Ritchie Blackmore Rainbow / Mistreated At Festival /1CDR

Ritchie Blackmore Rainbow / Mistreated At Festival /1CDR /Shades

Live At Messegelande, Balingen, Germany 21st July 1996.


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Than RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW of the 1996 European Tour, Germany Uberlingen of July 21, which became the first day (near Stuttgart) performances, it was based on the excellent audience master that has been provided by overseas collectors, the first in a complete recording board It is the appearance. “STRANGER IN US ALL” in live is a big classic is Japan tour that took place in the fall of 1995, in this 1996 live was different with the previous year approach, and fun a great live in “this time only” to the fan You precocious!

“STRANGER IN US ALL” and RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW, which was greatly please the fans in World Tour 1995 release, after the Japan tour that ended in great success end, goes into about six months off. Meanwhile temporarily but it was also flows rumors of members change or “band broke up”, in South America tour, which began from the next 1996 June there was no change of members. Temporary front of and Doogie White that withdrawal has been whispered, other drum Chuck Vaghi et al also continue to participate in that had the session work in the RAINBOW. In this band for the first time in South America tour, we were showing off Chile, Argentina, a total of eight performances in Brazil.
After finishing the live in South America, the band from late July to mid-August, it will start the European tour to be approximately one year. Stage in Germany Uberlingen “SWF3 Festival” of July 21, which falls on the first day in this work (By the way, festival headliner ZZ TOP) and I enjoyed an excellent audience source to a realistic and powerful.

In the opening intro immediately after playing a disc, the festival seems abuzz with the atmosphere has been captured. But that many of the audience is expecting the performance of RAINBOW, it will can be understood from the cheers when the band hall announcement was introduced.
I live I will ushered in, which is a feature “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” in this 1996 European Tour. In addition to good prospects, it sounds a feeling of opening and spread outdoor live unique. But the tone is felt near surprisingly, is Richie guitar or Deguy of vocals you get to hear in the firm contours and direct feeling (for musical sound has been captured on, the performance in even less worrisome cheers of the audience not). Powerful sound even though very good, I am allowed to enjoy the festival seems dynamic live on hand to listen.
Tour the first day met with festival in Germany, Richie play is very Positive. Showcase play band also with momentum in a way that is pulled to Richie. Especially Deguy is strong, it will not hear the excellent singing with power and extends from the opening. “Mistreated” big listening stations among them second song. The song had been played occasionally in ’95 tour, a full-fledged set-in from this ’96. After unusual as this song is also rising of using “Lazy” to the intro, there is Richie of phrasing and also to listen to meet solo in a song. Learn the goodness of David Coverdale and Ronnie James Dio, song of Deguy as compromise also contain the dough, you will delight the listeners.
This day, “Wolf To The Moon” and “Difficult To Cure” from the temporal circumstances have not been playing, “Still I’m Sad” will start from the MC of Deguy (drum solo the second half of the usual song It is included in). Fantastic Kyokuso the is Deguy sing To politeness “Temple Of The King” (of the base of Greg Smith chorus also superb), dramatic “Black Masquerade” has become a live middle of the big climax.
From intro like Plucking the guitar in the “Ariel”, you can enjoy the great guitar of Richie. Candice Night of the chorus in the clear second half portion is also impressive, I represent well the new direction that Richie had been aiming for. Medley of “Since You Been Gone” and “Perfect Strangers” also has to produce a climax that engulfed the venue of the fan.
“Burn” is also great listening stations of the recording using the “Blues” to the intro. Worked as Tame from the tone of the “Blues”, expand into, such as to release the power of “Burn” is a very effective, this audience of venue also a big excitement. Encore “Maybe Next Time” (as opposed to the playing of a tape, Richie from the beginning seem to play) from, the long-awaited Contact “Smoke On The Water” appeared. Audience This also with delight, Live will celebrate the ending of the “Over The Rainbow” while wrapped in a fun atmosphere.

RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW live sound source, you have one after another is excavated from the American tour of 1995 of the Japan tour and in 1997 to become recently. But live and the source of the 1996, which corresponds to both the intermediate has been limited still compared to the before and after of the year. This work is the first day of the precious 1996 live, fans must listen board to entertain without to be exhaustive in excellent audience-take. The one that you want to collection by all means at hand if Richie fan, so that it does not miss please!

RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOWの1996年ヨーロッパツアーより、初日となった7月21日のドイツ・バーリンゲン(シュツットガルト近郊)公演が、海外コレクターより提供された優秀なオーディエンス・マスターを元にした、完全収録盤で初登場です。「STRANGER IN US ALL」でのライヴは1995年秋に行われた来日公演が大定番ですが、この’96年ライヴは前年とも違ったアプローチで、ファンに「この時のみ」の素晴らしいライヴを楽しませます!

’95年リリースの「STRANGER IN US ALL」およびワールドツアーでファンを大いに喜ばせたRITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOWは、大成功に終わったジャパンツアーの終了後、約半年のオフに入ります。その間一時はメンバー・チェンジや”バンド解散”の噂も流れましたが、翌’96年6月から始まった南米ツアーではメンバーの交代はありませんでした。一時は脱退が囁かれたフロントのドゥギー・ホワイトや、RAINBOWのほかにセッション・ワークを抱えていたドラムのチャック・バーギらも引き続き参加。このバンド初めての南米ツアーでは、チリ,アルゼンチン,ブラジルで計8公演を披露しました。
南米でのライヴを終えた後、バンドは7月下旬から8月中旬まで、約1年ぶりとなるヨーロッパツアーを開始します。本作ではその初日に当たる7月21日のドイツ・バーリンゲン”SWF3 フェスティバル”におけるステージ(ちなみに、フェスのヘッドライナーはZZ TOP)を、臨場感と迫力に優れたオーディエンス・ソースで楽しめます。

ライヴはこの’96年ヨーロッパツアーの特徴である「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」で幕を開けます。良好な見通しに加えて、開放感と広がりのあるサウンドは野外ライヴならでは。しかし楽音は意外なほど近くに感じ、リッチーのギターやドゥギーのヴォーカルはしっかりとした輪郭とダイレクト感で聴き取れます(楽音がオンに捉えられているため、演奏中は観客の歓声もあまり気になりません)。音の迫力も非常に優れていて、聴き手にフェスティバルらしいダイナミックなライヴを満喫させます。
この日は時間的な都合から「Wolf To The Moon」や「Difficult To Cure」は演奏されておらず、ドゥギーのMCから「Still I’m Sad」がスタートします(ドラムソロは通常通り曲の後半にインクルードされています)。ファンタジックな曲想をドゥギーが切々と歌う「Temple Of The King」(ベースのグレッグ・スミスのコーラスも見事)、ドラマティックな「Black Masquerade」は、ライヴ中盤の大きな山場となっています。
「Ariel」ではギターを爪弾くようなイントロから、リッチーの素晴らしいギターを堪能できます。クリアな後半部分ではキャンディス・ナイトのコーラスも印象的で、リッチーが目指していた新たな方向性を良く表しています。「Since You Been Gone」と「Perfect Strangers」のメドレーも、会場のファンを巻き込んだ盛り上がりを演出しています。
「Blues」をイントロに用いた「Burn」も本録音の大きな聴き所。タメの効いた「Blues」の音色から、力を解放するような「Burn」への展開は非常に効果的で、これには会場の観客も大興奮しています。アンコールは「Maybe Next Time」(テープでの再生ではなく、最初からリッチーがプレイしているようです)から、お待ちかねの「Smoke On The Water」が登場。観客もこれには大喜びで、ライヴは楽しい雰囲気に包まれながら「Over The Rainbow」でのエンディングを迎えます。

RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOWのライヴ音源は、近頃になって1995年の来日公演や1997年のアメリカツアーからの発掘が相次いでいます。しかし両者の中間に当たる’96年のライヴ・ソースは、前後の年と比べてまだまだ限られています。本作はその貴重な’96年ライヴの初日を、優れたオーディエンス・テイクで余す所無く楽しませるファン必聴盤。リッチー・ファンならば是非手元にコレクションしたい一本を、どうぞお見逃しありませんように!

1. Opening 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll incl. Black Night
4. Lazy Intro. 5. Mistreated 6. Still I’m Sad 7. The Temple Of The King 8. Black Masquerade
9. Ariel 10. Since You Been Gone 11. Perfect Strangers 12. Blues 13. Burn
14. Maybe Next Time 15. Smoke On The Water 16. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Doogie White – Vocal Greg Smith – Bass Paul Morris – Keyboards
Chuck Burgi – Drums Candice Night – Vocal


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