Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Berlin 2018 / 2CD + 1DVD

Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Berlin 2018 / 2CD + 1DVD / Black Box

Translated Text:
Live at Velodrom, Berlin, Germany 18th April 2018

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In 2018 …… No, the 21st century RAINBOW Berlin performance which was outstanding sound source great harvest even in total. The luxury set of its best live album and multi camera video is a permanent preservation press decision.
So, what is included in this work is “Berlin Concert on April 18, 2018”. It is a triplet in which its full audience recording is arranged on disk 1 – 2, and the multi – camera edited audience image is arranged on disk 3. It is the third time in this work that introduces this Berlin performance. First of all, let me hold down the schedule so that there is no mistake.

· April 8: Moscow performance
· April 11: St. Petersburg Concert
· April 13: Helsinki Concert
· April 18: Berlin performance 【this work】
· April 20: Prague performance

【Disc 1-2: Full Audience Recording】
First of all, what is recorded is a superb full audience recording. We have introduced two live albums “LIVE IN BERLIN 2018 (Shades 917)” and “LIVE IN BERLIN 2018: DEFINITIVE MASTER (Shades 917)”, but this disc is a completely different sound source. It’s a third recording, this is also a best recording of the finest sound.
That sound is super vivid. Detailed details are crisp and the outline is also clear. The silent part fills the depth of jet black and the performance sound draws a colorful seven color. Both “LIVE IN BERLIN 2018” and “DEFINITIVE MASTER” that was so wonderful will hear even if it is muffled if it is compared with this work. There is a reason for this. As a matter of fact, three kinds of recordings including the original master of this work appeared but none slightly overturned the audience standards, while slightly surpassing the audience standards. Perhaps the output tone itself of the PA itself is the factor that the same tendency of 3 kinds of completely different recordings is the same tendency. This work improved it by original remastaring.
In words you can say “improvement with remastering”, but the story is not so simple. There is a complex personality in Omoto’s recording, even if it sounds like a sound similar in a listening, the balance and composition of each sound range are different, there are types that can be changed by mastering, there are also types that can not be improved. If you forcibly change a recording unsuitable for mastering, it will become unnatural or the detail will collapse. And in the case of this 3 Berlin performance, the most vivid type is the main master of this work, and we can realize the clear sound by taking full advantage of that personality.
Its vividness is overwhelming. To be honest, direct feeling is nothing short of walking to “DEFINITIVE MASTER”, but still more than enough sound board grade. On top of that the details are drawn brilliantly, the vocals are felt to the grain of husky voice quality, and the guitar is a detailed detail up to a small phrase that the pickup barely picks up. Furthermore, each person’s notes that made it so clearly intertwine vividly separately, and we will braise a seven-colored ensemble. While each such thread is a beauty like a colorful fabric, the natural “ringing” has not been impaired. It is the sound that could be born only when the recording personality and mastering are engaged firmly.

【Disk 3: Superior Multi-Camera · Audience】
The DVD of Disc 3 realized such vividness with “sight”. It is a multicamera work created by overseas mania, lavishly knitting audience images that appeared in large quantities. Its editing is amazing. From the right to the left of the stage from the center, the proximity of the pro shot beam and the distant view of the scaled feel are also variously combined. Moreover, its sense is also preeminent. Depending on the songs, the number of angles used is different, so it can not be said unconditionally, but it is not just the dimension of “following the highlight”, but also in bar / phrase units, it is perfect for images of songs. It is a stiffness as if it is directed by video and upgraded more than drawing the show exactly.
In addition, the quality of each such angle is high. Multi-camera editing is also becoming common in modern times when innumerable audience shooting appears but still blurred blurred images and blurred shots are mixed. Although there are some differences in various images also in this work, almost no such ducks / cuts are found. Even one turtle will switch luxury images of sufficient level.
Also, the sound of this disc is also a point. As mentioned in the explanation of Disc 1-2, three kinds of name recordings have appeared on this day, the same recording as “LIVE IN BERLIN 2018” is used for this picture. The overseas mania who produced it is remastaring and synchronizing. Of course, I can not hope for the vividness of Disk 1-2, but from the unspecialized sound balance it suits well for a near view and a distant view, perfect for a pro shot like sense of unity through one sound source . Moreover, it is possible to permanently preserve the best versions of two sound sources with one set more than that.

