Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Moscow 2018 / 2CD+DVD

Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Moscow 2018 / 2CD+DVD / Black Box

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Live at Olympijskiy Stadium, Moscow, Russia 8th April 2018

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The 21st century RAINBOW which is talking about the topic this year. Its finest live album & video set appears in permanent preservation press specification.
Newborn RAINBOW, which has been performing three performances in 2016 and 2017 and summer, has expanded its activities in the third year. This year we will conduct the latest European tour covering all five performances in the spring. Just the other day, the whole schedule ended steadily. Currently, the latest video and recordings are on the flight like every day, but this work is the summit record collection of “First day of April 8, 2018: Moscow Performance”. It is a triplet that a full superior audiences recording is arranged on disk 1 – 2, and a superb picture is arranged on disk 3. First of all, let’s check the tour dates for recording.

· April 8: Moscow Performance 【this work】
· April 11: St. Petersburg Concert
· April 13: Helsinki Concert
· April 18th: Berlin Concert
· April 20: Prague performance

【Disk 1-2: Full Live Album】
First of all, it is an audience recording that completely recorded the first day performance. It is the decision board which refined the name recording which is said to be the best among recordings which have been published so far with further fine remastaring. This remastered effect is quite large this time. As a matter of fact, the recording on the first day is too wonderful for the video recorded on Disc 3, and the sound is said to be the best sound. Initially, I had plans to press that voice, but as a result of remastaring, another audience recording got big enough to line up with the apex sound. So we decided to permanently preserve the “second vertex”.
Actually, the sound of this work is exquisite. Clear detailing, direct feeling that does not feel the distance feeling is suitable for calling “as if it is a soundboard”, and glossy sounds on it are beauty which can not be tasted by the sound board of the same level. Although it is not understood even if listening well with headphones, the venue acoustics that exists reliably. It wraps with its beautiful beautiful sound like its terribly mellowing ringing on a round naked core. It is a completely different thing from the original sound that was distantly boiling. Moreover, the decisive drawback felt in the original sound has been solved. It is unstable feeling that the left and right stereo balance and the sound pressure frequently change. It also entered fine into fine, it was adjusted, it was stable with stability. It was finished in a live album that can immerse yourself in the beauty of sound.
This was truly lucky. Although it is said that digital technology has evolved, it is not magic. Not everything remastered and it does not get better, there are some types of recording that are ineffective, others are reborn wonderfully. This master is a good example of the latter. The disadvantage that was held, the quality of the ringing was also perfect for digital remastering. It is troubled if it is misunderstood that “anything can be done with digital”, but it seems like a big change if there seems to be no choice. The one who knows the original sound will be surprised as “Does that sound hidden this possibility?”

【Disk 3: The finest full picture of miracle】
It is “the first vertex” that appears following the “second vertex” that permanent preservation was decided. It is a miraculous audience shot becoming very popular all over the world. Recently the first report, the same as the disc 1 of “RUSSIA 2018 (Shades 904)” released, we reviewed all the versions available again and rebuild the menus. We made every effort to permanently preserve and made it disk again.
That quality is still miraculous. Stay straight at the stage with zero obstructions, stunning Riche’s facial expressions and clearly distant scenery feeling clearly visible to the fingertips while preserving a plentiful distant view (presumably using a tripod) Visioned angle, not to detach from the center Camera work. Actually, although it is shooting from a distant seat, if the power of the latest digital equipment which is furiously beautiful is also overwhelming, elegance like a film whose distance is unexpectedly brought …… If the aim of the photographer is wonderful every time, it is the image beauty that everything meshes splendidly, up to the effect that coincidence produces.
And again the sound is wonderful. High quality of conviction also called “the best” globally. Direct feeling is bone size, ringing is thick, the balance of each instrument and each sound range is also excellent. Although considering synchronizing another recording revived by remaster was also considered, this sound is also a transcendent sound, the reality which is the same source as anything is so wonderful too much. As a matter of fact, multi – camera editing using this image has also been circulating around the world, but the mixture with degraded images has ruined the elegance of something. In this work, we also permanently preserved the original voice as it is to collect the “two reality” that we caught in different positions, in order to have the original elegance taste.
The show drawn with such quality is overwhelming if the image is unique and convincing. The third year since the resurrection, the stage production evolving beyond the ensemble stage. There was something that the arch lighting of 2016 was also difficult to throw away, but the current huge screen is also very powerful. Numerous jacket arts and images richly enlarge the image of the song, and its sense sense sense is also evolving. Of course, the band with plenty of zoom is also wonderful, Ronnie Romero becoming more dignified frontman, Vocal is also a splendid Bob Nouveau, snow falls from “Still I’m Sad” only two times after the resurrection Drum solos are also parenthesized Good David Keith etc, the whole band is getting more rocky.
And, Rikki Richie Blackmore. As it became a topic in every direction, whether this day was also a tension because of the first day or equipment trouble Although it can not be said that it is a nomination, as it superimposes one song one by one, it approaches her head. By the time the show reaches the middle stage, plenty of Richie ‘s emotional feeling oozes …. It is a picture that can be immersed in the sense of “looking” over such changes thoroughly.

A pro shot-class audience image surprised by the world on a superb live album that has undergone metamorphosis with meticulous remaster. It is a 3-sheet set that permanently preserved “the first day of 2018” with every possible thought. RAINBOW who showed my dream this year. That first step. Please, have the highest quality at hand.


・4月8日:モスクワ公演 【本作】


永久保存が決定した“2つめの頂点”に続いて登場するのは、“1つめの頂点”。世界的にも大人気となっている奇跡的なオーディエンス・ショットです。先日、第一報リリースされた『RUSSIA 2018(Shades 904)』のディスク1と同じ映像ですが、改めて入手できるすべてのバージョンを精査し、メニューも作り直し。永久保存するために万全を尽くして再ディスク化いたしました。
そんなクオリティで描かれるショウは、映像ならではの見応え・説得力は圧倒的。復活から3年目を迎え、アンサンブル以上に進化しているのがステージ演出。2016年のアーチ照明も捨てがたいものがありましたが、現在の巨大スクリーンも大迫力。数々のジャケットアートや映像が曲のイメージを豊かに膨らませ、その演出センスも進化している。もちろん、ズームたっぷりのバンドも素晴らしく、より堂々とフロントマンらしくなってきたロニー・ロメロ、ヴォーカルも見事なボブ・ヌーボー、復活後2回だけの「Still I’m Sad」から雪崩れ込むドラムソロもカッコ良いデヴィッド・キース等、バンド全体がロックらしさを増している。



Disc 1 (64:23)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender
5. Mistreated 6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man On The Silver Mountain (incl. Woman From Tokyo)
8. Perfect Strangers 9. Difficult To Cure (incl. Keyboard Solo) 10. Child In Time

Disc 2 (53:06)
1. All Night Long 2. Stargazer 3. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 4. Still I’m Sad (incl. Drum Solo)
5. Burn 6. Black Night 7. Smoke On The Water

1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender
5. Mistreated 6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man On The Silver Mountain (incl. Woman From Tokyo)
8. Perfect Strangers 9. Difficult To Cure (incl. Keyboard Solo)
10. Child In Time 11. All Night Long 12. Stargazer 13. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
14. Still I’m Sad (incl. Drum Solo) 15. Burn 16. Black Night 17. Smoke On The Water

COLOUR NTSC Approx.115min.

Black Box 025

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