Jon」が追加された以外は)固定セットリスト。その極めつけなブラックモア・ベストを、あのストラト・サウンドが紡ぎ、ロニー・ロメロがヒロイックに吠えるショウです。セットに変化がないなら、最重要になるのはサウンド。本作は、その解答となる究極クオリティの頂点ライヴアルバムです。まさか、今年もオフィシャル化されるとは考えにくく、恐らくは本作こそが“2019年版RAINBOWのてっぺん”になるであろう1本。その輝きを永久に残す永久保存プレス2CDで堂々の登場です。



Disc 1 (46:59)
1. Land of Hope and Glory 2. Over the Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender
5. Mistreated 6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man on the Silver Mountain incl. Woman from Tokyo
8. Perfect Strangers 9. Black Night

Disc 2 (51:31)
1. MC 2. Difficult to Cure incl. Keyboard Solo 3. All Night Long 4. Stargazer
5. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 6. Burn 7. Smoke on the Water

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie Romero – Vocals Bob Curiano (Stage name Bob Nouveau) – Bass
Jens Johansson – Keyboards David Keith – Drums Candice Night – Backing vocals
Lady Lynn – Backing vocals

Black Box 028


Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Sweden Rock Festival 2019: The Video / 1DVDR / Non Label
Sweden Rock Festival, Solversborg, Sweden 8th June 2019

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Main story Press 2CD is a super lively full live album that will symbolize the rainbow of 2019. It is a great masterpiece suitable for permanent preservation. The more wonderful the sound, the more the “sight of the scene”. Therefore, the bonus attachment has been decided for the video version that recorded the same show.
…… So, what is included in this work is the same as the main story press 2CD “Sweden ROCK FESTIVAL” performances on June 8, 2019. That audience shot. However, this work is not a through-the-lens video. As I mentioned in the commentary of the main story, the 21st century RAINBOW, which has reached its fourth year since the resurrection, has a lesser record than in the previous year, whether the impact has diminished. Even though the full live recording has not appeared for all performances, it is almost hopeless to reach the video. However, it is a story when stuck to “through the full show”. With one song unit, innumerable images are released one after another, and it is the same as ever. This work scrutinizes such an image of one song unit and combines the best shot and reproduces a full show (some missing parts such as between songs are still images). I can not say “Angle is ○ ○” and “Stability is △” just by combining a number of images, but I am only scrutinizing and all are above the standard. There are shots that look up close-up from the very front, and there are also professional-shot-grade screen shots that capture the on-site screen clearly. You can now witness a full show at the highest possible sight that you can hope for now.
It is audio that is pulling up such a picture quickly. In fact, the same super-superior recording is synchronized with the main story Press 2CD. The greatness of the sound surrenders to the commentary of the main story, and the sound of “almost FM sound board” also increases the persuasiveness when accompanied by the image. Ritchie’s look on a slick strat sound, Roni Romero’s brave figure raising a majestic eyebrow, and a fantastic mood where darkness increases with each song from dusk (like California jam!). Furthermore, the song interval is wonderful. Ritchie is thriving at the part that was silent part in the main story press 2 CD, or it exchanges eye contacts. If you look at this work even once, the imagination of the apex live album will rise to several times even after that.
This work is a “video that inflates the top sound”, but it is also great to reverse the master and slave and “speak the video”. Combining different audience shots and audience recordings can create a sense of discomfort because the sense of distance and direction do not match. Especially in the case of edited images with different angles, it is difficult, but this work has no such worries. The factor is adhesion sound. Although I repeat it over and over, this recording has no sense of direction and distance like an FM sound board, so it fits perfectly to any angle and does not cause discomfort. Of course, it’s different from a real scene, but if you try it, you can enjoy it as a “live audience version of PV”.

The super-super-live album that symbolizes RAINBOW in 2019, and this work that raises the scene image. Collectors brother who aims at the completion of 21st century RAINBOW is, of course, a luxurious set that can be recommended with all effort to those who say “I can do it with only one a year”. From now on, while expecting the excavation of other performances, this is a great masterpiece that also feels relief for the quality left so far this year. Please enjoy the combination of both works.

……というわけで、本作に収められているのは本編プレス2CDと同じ「2019年6月8日SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL」公演。そのオーディエンス・ショットです。ただし、本作は一気貫通の通し映像ではありません。本編の解説でも触れましたが、復活から4年目を迎えた21世紀RAINBOWは衝撃が薄れたのか、例年よりも記録が乏しい。フルの通し録音でも全公演分が登場しておらず、映像に至ってはほとんど絶望的です。しかし、それは「フルショウの通し」にこだわった場合の話。1曲単位では無数の映像が次々と公開されており、これまでと変わらぬ活況ぶりなのです。本作は、そんな1曲単位の映像を精査し、ベスト・ショットを組み合わせてフルショウを再現したものなのです(曲間など、一部の不足パートは静止画)。いくつもの映像を組み合わせているだけに、ひとくくりで「アングルは○○」「安定感は△△」とは言えないのですが、精査しているだけあってどれも標準以上。ほぼ最前部から接写で見上げるショットもあれば、現場スクリーンを綺麗に捉えたプロショット級のスクリーン・ショットもある。現在望みうる最高峰の光景でフルショウを目撃できるわけです。


1. Land of Hope and Glory 2. Over the Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender
5. Mistreated 6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Perfect Strangers
9. Black Night 10. Difficult to Cure incl Keyboard Solo 11. All Night Long
12. Stargazer 13. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 14. Burn 15. Smoke On The Water

COLOUR NTSC Approx.97min.

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