Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band / Tokyo Dome City Hall 2019 1st Night / 2CD

Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band / Tokyo Dome City Hall 2019 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label
Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan 5th April 2019

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No, this is a tremendous sound quality. The height of the quality is so intense that I want to say it from nock. Speedy release “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 DAY 1: FRONT ROW RECORDING” by CD-R unique to UXBRIDGE label was just delivered last week for performances of Tokyo Dome City Hall April 5 of Ringo & All Stars . Moreover, the arrowhead that has already made a great reputation for the exceptional quality of the recordings performed on the literally front row, which made the mania’s head tilt with the words, “This is ultra recording at CD-R?”
If there is a limited press CD release, how much quality would it be …? The sound source of “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 1ST NIGHT” that the sound source of shock does not disappoint the expectation of such a mania and delivers this time. The sound image is close anyway. “Like a sound board”? No, this may not be more correct in the expression “no longer a sound board”. It seems that so close “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 DAY 1: FRONT ROW RECORDING” is just another high-quality audience album of another dimension, so that it can be heard in the “good two” level.

Of course, the recording was carried out from the audience, and naturally the excitement of the surroundings is also captured with the left and right stereo feeling, but the tremendous sound pressure of the performance as if it blows it off lightly. There is a degree to the degree of turning on at all. Even so, it is said that even the balance of the performance and the vocal of the apple has a sense of stereo. If you listen on headphones you will be overwhelmed by the amazing stereo feeling. Conversely, if you make a loud sound from the speaker, it will return to the city hall nearly two weeks ago. A perfect audience recording that you can enjoy in any form.
The sounds are so close that you can hear the craftsman’s play of All Stars. People who do musical instruments listen to Kore and become the subject of copying, so the clearness of the performance is excellent as it seems. Above all, Lukaser who is a heavyweight of All Stars is really good at play. The guitar play that changed with his song or read the air of the song is also better understood. Furthermore, since he came to Japan in maternal TOTO in February, and came to Japan from March to April on a tour with Apple, it is a masterpiece of “Hay Tokyo! I’m returning every month” in front of “Rosanna” It will emit MC (a sense of presence that the MC receives a good balance).
Furthermore, the apple-speaking “Sycho”, which became a hot topic on this day, has evolved to a level of encounter with the audience in front of “Photograph” (Lukaser’s play on this song is too real!) Coupled with the modest size of the venue, it’s really fun to listen on headphones.

And above all, the vocals of members including Apple are also very close, but there is still a sense of stereo, so the recording state is so complete that it is as illusion as you are usually listening to a live album rather than an audience album. The all-stars this time are becoming more instrumental like “Pick Up The Pieces” introduced by Hemish’s subscription, and the song and Greg Raleigh based Santana numbers become more realistic soundboards I can enjoy the performance in the sound image of the closeness carefully.
If you can read it so far, I think that you can be convinced that this item is the definitive edition item without complaints in the apple and all stars visit to Japan that closed the curtain last week. So far the ultimate sound quality, it is natural that you can be confidently recommended to all music enthusiasts as well as mania! And an audience album that will represent 2019 will appear here. Please ask me anything.

★ Miracle super-high sound quality. The recording sound of GUNS N ‘ROSES “SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2017 2ND NIGHT” where extraordinary extraordinary sound quality called a topic (in addition to super high quality sound board · many). Super-high-quality sound board of mania attention around the world that the Kanto area’s leading name taper gives.

いやはや、これは凄まじい音質。のっけから言い切ってしまいたくなるほど強烈なクオリティの高さ。リンゴ&オールスターズの東京ドーム・シティ・ホール4月5日の公演に関してはUXBRIDGEレーベルならではのCD-Rによるスピーディーなリリース「TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 DAY 1: FRONT ROW RECORDING」が先週届けられたばかりでした。しかも「これほどのウルトラ録音をCD-Rにて?」とマニアの首を傾げさせた、文字通りのフロント・ロウで敢行されたレコーディングによる別格のクオリティが早くも大評判となっている矢先。
そこへ今度は限定プレスCDでのリリースときたら、一体どれほどのクオリティなのだろう…。そんなマニアの期待を裏切らない、衝撃の音源が今回お届けする「TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 1ST NIGHT」の音源。近い、とにかく音像が近い。「まるでサウンドボード」?いやいや、これは「もはやサウンドボード」といった表現の方が正しいのではないか。あれほど近くに思えた「TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 DAY 1: FRONT ROW RECORDING」が「フツーに良好」レベルに聞こえてしまうほど別次元の、まさに別格なハイクオリティ・オーディエンス・アルバム。


そして何よりリンゴを始めとしたメンバーのボーカルがまた実に近く、それでいてステレオ感があるので本当にオーディエンス・アルバムというよりは普通にライブ・アルバムを聞いているように錯覚するほど完成度の高い録音状態。今回のオールスターズはヘイミッシュの加入によって導入された「Pick Up The Pieces」のようなインストゥルメンタルの度合いも増しており、同曲やグレッグ・ローリー主体のサンタナ・ナンバーになると、さらにリアルなサウンドボード寄りの音像で演奏がじっくりと楽しめてしまう。

★奇跡的超高音質。別格の驚異的音質が話題を呼んだGUNS N’ ROSES「SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2017 2ND NIGHT」の録音者によるもの(他にも超高音質盤・多数あり)。関東圏屈指の名テーパーが贈る、世界中のマニア注目の超・超高音質盤。


Disc 1 (50:10)
1. Intro 2. Matchbox 3. It Don’t Come Easy 4. What Goes On 5. Evil Ways
6. Rosanna 7. Pick Up the Pieces 8. Down Under 9. Boys 10. Don’t Pass Me By
11. Yellow Submarine

Disc 2 (74:17)
1. MC 2. Cut the Cake 3. Black Magic Woman 4. Gypsy Queen 5. You’re Sixteen
6. Anthem 7. Overkill 8. Africa 9. Work to Do 10. Oye como va 11. I Wanna Be Your Man
12. Who Can It Be Now? 13. Hold the Line 14. Photograph 15. Act Naturally
16. With a Little Help From My Friends

Ringo Starr – drums, percussion, vocals
Steve Lukather – guitar, vocals Gregg Rolie – keyboards, vocals
Colin Hay – guitar, vocals Hamish Stuart – bass, guitar, vocals
Warren Ham – saxophone, Percussion Gregg Bissonette – drums, percussion

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