Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band / Tokyo 2016 2nd Night Happy Halloween / 1DVD

Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band / Tokyo 2016 2nd Night Happy Halloween / 1DVD / Non Label
Live at Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan 31st October 2016

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Translated Text:

Starting with Paul and Ringo coming to Japan in the same year in 2013, who will come back to Japan with the replacement of the Beatles each year (counting also in 2014 when Paul was canceled) Were you able to do it? While the memories of the excitement and excitement of Paul arrived last year, the apple comes to the All Stars this time and it will be the first time to visit Japan in about three years. What a blessed situation. Another thing that is blessed is that their constant arrival in Japan has been realized since the All Stars came into a new phase. Since starting activities in 1989, apple and his band were talking about having a luxurious musician every time to tour, which means that the band will be reset for each tour To do.
However, as Steve Lukasa, who joined when the 10th Allstars was formed in 2012, became a full-time member, the group was born a group of bands that had never been before. Certainly participation of members who sell at every time and artistic tricks are indispensable, but if everyone seems to be replaced, there is a limit to the band’s cohesion as well. That was a good direction by joining Lucasa. Greg Bisonett ‘s long – lasting drummer as well as a reliable backstroke of him is similar. After joining Lucasa ‘s Allstars, 2016 when it came to Japan for the second time was a wonderful tour to show the sort of condition of such a band.

From such a performance in Japan in 2016, valuable images will be released this time. On the second day in Tokyo I realized on October 31 that I got a lot of topics at that time in Japan. As you can see from that date, this day is Halloween. So all of the apples decorate Halloween specifications such as placing a skeleton toy on the stage. Not only that, it was a special show that each member also went to the stage and went up to the stage.
As it proved, in the performance in 2016, this day is a day full of impact and a strong visual impact. Even though there was a reason, even though WARDOUR label was releasing the previous and next Tokyo performance on press CD at that time in 2016, it was not realized only on this day. Although it is not impossible, a lot of voices were sent at that time saying that “Halloween day should be served …”. Originally the apple · allstars of 2016 was a very popular reputation, it is a matter of course that complaints were made about the item being missing out on October 31st.

The day when such mania drinking goes down finally came. It is also a picture! As long as there is no visual on Halloween day. The reason why I got a picture of the valuable audience shot that was buried now is that Iamoni masterpiece items in the Paul visit to Japan a few months ago, as well as the best images of Tokyo Dome and the bilateral art galleries gigs respectively Those masterpieces that produced each item that recorded a big best seller. It seems that the quality of this video is guaranteed just by that, but this time the picture is really wonderful.
Of course, even in 2016, a wonderful item of HD picture quality was released, but it is overwhelmingly a wonderful picture angle to draw a line with it. The common point between the item that was put out in the past and the image of this time will be the point of an audience shot using only one camera. The item that I shot from the right was the shooting from the right side of the stage, that is, from the Todd-Ranglen side, but this time the unmatched royal road angle capturing the stage from the first floor in the middle and just in front. Still surprising close-up works. The final is that closeup occupies most of the video, and it is that each person closely follows the solo playing part precisely!
As a phenomenon common to audience shots, when the interlude begins, the member who plays solo is hurriedly searched and the angle is shaken. In some cases, it often ends up being unable to capture members until the end. I guess there are more people. However, in this video, it catches such a crucial point. It is remarkable that Santana numbers of two songs played under the initiative of Greg Laurie. It is natural that Lucasa ‘s wonderful guitar solo will be featured, and it is a wonderful timing and close – up of it, so when you do it, you feel as if you are watching television.
It is said that apple is enjoying the stage while relaxing in the atmosphere called Halloween is perfectly transmitted. Especially since the early stage is Halloween, the figure singing while suffering a side is caught in a splendid angle, and I am excited unexpectedly seeing. It is well known that apples are really light in footwork when considering age. Of course not only singing their own songs happily but also striking the drums at the back of each member, showing off as a leader of the all-star sitting and showing the first time in a row. I keep on steadily and get involved with my fingers even if I am a Japanese who does not understand English well. I am really looking forward to thinking that this cheerful figure can be seen again in a few months.
However, in the next visit to Japan, Todd did not participate in the Allstars in 2019 because Todd met with his own schedule (I will come to Japan alone after the apple). In that respect too, it can be said that this image is valuable, and I cried out that Todd, who had turned into an EDM singer of shock at the previous year’s Fuji Rock, descended as the original musician (lol ) There were many people, too.

It is an excellent image so far, so it is of course released as a limited press DVD, but instead of the narrow camera range sound this time as well as last year’s pole, the sound is a selective style. There are two wonderful audience recordings recorded. Voice 1 is the quality that can be called the best in total, and it is the level that it seems likely to be released with press CD even if you extract only audio. However, unfortunately here every morning apple sings a male fan screaming his name is nearly gone. On the other hand, although the sound 2 has a sense of distance and it has a rounded sound quality, this is also enough attractive to flow as a sound of the video, and the point is that there is not an unpleasant person near anything point. Of course you can select easily during playback, so please change according to your liking and mood. Due to the development of the equipment, it is now that anyone can maintain an audience shot with a certain high quality enabled, it is only now that Halloween’s pleasant overnight by the masterpiece image that makes sense that photographer’s sense is what it is saying There again!

★ Adopt single sided dual layer disc. The image quality is very beautiful. The content is amazing quality. First appearance image.

★ 2 kinds of original first appearance · Ultra high quality audience sound source can be selected.








1. Intro 2. Matchbox 3. It Don’t Come Easy 4. What Goes On 5. I Saw the Light 6. Evil Ways
7. Rosanna 8. Kyrie 9. Bang the Drum All Day 10. Boys 11. Don’t Pass Me By 12. Yellow Submarine
13. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen 14. Member Introduction 15. You’re Sixteen 16. Back Off Boogaloo
17. You Are Mine 18. Africa 19. Oye como va 20. I Wanna Be Your Man 21. Love Is the Answer
22. Broken Wings 23. Hold the Line 24. Photograph 25. Act Naturally
26. With a Little Help From My Friends 27. Give Peace a Chance

Ringo Starr – drums, percussion, vocals
Steve Lukather – guitar, vocals Gregg Rolie – keyboards, vocals
Todd Rundgren – guitar, keyboards, vocals Richard Page – bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Gregg Bissonette – drums, percussion, vocals Warren Ham – vocals, saxophone

COLOUR NTSC Approx.121min.

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