Riot / Kawasaki 2009 2nd Night / 2CD

Riot / Kawasaki 2009 2nd Night / 2CD / Zodiac

Live at Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan 25th October 2009 STEREO SBD

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A shocking event!!! The 2009 “THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION JAPAN TOUR” was the last time Mark Liari came to Japan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his first visit to Japan. The super-superb stereo sound board recording is really unearthed! Moreover, all 3 performances were completely leaked. It will be released all at once with three consecutive preservation works!!
▽ Of the three such incidents, this work will be the third stage, the final day “October 24, 2009: Club Citta Kawasaki” performance. It is the super-superb stereo sound board recording. This week’s release will be three performances at the same time, so check the schedule one by one to avoid confusion.

・October 23 “OSAKA 2009”
・October 24th “KAWASAKI 2009 1st Night”
・October 25: Club Citta Kawasaki ←★This work★

Above, all 3 performances. In 2009, they were reunited, but after that they temporarily stopped working. In 2011, he released “IMMORTAL SOUL”, but Mark fell ill because he didn’t go on tour. As a result, the last day of this work became the last stage before Mark’s life.
This work, which recorded a special show that was special in every sense, is a superb sound board with exceptional quality. As can be said for all the trilogy this time, the master brought by the original route is a mix desk direct connection sound board that can only be leaked by concerned parties. Even the loud cheers were only small and whispering away, instead the performance sound was vivid, even the sound of fingerprints and strings rubbing, a different dimension like standing in the middle of the drum kit, the head itself became a microphone. Vocal like… everything is transcendental. Audio-free, it has the highest quality of official works, but the super-fresh metal that can never be found in official works rises into the brain.
The last live in Japan of the hero, Mark Liari, is drawn with the sound that is full of the real pleasure of only a directly connected sound board. Club Citta Kawasaki in 2009 was also left with a partial professional shot on the 30th anniversary edition of “THUNDERSTEEL”. All of the trilogy this time are the same set, but let’s sort them out by comparing them with the professional shots.

● Guy Speranza era (6 songs)
・ROCK CITY: Tokyo Rose (★)/Rock City (★)/Warrior
・NARITA: Narita
・FIRE DOWN UNDER: Outlaw (★)/Swords and Tequila
● Tony Moore (11 songs)
・THUNDERSTEEL: Fight or Fall/Johnny’s Back(★)/Sign of the Crimson Storm/Flight of the Warrior/Bloodstreets(★)/Thundersteel
・THE PRIVILEGE OF POWER: On Your Knees (★)/Metal Soldiers (★)/Storming the Gates of Hell (★)/Dance of Death
・IMMORTAL SOUL: Wings Are for Angels (★)
*Note: The “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard even on the 30th anniversary professional shots.

…And this is how it looks. Although it cannot be said that the selection only for the Guy Speranza era and Tony Moore era covers the history, on the contrary, the highlights in the highlights of RIOT history are concentrated and reduced. The high tone of Tony shines brightly and embodies a metal utopia celebrating sorrow and bravery. Moreover, the hot performance is the best in this trilogy. They reunited and had performed several times, such as appearing in SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL in June, but it was also very few. It is a stage where we improve our skills once in each production, and the final day’s work was the best show in Japan overall.
And the fact that it is the last brave figure of Mark that touches my heart. Even now, he continues to tell the legacy about Mike Frinz, but this work is played by Mark himself, and each song is the last live performance. Each of these phrases is played in the brain, and the whole body is synchronized, so a super-adhesive sound board… No matter whether this weight is official or unofficial. It’s a music album that is more than the most important and most important RIOT album that surpasses even the most famous studios.

The 20th anniversary of the first visit to Japan, the revival of the legendary lineup, and the final last stage of Mark’s life. The last day of 2009 was a show that was, in every sense, too special. This work is a miraculous live album where you can enjoy such a night with a perfect quality desk-top sound board. The Japanese heritage of heavy metal culture, which is the most important in the shocking trilogy, and which I would like you to confront with all your spirit. Here is the birth of the permanent preservation press 2CD.

★First appearance in the world! Original sound board master leaked by all parties!

衝撃の大事件!!! 伝説の初来日から20周年にして、マーク・リアリ最後の来日となった2009年の“THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION JAPAN TOUR”。その超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音がまさか、まさかの発掘! しかも、全3公演が完全流出。永久保存3連作で一挙リリース決定です!!

・10月23日『OSAKA 2009』
・10月24日『KAWASAKI 2009 1st Night』
・10月25日:クラブチッタ川崎 ←★本作★

以上、全3公演。2009年は再結成に沸いたわけですが、その後の彼らは一時的に活動を休止。2011年位は『IMMORTAL SOUL』をリリースしたものの、マークはツアーに出ることなく病魔に倒れてしまった。結果として、本作の最終日がマーク生前最後のステージとなってしまったのです。

・ROCK CITY:Tokyo Rose(★)/Rock City(★)/Warrior
・FIRE DOWN UNDER:Outlaw(★)/Swords and Tequila
・THUNDERSTEEL:Fight or Fall/Johnny’s Back(★)/Sign of the Crimson Storm/Flight of the Warrior/Bloodstreets(★)/Thundersteel
・THE PRIVILEGE OF POWER:On Your Knees(★)/Metal Soldiers(★)/Storming the Gates of Hell(★)/Dance of Death
・IMMORTAL SOUL:Wings Are for Angels(★)

……と、このようになっています。ガイ・スペランザ時代とトニー・ムーア時代だけのセレクトは歴史を網羅しているとは言えないものの、逆にRIOT史のハイライト中のハイライトを見事に濃縮還元。トニーのハイトーンが映えまくりながら哀愁と勇壮を称えたメタルの理想郷を体現してくれる。しかも、熱演ぶりも今回の三部作でも一番。再結成した彼らは6月のSWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL出演など何回かライヴを行なっていましたが、それもごくわずか。本番1回1回で練度を上げていく段階であり、最終日の本作こそが日本公演全体でも一番こなれたショウになったわけです。




Disc 1 (61:51)
1. Intro
2. Narita
3. Fight or Fall
4. On Your Knees
5. Metal Soldiers
6. Outlaw
7. Johnny’s Back
8. Sign of the Crimson Storm
9. Swords and Tequila
10. Wings Are for Angels
11. Tokyo Rose
12. Rock City(incl. Bass solo)
13. Drum Solo

Disc 2 (45:35)
1. Flight of the Warrior
2. Storming the Gates of Hell
3. Guitar Solo
4. Dance of Death
5. Warrior
6. Bloodstreets
7. Thundersteel

Tony Moore – Vocal
Mark Reale – Guitar
Mike Flyntz – Guitar
Don Van Stavern – Bass
Bobby Jarzombek – Drums



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