Rick Wakeman / Classical Connection II Tour / 2CDR

Rick Wakeman / Classical Connection II Tour / 2CDR / Highland Project

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Live At Playhouse, Derby, UK November 10th 1991. Soundboard

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Jesus to solo More and more sessions Sound board live from Britain’s 91-year UK tour of Rick Wakeman, one of the best keyboardists in British progressive rock world, appears! It was recorded as a “Classical Connection II Tour” on November 10, 1991 at the Playhouse · Theater in Derby, UK, “Henry VIII”, “Phantom of the Opera” to “1984” and furthermore the Beatles’ It is a valuable soundboard live which will be showcased Rick’s own speech up to “Eleanor Rigby”!


01. Introduction
02. Catherine Of Aragon
03. Rick speak I
04. Summertime
05. Rick speak II
06. Phantom Of The Opera
07. Rick speak III
08. Birdman Of Alcatraz
09. Rick speak IV
10. After The Ball
11. Rick speak V
12. 1984 Overture And Medley
13. Elizabethan Rock
14. Rick speak VI

01. Elgin Mansions
02. Rick speak VII
03. Catherine Howard
04. Rick speak VIII
05. Gone But Not Forgotten
06. Rick speak IX
07. Eleanor Rigby
08. Rick speak X
09. Merlin The Magician
◆Live At Playhouse, Derby, UK November 10th 1991

Highland Project. HLP-171A/B

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