Ritchie Blackmore Rainbow / Burn In Warehouse / 1DVDR

Ritchie Blackmore Rainbow / Burn In Warehouse / 1DVDR /Non Label

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Warehouse, Totonto, Olntario, Canada 26th February 1997


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Live video of the ’90 model year RAINBOW was appointed Doogie White on vocals, a lot of material has been known to lead to “lock Palast” of 1995. Speaking of the video to entertain the ’97 tour in them in the best of form, this work that contains the Toronto performance of February 26 definitely “BURN IN WAREHOUSE”. Bold and heavy use of clever close-up, the appearance of Richie and Deguy, et al., Clearly reflects the screen down to the facial expression from the play will surprise fans to be a “quality that approaches to pro-shot”, large in the other day of gift-release It was well received.
This time, for where I am taste (this Toronto concert is the next day) deeper “LIVE AT THE MACHINE” that contains the Michigan performances on February 27, to be released this great masterpiece video as a bonus title! The RAINBOW live in 1997 not only a sound source, and I will not be enjoyed from the surface of the visual!

Charm of this video After all, Richie play that is everywhere in the close-up to impressive perfect score. “Spotlight Kid” and of spun out a great solo by fingering like flowing opening, “Black Night” was to include the “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll”, show also action to remind the ’70s, such as “Mistreated”, from live early fan would keep an eye from the screen! Since the photographer itself is located slightly to the rear of the venue, there is a scene in which the audience is blocking the front part. But entertainment realism, such as full of the video that was housed in a dynamic player, beyond the theory!
Such as Deguy and the base of Greg Smith, and many members of the band may also be passed through the two years by Ritchie and activities, it has become a playing any song you want Kikikome with confidence. In particular, the above-mentioned “Mistreated” has become a great play, it is the scene said that the highlight of the live both spectacular, listen meet.
Features of the 1997 live is, John Miceli of drum which joined the new one in place of the Chuck Vaghi. On that changed his “Wolf To The Moon” from the “Still I’m Sad” middle also expression leading to the participation, the familiar “Man On The Silver Mountain” has also been added to the jam session style intro such as, listening stations there are many. These would be interesting to be compared with the take at the time of chuck enrolled. Followed by “Black Masquerade” from “STRANGERS IN US ALL” and “Ariel” is adorned with vivid live highlights. The audience in the barrage of masterpieces in the excitement, have gained a medley big notes of “Since You Been Gone” and “Perfect Strangers”. Singing of Deguy also strong, you know well that the whole venue is raised happily.
Furthermore, the present picture, this is the time set that was often lose “Hall Of The Mountain King” that it has been recorded also attract the eye (value found in excellent video of the same song in 1997 is big ). Only this song is located in the last, you’ll interference way of live is felt much different. And the encore following the “Woman From Tokyo,” “Burn” explodes! In the hall large upsurge we will conclude about 95 minutes of live.

The RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW last phase of the stage that lasted about two years from ’95 years in this work, it will then enjoy an excellent image and sound quality with the original menu! If you enjoy in conjunction with the matches and the next day of Michigan show the first day, “LIVE AT THE MACHINE”, should anyone can be obtained the understanding that said that almost all possible measures for the 1997 North American tour. The RAINBOW fan must-have of the package, please do not miss get on this occasion please!


ドゥギー・ホワイトをヴォーカルに起用した’90年型RAINBOWのライヴ映像は、’95年の”ロックパラスト”を筆頭に多くの素材が知られています。それらの中で’97年ツアーを最高の形で楽しませる映像と言えば、間違いなく2月26日のカナダ・トロント公演を収めた本作「BURN IN WAREHOUSE」。大胆で巧みなクローズアップを多用し、リッチーやドゥギーらの姿を、プレイから表情に至るまで鮮明に映し出した画面は「プロショットに迫るクオリティ」だとファンを驚かせ、先日のギフト・リリースでは大好評を博しました。
今回は(本トロント公演の翌日である)2月27日のミシガン公演を収めた「LIVE AT THE MACHINE」をより深く味わって頂くため、この大傑作映像をボーナス・タイトルとしてリリース決定! ’97年におけるRAINBOWライヴを音源だけでなく、視覚の面からも満喫させます!

本映像の魅力は何と言っても、随所で見ごたえ満点に大写しされるリッチーのプレイ。流れるような指使いで素晴らしいソロを紡ぎ出すオープニングの「Spotlight Kid」や、「Black Night」をインクルードした「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」、’70年代を思い出させるアクションも見せる「Mistreated」など、ライヴ序盤からファンは画面から目が離せないでしょう! 撮影者そのものは会場のやや後方に位置しているので、観客が一部で前方を遮る場面はあります。しかしプレイヤーをダイナミックに収めた映像と溢れるような臨場感は、理屈を越えたエンターテイメント!
’97年ライヴの特徴は、チャック・バーギに替わって新たに加わったジョン・ミセリのドラム。彼の参加により「Wolf To The Moon」から「Still I’m Sad」に至る中盤も表情を変えている上に、おなじみの「Man On The Silver Mountain」もジャムセッション風のイントロを付加されているなど、聴き所は多々あります。これらはチャック在籍時のテイクと比較しても面白いでしょう。続く「STRANGERS IN US ALL」からの「Black Masquerade」そして「Ariel」が、ライヴのハイライトを鮮やかに彩ります。名曲の連発にオーディエンスは大興奮で、「Since You Been Gone」と「Perfect Strangers」のメドレーも大きなリアクションを得ています。ドゥギーの歌唱も好調で、会場全体が楽しく盛り上がっているのが良く判ります。
さらに本映像は、この時期セット落ちする事が多かった「Hall Of The Mountain King」を収録している点も目を惹きます(’97年における同曲を優れた映像で見られる価値は大きいです)。この曲がラストに位置するだけで、ライヴの締まり方がぐっと違って感じられるでしょう。そしてアンコールでは「Woman From Tokyo」に続けて「Burn」が炸裂! 場内大盛り上がりの中で約95分のライヴを締めくくります。

本作では’95年から約2年間続いたRITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW最後期のステージを、オリジナル・メニュー付きの優れた映像と音質で満喫させます! 翌日のミシガン公演初日を収めた「LIVE AT THE MACHINE」と併せて楽しめば、誰もが’97年北米ツアーについてはほぼ万全と言える理解を得られるはず。RAINBOWファン必携のパッケージを、この機会にどうぞお見逃し無くゲットしてください!

1. Intro. 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 5. Mistreated
6. Wolf To The Moon 7. Difficult To Cure 8. Keyboard Solo 9. Still I’m Sad
10. Drum Solo 11. Man On The Silver Mountain 12. Temple Of The King 13. Black Masquerade
14. Ariel 15. Since You Been Gone 16. Perfect Strangers 17. Hey Joe 18. Hall Of The Mountain King
19. Woman From Tokyo 20. Burn

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Doogie White – Vocal Greg Smith – Bass Paul Morris – Keyboards
John Miceli – Drums Candice Night – Vocal

COLOUR NTSC Approx.94min.

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