Both recordings and images, the 21st century RAINBOW Berlin performance that was extraordinary harvest. Richie has long loved and been loved by Germany, so it was probably possible to have such a superb live album and multi-camera work (if the performance of Japan is realized it will surely be exceeded!). A gorgeous set symbolizing such Germany. Please enjoy it forever with the permanent preservation specification of press 2CD + DVD.


・4月18日:ベルリン公演 【本作】

まず、収録されているのは極上のフル・オーディエンス録音。当店ではこれまで2作のライヴアルバム『LIVE IN BERLIN 2018(Shades 917)』『LIVE IN BERLIN 2018: DEFINITIVE MASTER(Shades 917)』をご紹介してきましたが、このディスクはまったくの別音源。第3の録音にして、これまた極上サウンドの名録音なのです。
そのサウンドは超鮮やか。細やかなディテールがキリッとしていて輪郭もクッキリ。無音部は漆黒の深みを湛えつつ、演奏音が色鮮やかな七色を描く。あれほど素晴らしかった『LIVE IN BERLIN 2018』も『DEFINITIVE MASTER』も、本作に比べてしまったらくぐもってさえ聞こえてしまうのです。これには理由がある。実のところ、本作の大元マスターも含め3種の録音が登場したわけですが、どれもオーディエンス基準を軽々と凌駕しつつも、ややくぐもっていたのです。まったく別録音の3種が3種とも同じ傾向ということは、恐らく現場PAの出力サウンド自体が要因です。本作は、それを独自リマスタリングで改善させたものなのです。
その鮮やかさは圧倒的。正直なところ、ダイレクト感こそ『DEFINITIVE MASTER』には半歩及ばないものの、それでも十二分にサウンドボード級。その上で細部まで見事に描かれ、ヴォーカルはハスキーな声質の粒立ちまで感じられ、ギターはピックアップが辛うじて拾っているようなささやかなフレーズに至るまで超詳細。さらに、そんなクッキリとした1人ひとりのノートが分離も鮮やかに絡み合い、七色のアンサンブルを編み上げていく。そんな糸の1本1本が色鮮やかな織物のような美しさでありつつ、自然な“鳴り”も損なわれていない。録音の個性とマスタリングがしっかり噛み合ってこそ生まれ得たサウンドなのです。

また、このディスクの音声もポイント。ディスク1-2の解説でも触れましたが、この日は3種の名録音が登場しており、この映像に使用されているのは『LIVE IN BERLIN 2018』と同じ録音。それを制作した海外マニアがリマスタリングしてシンクロさせているのです。もちろん、ディスク1-2ほどの鮮やかさは望めないわけですが、特化していないサウンド・バランスからこそ近景にも遠景にも似合い、1音源でフルショウを通すプロショット的な統一感にはピッタリ。そして、それ以上に2音源のベスト・バージョンを1セットで永久保存できるわけです。



Disc 1 (68:49)
1. Land of Hope and Glory 2. Over the Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender
5. Mistreated 6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man on the Silver Mountain
8. Perfect Strangers 9. Soldier of Fortune 10. Black Night
11. Difficult To Cure (incl. Keyboard Solo)

Disc 2 (55:26)
1. All Night Long 2. Child in Time 3. Stargazer 4. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
5. Smoke on the Water 6. Burn

1. Land of Hope and Glory 2. Over the Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender
5. Mistreated 6. Since You Been Gone 7. Man on the Silver Mountain
8. Perfect Strangers 9. Soldier of Fortune 10. Black Night
11. Difficult to Cure (incl. Keyboard Solo) 12. All Night Long 13. Child in Time
14. Stargazer 15. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 16. Smoke on the Water 17. Burn

COLOUR NTSC Approx.122min.

Black Box 026

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